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Monday, October 23, 2006


brother lesser

There is no doubt that Catholic education in America is on the skids. Several examples come immediately to mind: First we have Catholic Universities, like the more famous one in Indiana, who bow down and grovel at the feet of theologans who teach against the Pope and Magisterium. We have seminaries who crank out priests who preach from the pulpit in favor of gay rights and abortion. We no longer have Sisters teaching our grade school students; they are too busy running around the country side, completely independant of authority, and dressing up like Brownie Scout Leaders instead of someone who is a follower of Christ.

Can God be pleased with us? How much longer will he tolerate us before He sends the Angel of Correction to purify sin from within our midst?

Xiang Zu

Brothers and Sisters why be so alarmed. Our Church is made up of humans not Angels, we should not allow negativity to poison our minds in this way. There is much good in the worst of us and much bad in the best of us. Have courage and do not allow negative thoughts to spoil our lovely faith. Pray for our beloved church and its all to human members.


The seminary system in the USA is the vehicle by which the "filth" referred to by the Holy Father has entered the priesthood!

Somewhere, I think in Minnesota, there is a little creek, a creek so small and shallow that you could walk it -that grows and grows as it goes South until it becomes the mighty Mississsippi River. I you wanted to poison the river system, you would not dump your poison where it's widest, you'd go up to that creek in Minnesota and do it there. This is precisely analagous to what is happening in our seminaries.


If we only had a Bishop's Conference like they have in Spain. See what they wrote in a publication entitled" Theology and Secularization in Spain - Forty years after the end of the Second Vatican Council"

It states:

...there exists a silent form of dissent that promotes and defends disaffection with the Church, considering this a legitimate critical attitude with respect to the hierarchy and its magisterium, justifying dissent within the Church itself as if a Christian could not be an adult without establishing a certain distance from the teachings of the magisterium. Behind this attitude there frequently lurks the idea that the Church at present is not obeying the Gospel, and that a struggle “from within” is necessary to arrive at a future, authentically evangelical Church. In reality, what is sought is not the conversion of the Church’s members, its constant purification, penance and renewal, but the transformation of the very constitution of the Church, to adapt it to the opinions and perspectives of the world. This position finds support among members of the Church’s academic centers, and in some cases among publishing houses and bookstores run by Catholic institutions. This way of proceeding causes great disorientation among the faithful.


Perhaps you would provide the link to this article. I would like to read all of it.

America is but one part of the Catholic Church, but it is a large, powerful front. Upon reflection, this is pretty much the first time I have heard a pontiff state real concern over the American Church.

Why the concern this late in the game?

I would like to see the Pope dissemble the USCCB, appoint about a dozen orthodox bishops to square the rest of the American bishops away, under a new formation, and get the others in line. If the others resist one iota, dot or tittle, elevate faithful priests to the dissenters' bishoprics and send the unfaithful, dissenting bishops out to graze in the pasture. Let them write for Lavender mag, or about rainbows and diversity for their local communities etc.

My dream; have Cardinal Arinze preside over the 'new' USCCB to make them drop and give him twenty, until he becomes our next Pope.

One can dream. I'll pray for that tonight.


P.S. My family has a chunk of land about 4 miles from where aforementioned Mississippi headwaters begin, in Minnesota. I live in the twin cities.

With clean stretches, it is poisoned at various points, all the way down.

The bishops are not only to blame. Many of us (laity) have allowed our church to turn into this, while we were too weak, poorly catechized, or wary of conflict with our dissenting, liberal counterparts, whom have zero qualms with conflict and power-grabs.

How many parishes have liberal boards who pretty much 'oversee' the priest. I can point to a number of them where I live. They send letters to the bishop informing him of what they will have, and what they will not have. The bishop often complies. My rhetorical question to that, is where are the orthodox 'boards' to counteract the liberal ones, and standup to them at every turn? Most who are concerned, are too weak to band together and standup for their church.

On the opposite end; Who appoints these bishops? Who oversees them? Why have they been allowed to veer so far, for so long?

40 years into this mess, and now we're finally getting 'concerned'???

I loved JPII, and love BXVI, but heck, it's not as if this is new news.

If we are only at the 'concerned' point, we've got a long ways to go. We haven't even hit the identification of problem phase yet. After that comes the solution phase. I won't even mention implementation. Relief is probably 2 or 3 hundred years away.


Well put Dude. As Mother Teresa of Calcutta once pointed out, in the Old Testament we read poor leadership was often a punishment for the sins of the people.

A Devout Catholic

There was a particular good that came from Hurricane Katrina. Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, a heretical institution, was closed just long enough that some good seminarians escaped and now are at a wonderful seminary that actually reveres the Pope and the Magisterium.
In spite of the horrors of the hurricane, I can't help but feel grateful.


