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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Bil Wanke

This is News? He lives in a war Zone!
So are Sunnis and Shiites! Bush and Neocons started this war on false pretenses, killing 200,000 thus far in the process. Canm we get a story from Archbishop claims he has learned to tolerate spitting on, in Israel.

“Arab Palestinian Christians and Arab Palestinian Muslims lived side by side for the past 1400 years, and for anybody to say that the Arab Palestinian Christians have been persecuted recently by Muslims is absolutely another big lie, like the big lie that spoke of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.”
--Riah Abu El-Assal, Christian Bishop of Jerusalem

Chaldeans have been there for 2000 years!
Is this really a Catholic Web Site?
I worship in the Latin and Maronite Rite. Something tells me most wouldnt know Catholicism, if it hit them in the face.
Or prayed a Rosary. Or know about Our Lady of Fatima. Or Lourdes. Or adhere to a dress code at church. Or know our duty as a Catholic: to love, honor and serve him.
I cant beleive a Catholic site as this, is seeemingly Pro War, and obviously ignorant of so many Facts.
God help us. +


First, how exactly did you arrive at the conclusion that because someone might support President Bush, which this article has nothing to do with, that they don't know how to pray the Rosary, address the Virgin Mary, or conduct themselves at Holy Mass?

Yes, a Catholic priest being tortured is news to us Catholics. Anytime a member of the clergy is persecuted for their witness to Christ, it reminds us Catholics to pray for all perecuted Christians and to rejoice in the strength of faith brave priests, such as Father Sirop, display.

This is a blog. A Roman Catholic blog which serves as a forum for a myriad of theological and political ideas. If you disagree with an article, comment accordingly; however do realize that Ad Hominem attacks like the one you've posted here are rather likely to fall on deaf ears and destroy your credibility.

"Est autem fides credere quod nondum vides; cuius fidei merces est videre quod credis"
Saint Augustine

Bil Wanke

Christians, like muslims face jeopardy and peril now in a war zone, started on Lies and False pretenses by this administration.

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites. You give a tenth of your spices, but you have neglected the more important matters of the law: justice, mercy, and faithfulness.”
--Jesus of Nazareth

“Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees.”
--Jesus of Nazareth

“When a Jew murders a gentile there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.”
--The Babylonian Talmud, Judaism’s most holy book, Sanhedrin 57a

"Some messengers were endowed with gifts above others. To some of them Allah spoke, to others he raised to high degrees of honor. To Jesus, son of Mary were given clear signs, and who was strengthened by the Holy Spirit."
--The Qur’an, Islam’s most holy book, Surah II

Back to FOX news.....



Thank you for that myriad of cleverly selected quotes from the Holy books of various world religions.

I fail to see the relevence however.

Have you ever heard of the term "logical fallicy?" You might look into it.

Bill Wanke

Correction...Fallacy is spelled with an "a" I think. Is that what you mean? More "selective" quotes? No, just quotes. You can may require a little mental thought and re examination though.

"Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can't help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East."
--John Sheehan, S.J. (a Jesuit priest)

“And Jesus shall be a sign for the coming of the hour of Judgment. Therefore have no doubt about the hour. When Jesus came with clear signs, he said 'Now I have come to you with wisdom, therefore fear Allah and obey me, for Allah, he is my Lord and your Lord so worship him, for this is the straight way.'"
--The Qur’an, Islam’s most holy book, Surah 43
“All gentile children are animals.”
The Babylonian Talmud, Judaism’s most holy book, Yebamoth 98a


FYI to readers:

I've banned Bill Wanke from RCB. It has nothing to do with his views on the Iraq War or the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict (much as I disagree with them). But his anti-Semitism and defamatory irreverence to the Mother of God have no place on this site.

Congratulations, Bill, you've accomplished what no other RCB readers has even come close to achieving: being banned after only two days of commenting.


Does anyone understand what Bill is trying to say? Bill, I must admit, your loosely connected thoughts are hard to piece together into a big picture – especially as it relates to this post.

My husband is a regular poster here and he is very much against the war, didn’t vote for George Bush, and doesn’t watch FOX news. I know many Catholic people who lay out the reasons why they think the war in Iraq is immoral. But that’s all independent of the fact that a priest being tortured IS newsworthy. Don’t you think it would be newsworthy if it were a reporter?

The bottom line is this: in various war zones around the world (Sudan, Iraq etc.) priests sometimes pay a very high price for being ‘Another Christ’. We should PRAY FOR PRIESTS. They need us to do that for them. An attack on a priest is an attack on the Church, which is an attack on Christ himself.

I will be particularly grateful today knowing I can go to Mass in peace.

Kevin in Dallas

What is the painting titled? Who is the artist?


The Flagellation of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Adolph-William Bouguereau (1825 - 1905)

TM Lutas

A few bare facts might help. Who kidnapped him? Did they issue any demands? While the most important thing in his particular case is his safe return, the larger question is how to reduce the future incidence of kidnappings and killings. For this, more information would be very helpful.


two thumbs up on the art selections!

A Simple Sinner

If Bill worshipped in the Maronite Church (it is a church, not a rite) he would have heard of the Massabki Brothers. Google 'em Bill.

Please do not try to tell me that Christians in the middle east enjoy harmonious and peaceful co-existance as a norm. There is a reason so many have fled and their numbers have dwindled.

