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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Susan Westberg

I knew things were bad, but these pictures remind me of pagan Rome. I wouldn't be surprised if next we saw the fatted calf at the altar or maybe even the image of Isis to appease the militant feminists in the church. Someone in Rome needs to call this Bishop to task. God deliver us from such clergy who are bringing the faithful down by misleading them away from the truth.


Bad enough they came to Mass (if, indeed, it was) dressed in costumes, but as devils? Talk about Exhibit A of "This is Your Brain on Poor Catechesis."


Take a look at Fr. Fred's take on "kneeling is mortal sin" - in his parish bulletin.

He says, "The ongoing issue has been, and
continues to be, humble respect and embrace of the authority of a local bishop to implement the liturgical practices of the Church as approved by the Pope"

When's the last time YOU FOLLOWED ANY LITURGICAL NORMS, Fr. Fred?

These guys lie for a living (the actively homosexual ones). It's gotten to the point where they don't remember what lie they told yesterday.


Archbishop Fulton Sheen said that when the Church is holy, she is persecuted from the outside, and when she is not holy, she is persecuted from the inside...

Mona Alona

This just goes to show that anything goes in the diocese of Orange except orthodoxy.

How many more years until Brown retires?

Benedict, please save us.


PLEASE all of you as sickened by this as I am, write to His Holiness and let him know that we are not supportive of this-let him know you will attend a Tridentine Mass along with your parents and grandparents who left the church years ago.Give him your support and tell him we accept him as Successor of Peter, not the BISHOPS.
Keep praying, but also do this eathly thing of human contact. The Bishops e-mail him with their complaints this way.
The e-mail is: [email protected]
or write,send these articles, :His Holiness Pope Benedict xvi
Vatican City State Italy 00120


Could you please post the source and dates of the photos? Were they from the most recent Mass, a previous year, or what? I'm not comfortable discussing this in a broader forum unless I know.


Well, I've seen it all now: parishioners costumed as devils-demons serving Christ's body and blood. What the "hell" were they thinking? And notice how the priest was referred to in the bulletin FKB (the PASTOR). I guess FATHER Fred either forgot he is a priest (if he wrote the announcement) or his parishioners have (if they wrote it). Either way, it is illustrative of their discomfort at being Catholic and comfort at profaning the holy things that make us distinctive: the Eucharist, the priesthood, and reverence. Devils and demons? How cute. How funny. I wonder, though, if anyone would show up dressed up as a klansman? I guess that would be overboard. Nice job Corpus Christi disgracing yourself and your parish NAME. Thanks FKB for not acting like the priest you are, whether or not you or your parishioners see it that way.


All my comments, of course, will be premature if these pictures turn out to be fraudulent. I mean, that looks like a pretty weird Church. It looks more like a church hall or auxiliary room of some kind, not a Church. But put together with the church bulletin, it seems compelling.


as a joking aside: is that Mark MacGuire taking communion from the She-Devil?

Mona Alona

I heard that one year Fr. Fred dressed as the pope and rode around in a golf cart that was fashioned in a way to look like the popemobile.

Carol Blankfield

Ellen and James:

I attended this mass (I attended because I had seen the bulletin for the week before)- It was 5 PM Saturday, October 28, 2006, last weekend. It was at 6 Liberty, Aliso Viejo (temporary home of Corpus Christi Parish pastored by Fred Baily)It is an office building - they are moving to their "Mass in the Round" Grand hall - first mass- this weekend.

Check out their website and bulletin dated Oct. 22 - inviting parishioners to come in costume and that Fr. Fred would be dressing as - surprise "I love you, you love me".
He did.

Go here for an interview with Fr. Fred from 2001 (which means the article is in reference to his donning his Superman costume under his vestments for Halloween in 2000) This has been going on under B. Brown's approval for at LEAST 6 years.

Bishop Brown was installed in 1999.
Bishop Brown has given this sacriligious, spiritually sick priest a PASTORSHIP in the fastest growing area of the diocese - Currently Fr. Bailey's new Grand Hall seats 800.

He's been doing this since B. Brown arrived - same class at St. John's seminary?? or just a protege?

Bishop Brown in supporting and promoting this type of parish and parish activity.

The FAQ's on the Corpus Christi website quotes Fr. Fred Bailey as saying that the Diocese of Orange (Bishop Tod Brown, CEO) GAVE him the property - worth approx $2,700,000 (that's 2.7mllion) to build this parish.

We must pray and write the Holy Father, the Sacred Congregations and the Nuncio, Pietro Sambi, in Washington D.C.
You can find their addresses on

Please - if you've done nothing yet. Do this. Faith without works is dead.

Carol Blankfield


There is a 5 minute video clip of this mass available on a link at (Concerned Roman Catholics of America - the people who set up the donation fund for Fr. Mackin at St. Mary's by the Sea)
It's in the second post on their homepage.

Sorry, I left this out of my last post.
Here's the link to the interview w/ Fr. Fred


"Restore the Sacred" is one of the very few groups, in my opinion, that has enough guts to fight against such irreverence, banalities, and even sacrilege promoted by Bishop Brown. I wish someone would start a group like that here in VA, as some of these Novus Ordo Masses in Virginia Beach(though i'm in Richmond at the moment) may not be as bad, but are banal nonetheless. I sincerely pray for other priests in the N.O. to embrace Tradition.

Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, pray for us!

TM Lutas

I would guess that the appropriate letter writing chain would be to write Bishop Brown, asking for clarification under what circumstances is the wearing of costume horns appropriate during liturgy. I'm reasonably certain that this comes under the ban against spectacle masses. A cc: to his metropolitan, Cardinal Mahony would be appropriate as well as a cc: to the nuncio.

My point is don't forget subsidiarity. You can have all the expectations in the world that Bishop Brown will round file your letter, Cardinal Mahony too. But clogging up the lines to Rome without even trying to solve it locally is not going to be received as well as a protest that respects the legitimate principle of subsidiarity. It's worth an extra $0.80 to be visibly seen as obeying the principle.

The first impulse of the central authorities is very likely to ask Bishop Brown what his actions were to date. How well will it sound when he says "I have received no complaints, no letters from the people you tell me about. It's a pity that they feel it's ok to act in such a disrespectful manner." With that simple response, Bishop Brown is halfway to getting off the hook and certainly can stymie action for several months as he asks for time to gear up an investigation/internal process.

By letting Bishop Brown get first crack at fixing things prior to being asked about it by higher authorities, you shave some time off his available delaying tactics and make it more likely that something will actually get done to fix the situation.

btw: along with a request for clarification on the horns, the wig and the short sleeves are other areas to ask about. I'm not sure either is part of an acceptable dress code. Defining deviancy down is a real issue.


Roger Cardinal Mahony is not Bishop Tod Brown's "metropolitan". He has absolutely zero authority over Bishop Tod Brown or any of the goings on in the Diocese of Orange.

It is erroneous to suggest that writing a letter to Mahony would be productive in any way when the subject of the letter is a matter like this in the Diocese of Orange.

By all means, write the nuncio, and the appropriate offices in Rome, and even Bishop Brown, but don't waste your time carbon copying Mahony. He's not in the chain of command. Tod Brown's immediate superior is the Pope. The Holy Father does utilize the intermediaries in the various Holy Offices in the Vatican, and the nuncio has a role, but you should only include Mahony when you are writing about the Los Angeles Archdiocese (and Orange isn't part of that – it's a separate diocese).

TM Lutas

Thomistic - You really ought to set those wikipedia folks straight here as they are putting a metropolitan overlay on the entire US. Mahony is listed as Brown's metropolitan bishop.

Now the post of metropolitan might have such attenuated powers that you're absolutely correct that Mahony couldn't do anything even if he wished. But please remember the stated intent which was to notify everybody so nobody has an excuse to say "they didn't tell me". If I am wrong, letter writers waste $0.40. If you are wrong, we can all waste 3 months.

Greg Mont

It is obvious that Bishop Tod Brown hasn't a clue and allows the impaired judgements of young adults to define his ministry. The Diocese of Philadelphia is run the same way: young adults define what young adults need. They create young adult groups, allow only young adults, mostly those who rolled out of bed only last week, to lead them and protect them. The clergy just show up and accommodate whatever the emotional need is for that week. Shame on them!


"...from some crack the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God."
-- Pope Paul VI, June 29, 1972.


Don't send a letter to Cardinal Mahony!
We don't need to be giving him any more ideas.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him include this in next year's Religious Education Conference liturgies.

mary ann in pittsburgh

Does the Vatican know about this? one picture is worth a thousand words.

George A. Cooney, Jr.

Matthew: 7:15-20 -
Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit: and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
A good tree CANNOT bring forth evil fruit: neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit.
Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit SHALL BE CUT DOWN AND SHALL BE CAST INTO THE FIRE.

(This is spoken near the end of the Sermon on the Mount by Our Lord Jesus Christ.) I refer you to the Second Vatican Council and the Norvus Ordo Missae to examine their fruits.

Carol Petrone

Sed libera nos a malo.

what an excellent example of the schizoid nature of what has become a "mass" after Vatican II - yes, a as in carcinoma, malignancy, tumor, etc...

Not in any way a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


The Vatican needs to hear from all those blogging and watching these actions from around the world....this is a continuation of the test from the devil...he is saying..."this dumb far can I push the envelope before they finally speak up..." Erosion of the Church will come from within, laity...if you don't speak up now, and, frankly, stop giving money to promote this continuing erosion, it will continue...they only will go as far as WE let them. God bless "Restore the Sacred" from St. Mary's...these people have spoken on OUR behalf...they opened my eyes to fight back for what is good and holy, have they opened yours? Speak up now to help save all parishes from these hypocrisies and abominations...Letters and prayers!


If you are reading this, Father Fred, please – will you make up your mind whether you want to be a priest – or a game show host. You can't be both!

Another bit of advice: Bishop Brown has been asking for you to give him back his "I'd Rather Be Shopping At Nordstrom" license plate frame. He suggested you can
borrow his other frame "He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins". You can pick it up at his mansion next week.

The "devil" with Poverty of Spirit, the disenfranchised, and all that tripe, right

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