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Thursday, October 12, 2006



Many in the church wanted change. Any questions?


It's all about ME. Not what the Church has held for 2,000 years.

Rather than try to find fullness in God's plan, they want to substitute thier own.

Change? We've had 4 decades of change, in response to the demands of progressives in the Church. What has it left in its wake? Empty pews. Europe is rapidly becoming a Muslim state. In the US, only the influx of Catholic immigrants keeps the Church growing. And on any given Sunday, only 20% of Catholics go to Mass.

I've had all the change I can stand. The Church Militant needs to plant its flag, stand its ground, and declare where it stands.


Almost twenty years ago, just after completing undergraduate studies - I was sponsored by my diocese at a large arhdiocesan seminary. The vocations director from my smaller diocese actually "prepped" me for the entrance interview where I had to pass a barrage of questions from multiple faculty members who can only be classified as crypto-modernists.
(It is interesting to note that this was all under the watch of the current Archbishop of San Francisco who was then rector at the seminary.)

One of the triad of inquisitors who I had to "pass" was a nun who shall remain nameless. My diocesan vocations director specifically warned me about her, and that it was likely that she would quiz me about the ordination of women to the RC priesthood. I was instructed to be oblique in my replies.

During the interview, as predicted, Sister "Sandanista" asked me about my views on women's ordination. I tolk her I had no view as my undergraduate degreee was in history and that I had not had a chance to study it. She further queried - "no, I'm interested in your gut reaction." I gave the same response. She grew angry - going so far as to verbalize that the only way to cure the Church of its sexism was to make sure that candidates to the priesthood were not sexist themselves.

Seeing no way out, I threw caution to the wind. I said two things to her:

1.) I did not have an informed opinion about the issue of women's ordination - but I was sure that the Pope did, and I would defer to his judgement.

2.) That she as a nun had underestimated the "power" of nuns. I related to her that as a Catholic grammar school student I had been taught by numerous nuns, and I could readily remember many things that they taught me ten years prior. I could not, however, remember what my parish priest had said in his Sunday sermnon some few weekdays before. At this she laughed - and the interview was over.

I was admitted to the seminary, and dropped out later, but I always remember my encounter with Sister "Sandanista" and her fundamental misunderstanding of the roles of religious - priests, nuns, and brothers.

This schewed view is not only held by leftists, look at the dissaapearance of mens religious orders - specifically orders of brothers.

Everybody wants the priesthood, and regrettably it is in many instances beacuse of the "power."

One of the valid critiques of the Vatican II crowd of the pre-conciliar Church is that it was clericalist. In this I think they are right. Could the Modernists who have gutted the Church through a misreading of VCII have succeeded if we were not focused on the Roman Collar(s) they wore and not the heresy they spoke?


Sorry I mistyped, I meant to say:

Could the Modernists who have gutted the Church through a misreading of VCII have succeeded if we had not been focused on the Roman Collar(s) they wore and instead focused on the heresy they spoke?

A Simple Sinner


That sounds SO familiar! In more heady youthful days before falling away from the church, I looked into seminary in the course of an "exploratory college program". I got to eat dinner sitting at a table with a sister dressed in a pants suit without so much as a cross who pulled pretty much the same thing. Being unprepped, I was NOT half as savy as you! I think at some point I "casually" mentioned a return to wearing a habit. OUCH. Big mistake.

(Ever notice how the peace & justice folks in these orders always lament the wastefulness of our US corporations, but would bite you quicker than a dog if you pointed out a good way to save money might be for the order to which they belong return to wearing habits? I mean, less money on clothes would be more money for activism, right?)

Have you ever noticed how very clerical the modernists are THEMSELVES when given the opportunity and leeway?

I attended Mass in California at a parish local to where I was staying for about a month... I was in college, had no car, and no idea WHERE to go for a Mass that would not so enrage me. (The trick is to focus on JESUS - the only reason you are there!)

Well in the course of the Mass every other "lay minister" was wearing a sincture, alb, and small pectoral cross.

Down with clericalism, indeed! More like "chalice envy"! Given half a chance these folks are twice as tyranical as anything I can imagine from the "patriarchal bad old days".

Well these butch old birds in their sensible shoes and their flat-top hair cuts have run the chanceries long enough. The good news is, their crew cuts are getting rather grey and they are all about to retire.

Saner minds will prevail. They always have.


I couldn't help but notice how old most of the participants were. The 60s were sure a bad time for moral inversion and confusion...both inside and outside the Church. Another decade or two and I really think this will die down significantly. And anyone around my age (30s) realizes that girls don't go around wanting to be a priest. They're glad about and accept gender role differences much better than the previous generation. Like Thomistic, I feel a certain sadness for these women. I receive a genuine joy from seeing and understanding the complimentary relationship of men and women. Our Holy Mother is the key to this. (I am amazed at how many heresies are corrected in a correct understanding of her.) I wonder how they view her. Do they regret that she was "only" the Mother of God and not God?


What I feel sad about with these misguided women is that they don't understand what it's all about. They would rather be "priestesses" and settle for glory in this life rather than submit to obedience and have glory in the next. More people go to heaven for being obedient than they do for being priests.


It is UNJUST to deny women full participation in the church.

A Simple Sinner


It is UNJUST to deny men the chance to give birth to babies themselves.

Do you actually have logic behind these sound bites, or are you generally just going to espouse emotionalist sound bites?

But alas there are a myrid of folks who share your sensibilities. Check out today! The Episcopalians sound like they are offering everything that you want. Better join up while they still exist!

I don't actually hear anyone in that video discussing the fact that they want power from the priesthood. In fact one very clearly stated that she felt an earnest call from God. What more is our vocation than a call from God? She is obeying the call as best she can: the call is not for her to be a monk (or nun) but to be a priest (or womanpriest). Had the call been to be a mother, she could have easily followed it, but surely God does not ask of us things that are easy.

As a female member of the Church, I don't care much who says the mass or gives me the Eucharist (especially since it's often not even a deacon, just a random laymember), but the equality and love for all that Jesus teaches is belied by the actions of His priests. Perhaps some of that can be removed by the ordination of woman.


Womenpriests are a joke. I have attended a few 'Masses' celebrated by women, and in all cases they have been 'do it yourself' liturgies. Bad music, radical innovation, cake or cookies in place of communion hosts. Catholics are not going to Mass these days because of the sad state of the Novus Ordo Mass. Vatican II has destroyed the Catholic Church, it has Protestantized it, destroyed Catholic Church architecrure, etc. Women priests would further accelerate that destruction. The women involved in this movement tend to be clannish, militant, a real cult.

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