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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


brother lesser

"At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, in the heavens, one the earth, and under the earth"...

I take this to mean that if we cannot humble ourselves to kneel before God now, there will indeed come a time when we will drop to our knees in His presence...but we'll probably get our kneecaps burnt because it's sure going to be hot in that place...!!!


I was wondering when Sunday's video would come up. I'm frankly surprised it wasn't brought up Sunday night. I'll be curious to see what others thought of the video over the coming days. I'm still formulating mine. I do like the message of getting more involved and invested in our parishes and Catholic faith: putting our faith to work--very consistent with James's epistle read earlier. I didn't hear a lot mentioned, however, about sin, repentance, and living a life more consistent with faith and love of God.

 Mark Hillingsworth

I am sorry to say that the bottom line is not about the salvation of souls. This new attempt at reviving the sprituality is about the forseeing of less money because of less interest and that will affect attendance. The words sound good but so did the Covenant with the Faithful. That was a public relations ploy. The best thing Bishop Brown could do is get down on his knees and ask God to forgive him for disobeying Church Teaching on matters of faith and morals. That would really change hearts!

Steve from Virginia

I am glad I don't live in California. Pray for the Diocese of Orange.

A Simple Sinner

OK, when is this guy due to retire?

Please tell me soon. Yesterday was not soon enough.


I've seen a couple of N.O. masses lately trying to 'ape' the Tridentine, and my overall sense is that they are trying like heck to pull traditionalists away from the Tridentine. I wonder - why? What are people so afraid of the Tridentine? Can't they see how superior it is? Any thoughts from anyone? Am trying to understand, and I'm new to this website.

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