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Tuesday, November 07, 2006



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I just read this and all the below articles and watched the video. I have not yeat read the comments, but the images speak very loudly.

It boggles my mind.

Why did the priest sit down when there were still some who had not yet recieved Eucharist?

Why was the EMHC going to the (I hope thats makeshift) altar and grabbing hosts?

Who was that pouring the Most Precious Blood? It didnt look like a deacon, or else I missed the alb, etc.

I am agahst!

What is wrong with the Catholic Church out there, has everyone lost their minds?


Dear Denver Catholic, The priest sitting down was the least of the problem! You should be asking why? did he have this sacrilige in the first place! Better yet Why ? Bishop Brown allows this for several years now! I could answer all that for you. Bishop Brown and this priest do not believe in The Catholic Churchs Teachings, The main one being The Holy Eucharist and The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass! They are leaching off Holy Mother The Church and many of the laity are aiding them in this.

ron richards

Its So Blatanly Obvious that the Church has been corrupted, infiltrated & perverted since Vatican 2.
The Shepherd no longer Guards his flock, but is in fact-THE WOLF
Pre-Vatican this never happened, the Mass was a Reverent, Holy Sacrifice.
Fridays offered prayers to "The faithless Jews" of course this was dropped & changed Post vatican 2. I will Never attend an Archdiocesan Mass again, I attend both a Latin & Orthodox Mass. The fruits of that are Holy. Tape if you wish, but it wont change a thing. The Vatican doesnt care, nor does Benedict or anyone else-they are in fact the problem-he has been called a Krypto-Rabbi by many, in either SSPX, SSPV, or Sedevacantist circles.
Novus Ordo Watch details the abuses.

Susan Westberg

I understand the frustration that is out there. We often see or hear of abuses of the liturgical nature in various places. It is we the faithful that need to be diligent and report these abuses. I agree, that under John Paul 2, things were just swept under the rug. He was a wonderful and Holy man, however those under him did nothing and JPII let others take care of matters. Under our new Pope, it is customary to wait a year before really making any changes. But Benedict XVI is more of a 'take charge" and hands on sort of a man. And being German, he, according to those who work for him, is a stickler for detail. Everything when done, must be done correctly. There have been reports that due to the large number of reports--from the faithful, of liturgical abuses, that heads were going to start to roll, and that the Vatican is starting to crack down. .Every day we get some tid bit of news clarifying what is not to be done---and Benedict has given a number of tongue lashings, the last was to the Swiss and Canadian Bishops. The latest strong message on the liturgy was with the abuse and overuse of extraordinary ministers of Holy communion. Also, the letter written by Arinze just before our Bishops voted on the liturgy making it more accurate from the Latin translation, made it clear that the Vatican wanted them to get the vote passed, or perhaps the Vatican might make voting about it moot. Much is slowly changing for the better, but we should thank God every day that he gave us I believe, a pope that will go down in history as one of the best popes we have had. God bless and protect Benedict XVI our German shepard.


Yes! Susan Westberg, The Holy Father is taking action against these abuses. The laity must do their job and report these abuses to him with pictures and video. The Vatican , I was told, wants pictures and video of these things, so they could have hard evidience, when confronting the local Bishop etc.. So we got alot of work to do! We must constantly pray for the Holy Father, for his protection against the enemies of The Church. Long live Pope Benendict XVI!

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