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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Jeff Miller

I wish they would stop misrepresenting him. There is no such thing as either the Vatican's exorcist or Rome's chief exorcist. No such job titles or positions exist. Fr. Gabriel Amorth is one of several exorcist in Rome, he is just the most famous one.


this is not news to me, regardless of the mans title, I grew up in a parish whose pastor was a firm believer in the "posessed by a demon"(devil, etc...). Not an exageration of his views that anything from stereo systems and chairs to grandparents should be regularily exorcised. Most definately Hitler would fall into this catergory.

Some Day

Most demonic possesion would appear to be voluntary and "symbiotic". That does not excuse. Just like saying I was "high"when I killed him is not a defence but an agravant, then so is induced possesion

lucia gomes

Dear sir Ihave a evil spirit in my house and i want the tel no email address and residence address of fr gabriel amorth to do the binding work in my house in India (Mumbai).please reply as soon as possible yours sincerely lucia gomes

James M Essig

Hi Some Day;

In order for an action to be mortally sinfull, three conditions must be met. First, the act must be freely committed. Second, the perpetrator must know of the serious nature of the act. Third, the act must have been committed after full reflaction on its serious sinfullness.

Thus a crazed or possessed murderer may in some cases not be culpable whereas a young married Catholic couple, or a homosexual who indulges in the use of artificial contraception or homosexual acts, respectively, after having known the Catholic teachings on such matters and having the full wieght of proper religious inhibitions behind them can not be lightly excused of mortal sin.

James M Essig

Hi Some Day;

I apologize if the interpretation of my above post seems overly dismissive of Hitler's actions. This is not my belief in any sense of the word. Nor did I mean to rank common sexual practices to behavior worse than Hilter's. This is also not my belief in any sense.

As I was typing the above message, for some reason my computer screen was having fits and although my computer was still on, for some reason I thought I would loose my post.

So I thought I would quickly upload what I have so as to not totally lose my post. I should have waited or not posted at all since the post was incomplete.

Anyhow, what I was about to post is quite lengthy and a little off topic as are some of my recent RCB posts and so I will not post the comments.

I posted several long post over the past few weeks and so it is time to give other people air time.

I will be away from posting at RCB for a while.

Kind Regards;


Rosie Davis

It is said......
What is an .......IMPASSE ADULTERATE.......?
One who can negotiate/broker a deal with both God & Satan so as to,
do/have/accomplish ones desires/ambitions in life & yet enter The Gates of Heaven at the end.
Dare to re-neg on such a deal & all hell comes upon your life & death & even your blood-line forward.
The belief that a family is cursed & for generations might be that Great Grand Uncle promised you all away so as to have a perfect life according to his tastes ?.....
Hitler was assuredly a Slippery Sucker & illiterate they say......

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