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Thursday, November 09, 2006



You might want to wait until the facts are known and the trial is finished before libeling the good name and reputation of a priest. I realize that there is plenty of precedent for believing the acccusor. But also, maybe, just maybe, the accusor has his own agenda, given the strong statment of the Monsignor.


I saw this story and considered writing about it. I discussed it with other bloggers and the general feeling was that we don't know the truth of the matter.

It is worth knowing about, though. Hopefully, it isn't true. If it is true, it doesn't necessarily mean Msgr. Anatralla is a hypocrite. In fact, he may be better qualified to say the things he said than others.

It is possible for people who suffer from same sex attraction to fall into such sins and still regret them later. That's why it's wrong for homosexual activists like Andrew Sullivan to suggest that Msgr. Anatrella is really overcompensating with "homophobia" as a cover for his true feelings.


I live in France and I did not know anything about this story. After a search on Google, I found that this story was launched by « Golias », a so-called liberal Catholic magazine well known for its hatred toward Monsignor Anatrella and everyting that is really Catholic. Monsignor Anatrella is relatively famous in France, if it was true, the whole press would have mentioned it. Xavier Ternisien, journalist for Le Monde (centre-left) and (liberal) specialist of religious issues, notice a recent paper from « Golias » about Monsignor Anatrella but did not notice those facts. « Golias » used to lie and to swear innocent people.

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