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Wednesday, November 22, 2006



Why do I have this schizophrenic sensation at watching the photos while that music is playing?


As a recently converted Catholic in this area of the state of Michigan, I’m glad this wasn’t my first parish choice. I think this would have left me dishearten at my choice to become Catholic.


Dear Jesus,

Please come down from Heaven again and put an end to this nonsense, since, apparently, your bishops aren't too concerned with blaspheming you as they once were.

I don't know how much longer this kind of evil can continue. God will not be mocked...

Thank you in advance.


Roger H.

Geez, that one child dressed in all white with a hood almost looks like a Klansman.

Suffering in O.C.

St. Kenneth's is in the Detroit diocese.

Does anyone know anything about Cardinal Maida?

Kevin in Dallas

I think they should all read Scott Hahn's Lamb's Supper. When we celebrate the Mass, we are celebrating with heaven.

A Simple Sinner

You know at my "Catholic Grade school" we did not change into our halloween outfits until lunchtime precisely to AVOID any chance of appearing in costumes for morning Mass.

At least the guy in the kilt was wearing respectable ethnic dress.

Other than that? Who has the energy? Ditto all comments made about the OC Halloween Mess.

Another thing to give thanks for tomorrow - I never have suffered THAT special indignity.

Suffering in O.C.

Click on the photo of the altar to zoom in. The black cloth has a spider web print on it.


Oh my God! (And I mean that prayerfully.) The altar is draped in BLACK??!! Since black was long ago discarded as a liturgical color, the only other connection I can draw is the black draping used in Satanic worship. Why didn't the priest just hang the cross upside-down while he was at it? At least it would have been a little more honest than this travesty masquerading as Holy Mass - the ultimate Halloween costume.


Who's fault is it that majority of catholics and priests are poorly catecheised ?!!

We need more serious converts like Scott Hahn
to inspire and teach people about the catholic faith and Holy Mass.

Kyrie eleison

Suffering in O.C.

I can't be sure of it but there doesn't appear to be any kneelers and notice that the tabernacle is off to the side and not front and center.


actually the upside down cross would be a symbol of st. peter.

Some Day

In Latin America and certain Church groups here in Florida, I have seen that they dress up as saints and angels, and celebrate Hallows Eve (the eve of All Saints day) not Halloween. Halloween is a pagan and materialistic thing and worst of all satanic.
No its not an innocent little thing. The devil can make things look really cute.
Trust me.

Lawrence of Arabia

hey, at least they are taking the time to dress up. usually they just show up in shorts and a tshirt.


Why are they having mass in that high school cafeteria?

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