Also Riah Abu El-Assal is the Anglican bishop of Jerusalem. Folks wanting to read more about what he thinks can go to an interview he did with PBS's Newshour:

Billy D

Just go to Voice of the martyrs website. Christian persecution is outlined country by country. They even have maps color coded indicating the least to most throughout the world.
You have to understand, a Christian priest is a mighty prize, if they can get him to deny Christ. Isn't that all "the other side" wants? They don't want your loyalty, they just don't want Jesus to have it.

ron richards

I researched Maronite on Google-here is a church wesbite-its listed on their site as Both a Church and Rite? about-maronite-rite.htm

Interesting News from the FOX News sister station in Britian...


A Simple Sinner


look up this link for a better epxplanation:

The Eastern Catholic Churches are autonomous particular Churches in full communion with the the Pope of Rome. Distinct from the Western Church, these Churches worship according to Eastern Christian liturgical rites. Traditionally these Churches were located in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and India but are now also found in many parts of the world.

The Maronite Church is a particular church in communion with all other Catholics in communion with the Pope of Rome. It is a particular self-governing church that pratcies a distinct RITE.

Maronites, Ukrainians, Syro-Malabar, Syro-Malankar, Chaldeans, etc are Catholics who are not Romans (Latin) The rites the practice enjoy paristy witht he Roman rite and the priests and faithful of those communions enjoy full Papal recognition as Catholic. This is how it is the case that there are thousands and thousands of married men who are practicing Catholic priests in the Catholic world. While some of them are ex-protestant ministers who became Roman Catholics, most of them are lifelong Catholics who married and then were ordained priests in these Eastern Churches.

Most all Eastern Churches descend from groups of faithful that came into union with Rome from Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches. The Maronite Church is an exception - it has not non--Catholic (Orthodox) counterpart. Their patriarch has always recognized the authority of the Pope of Rome.

My Grandmother was a Byzantine Catholic of the Ruthenian Church. For a few years when I was unable to worship in peace at a Roman Catholic Church I attended Divine Liturgy (Mass) at her old Church. It was so very beautiful and gave me a GREAT appreciation for how universal the Catholic Church is. When I attended college in an INSANE Roman Catholic Diocese, I attended services at a Melkite Greek Catholic Church - they were solemn, traditional, and welcoming of any poor westerner like myself willing to try to learn to chant along with them.

The Ruthenian Catholic Church has offered liturgy in English in the US 20 years before the Romans quit Latin. How did they do that? They simply offered the service the same with the English translation. No re-writing the whole rite, just offering the prayers in English. Would that the Roman Catholic Church had just started chanting off the "English side of the page" in their Tridentine Missals when they decided to "go vernacular." Things would be different today.

A Simple Sinner

"Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can't help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East."
--John Sheehan, S.J. (a Jesuit priest)

Yea, we were good friends with Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the viciously anti-Jewish Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who was awarded by Hitler with a commision in the SS as a General of Hitler's Muslim Bosnian Units.

We were great pals with Saddam Hussein's uncle Kharaillah Tulfah, who in 1941 attempted a coup against the pro-British government in Iraq in an effort to bring in a government aligned with the Axis that could support the Nazi Afrika Korps.

Prior to the creation of the modern state of Israel much of the Middle East was a non-entity to the west... They were either colonies or their vast oil reserves were not as valued.

I cannot say I am comfortable with every thing the State of Israel does. Some things make me rather uncomfortable - other things just make me sad. It really bothers me that in the very land where Our Lord lived and died for us there is so much violence and death and pain. I can't say I like that at all.

But the idea that Israel is the cause of all the problemsand we were buddies with the nations and peoples of the middle east before 1947, well that is just lunacy.

Of course it is far easier to blame the state of Israel which occupies less than 1% of land historically (and forcibly) converted to Islam for all the problems in the middle east. It is far easier for nations like Iran to look outward and blame this small state for all the problems in the world.


Simple Sinner: Bingo!


We will all be called to make great difficult choices as 9/11 was only the recent begining of this war. We all have and will be tortured with, muslim hate, priest sex abuse, the loss of values in Europe, the gap between the Holy Father and us in the US and many more. A piest being tortured is real, we see it, we feel it, but most of all it should remind of the battle we face each day supporting our inner faith.

Bill Wanke

Ok... 5,000 isolated attacks by Muslims in mostly War zones, where they are Occupied by us and Israel. the USA, we slaughter 3600 Babies per day, or 500,000 per year.
Israel kills 3600 Palestinians, 80% innocents every year in Gaza.


Bill, thank you in my above post i should have added the deaths of so many babies to the things that torture us everyday. And test our faith.

As for your other comments I am simple. I would rather fight them there than in New York. There are people on the other side that only want to kill us no matter what. If we stopped supporting Israel today do you really think that would change? They would see it as a weakness and attack us more. I feel for those in the West Bank and Gaza. It is so sad that the Arab world will not allow them to make peace. Don't you think it is strange that Egypt and Jordan can have peace but those in Gaza and the West Bank must suffer generation after generation? Peace and their own state have been offered and yet they must still keep dying so the arab world can keep this conflict and hatred of West and Israel going. So sad.


Dear Bill,
I ask only that you sit for a few minutes and read Psalm 139. Then take a few minutes and contemplate your standing in the site of God before you assail any other human being. We humans are a presumtious lot--are we not?

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