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Friday, September 29, 2006



I'll tell you why. Because in the Lavender oops I mean Orange Diocese Social Justice, Tolerance and Diversity for Perversity reigns.


Hello!!! Is anybody out there? What is it going to take for this "confused" Shepherd to be removed? I just keep writing letters to the powers to be in hope that if they get tired of hearing from us that something will be done. It reminds me of those old gangters movies where the FBI try to collar the mobsters on criminal charges and when all else fails, get them on financial misdoings. Do you suppose that there has been some misdoings in this area?

carol blankfield

In a few days I'll be posting a link with a letter to the Holy Father and the nuncio (Archbishop Pietro Sambi in Washington, DC) detailing some incidents and asking for the removal of B. Brown. It will be something you can put your own name on and send. (by email or fax - your choice)


Good for you Carol!

In Bishop Brown's new pastoral letter he calls for Catholics to reject Materialism. Too bad Tod can't practice what he preaches. Flying first class, having five star chefs, taking luxury vacations, owning vacation getaways?, etc, etc. He need to learn how to learn a more simple life before he starts telling his sheep to reject materialism. What a joke.

Bishop Tod Brown has a moral obligation to send THIS out in a memo To: ALL Priests -

(See memo to All Priests from Bishop Brown in article "Fr. Gerald Coleman & Support For Homosexual Domestic Partnerships"

and tell all his homosexual priests that AIDS IS A HOMOSEXUAL DISEASE and therefore they are killing each other. (Hmmm, wouldn't THAT be mortal sin?),0,2512109.story?coll=la-home-headlines

What Michael Weinstein (from the article)DOES NOT CONSIDER is that homosexual men CREATE the disease among themselves and then the spread it to women through intimate contact (transfer of blood and bodily fluids through minute tearing of tissue and anal sex between a woman and a man) and IV drug users spread it through contact in the blood stream.

Semen has a unique ability to negate immune response (it was designed to do this in the vagina so that the woman's immune system does not attack and destroy the sperm). God created vaginal, heterosexual relations to CREATE life!

Intestines are where nutrients (and whatever else is in there)are absorbed into the blood stream and distributed throughout the entire body.

If a fluid that negates the immune system is absorbed into the blood stream (thru the instestinal wall into the blood stream) it destroys the immune function of the entire being.


It doesn't take a brain surgeon to understand the physiology involved.

Bishop Brown - how about that memo!!

Susan Teissere

Here is some info on Fr. Rod Stephens. Check out Mary Magdalene Catholic Community in San Diego Calif. Fr. Rod will be conducting a "Liturgy" retreat on Oct. 22nd. This organization that he belongs to has a "women priestess" Jane Via anyways! Bishop Brown clearly knows what is going on and he has bless this by allowing Fr. Rod Stephens to work in the Diocese of Orange! Start calling the Diocese of Orange! Lucy! you have some explaaanning to do!!

Here's the link for the article on Rod Stephens and Jane Via.

and here's the link on Mary Magdalene Apostle CATHOLIC Community

And here's the phone number to Bishop Brom - Bishop of San Diego. 858-490-8200

Give him a call and let him know about this situation. Request that he publicly (from the pulpit, in his website, in his monthly Catholic publication AND to the press)denounce this organization - so their is no confusion or misuderstadings for the faithful.

Karl Keating says B. Brom doesn't need to speak publicly.

All bishops need to speak publicly in situations like this - for the sake of the Church - and the faithful.

Joseph D'Hippolito

If Karl Keating believes that a bishop of a prominent diocese doesn't need to speak out on a moral matter, then Keating values his Catholic identity more than truth, let alone moral responsibility.

That's the fundamental problem with apologists like Keating, Jimmy Akin, Mark Shea and the like. They are no better than the Jews whom St. Paul criticized in Romans for being too infatuated with their Jewishness.

If anybody believes that last comment is anti-Semitic, please understand that I have nothing against Jews whatsoever.


Countdown To Retirement of Bp. Robert Henry Brom of San Diego

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