The issues we are facing today should have been disputed years ago. The church will see a rebellion. God help us all.

Lou Gandi

The Catholic Church has been turned into a den of misfits run by a bunch of Bishops who want God off of Altars, and replaced by their big Chairs so that we can worship Bishops, priests and oh yeah even the Cardinals.

Been to a few churches and noticed some of them look like large warehouses. What a shame, and noticed even the Crosses have been removed from altars. I honestly believe we as parishioners need to start cleaning house Churches that is, and get rid of these destructive bunch who have turned Churches into a meeting house!!!


Light dawns on Marblehead!


"peace" go away you demented troll. Go talk to a priest, confess your sins and pray for God's forgivness for your lies, deciet and deception. And then do your penance to make up fo the damage your hate has done to you and others.


I did not see a 'Catholic Sign' that 'Bush and the neocons are showing halfway through the clip.'

Perhaps you could give the minute and seconds reference, so I could go right to it.

If you are referring to the pagan god - Baphomet - (scroll down to see photo on this link) then yes, you are correct, it is not Catholic, but Pagan. However, if you follow Protestant Fundamentalism, you will no doubt have heard that the two are synonymous, which of course, with some study, and reading of good Catholic apologetics, you will find this is untrue.

An example: do some research on the wedding ring you undoubtedly know of people (or yourself for that matter) wearing. It started out pagan, but was changed in it's matter and adapted to Christianity.


Peace: No problemo on the sarcasm part. Glad that you are not being that way.

Regarding the pyramid with the all-seeing eye: Take your dollar bill out, examine it, turn it over...there it is. Depending on whom your source is, the pyramid and the all-seeing eye are a symbol of the power of God, and his omniscience.
Many have ascribed the symbology of our dollar bill (among other things English or American) to the Protestant offshoots of Freemasonry. There are many elaborate theories as to how the all-seeing pyramid ties into this general realm of Masonic conspiracy.
Or, according to some modern-day UFO conspiracy theorists, it is proof positive of Aliens among us, and this is their symbolism, implanted in our culture. I am not joking, some believe this.

I tend to believe it was simply ancient egyptian symbology brought present to the time (latter 18th and early 19th century)and made relevant at that point. Recall, many of the founding fathers were great thinkers, and many were steeped greatly in knowledge of Hellenistic (Greek) society, and Roman Culture. It would only be natural that they would adopt some of the items coming from the ancient worlds of Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Regarding the 8.5 minute video: Beware of simplistic images clanged together, with emotional music in the background (Tupac and Jay-Z), tied in with subliminal messages. Many cultures and peoples have been easily misled by very effective, similar, low-brow techniques. Look at the Nazi propaganda, much to the same effect as this video.

Regarding Famous presidents, and in particular George H.W. Bush laying in what appears to be a hospital bed, holding (it did not appear he was playing with it) the 'all-seeing' pyramid: Of the thousands of token gifts given to presidents per year...yes, literally thousands, this could have easily been handed to him. Perhaps it a gift given to him from one of his old Ivy-league buddies from the skull-and-bones society, perhaps not. Maybe it was a $9.99 gift from the gift shop at an art museum, that a 7-year old girl gave to him, because she thought he might like it, when he visited her school. The point is twofold: 1) We have no idea what the context was in which he was holding it, and
2) Again, this video was obviously arranged in a manner as to suggest nefarious things were afoot by him holding a small pyramid with the eye at the top, suggesting some sort of conspiracy.

I am not sure why you refer to them being sick. My guess is because you seem to associate conservatives, or in the narrow sense, neocons, as being inherantly sick.
Personally, I too am one of those 'sick'
neocons. However, I believe my value system, when embraced by society actually does better for the poor, the middle class, and is a better method for generating wealth at the top and middle, which drives an economy much better than liberalsim/socialism. I believe radical Islam, totalitarian dictatorships and communism are the largest global problems as far as world peace goes. I believe in a democratic republic, just as our founders setup, as opposed to straight democracy (mob-rule) and that this is a wise, just form of government...or at least as good as it gets, on the man-made side. I believe in religious freedom (properly understood), not freedom from religion. I believe we individuals, especially in our homes, at the local or if necessary at the state level, do a much better job of governing our own lives, than the federal government (see liberalsim/socialism/communinism as the all-powerful state, where the individual is nothing but a bee, subject to the hive).
I believe in responsible capitalism.
I believe abortion to be murder, no matter how you break it down.
I find this simplistic breakdown to be logical, not sickly.

Perhaps you may wish to take a better look at Catholicism. It does have some room for different perspectives politically, so long as said political views do not violate the natural law, as articulated by the church in the combined form of scriptures and official church teachings.

God bless.


The Church is either dead or dying.

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