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Saturday, November 18, 2006



Not only C. Arinze,
but also cc the Congregation for Bishops (address here)

and Congregation for Clergy

and Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Thank you.

Please do write - and, if you would consider sending a cc to the email address on the CRCOA webstite
([email protected])

so that we can keep track of the abuses in the parishes in the Diocese of Orange and, hopefully, put some more puzzle pieces together.


Rome is listening. They need to see a massive response from the laity. Letters sent by snail mail get a lot of attention because they know that if you took the time, it must be important to you.

CRCOA will have petitions requesting the removal of Fr. Fred Bailey and Bishop Tod Brown on their site within the next few days.(Tuesday hopefully)

If you have evidence (video or documented (bulletins, letters from your pastor or handouts from events at your parish))of liturgical abuse or heretical teachings at your parish - please email

[email protected]
(or go to

Thank you for your help.


one other non=Orange County matters worth contacting the Holy See about:

Cherie Blair, a proponent of abortion and opponent of the Church's teaching on contraception, might be appointed to the Pontifical Academy of Social Science. To protest this:

[email protected]

Suffering in O.C.

Dear Angela,

Will the petitions be open for anyone to sign or just Catholics under Brown's jurisdiction?

Why not have a separate petition for Mahony?


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