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Tuesday, December 05, 2006



The saga continue, just when you though things could not get worse Jaws strikes again. We should call this one "Heretics gone wild."


Fr. Fred is a product of today's typical seminary, chancery and parish environment, but perhaps of the more comic and reckless variety. He stands at odds with the traditional faith and its traditional practice. One could pick apart his statements, one by one, and show how silly they are. Let us hope and pray for a return to a more traditional practice of our Faith.

Kevin Jones

The horror, the horror...

At what point, if any, should one simply boo such a priest loudly? The mass is already disrupted.



The problem is that when you have people who are more interested in the novelty and on being entratained the sacred is irrelevant.


This is sick! what the hell is wrong with those people ! Iam glad to hear that at least one man stood up against this several years ago! There should have been more to do it. Be not afraid! The people of the Diocese of Orange need to write and hold public demonstrations out in front of their parishes and The Cathedral calling for Bishop Browns resignation and Fr. Fred Bailey and any other priests whom mock Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church!

Little Gidding

There's not enough time between now and the Parousia to say enough about the Barney Blessing and do it the kind of justice it requires.

Fr. Erik Richtsteig

I imagine the reason why the parishioners didn't find this inappropriate is because it isn't out of the ordinary at that parish.


You're right, the frog-in-warming-water theory does explain some of it. As for their being used to a lot of silliness, well, about a century ago, Walt Whitman wrote in one of his essays that, if you turned the planet upside down and shook it, if anything was loose, it would probably fall out of California.


Fr. Richtsteig, how true!

I tried to watch the video but had to stop. The costumes were indeed sickening but what was most sickening after the abuse of the Mass was the words that were pouring out of this "priest's" mouth. It makes me shudder to even call this man a priest.

As I have always said, they want "Burger King Catholicism"; you know their slogan, "Have it your way."

Carpe Noctem

Fernando, I would revise your statement a little bit. That is the condition of seminaries 10-30 years ago. My experience is that this kind of mentality has all but died out in all but the most perverted places.

That being said, it will probably take a few years (a generation?) to move this kind of liturgical attitude out of the chancery and parish environment. And for that, I do agree, we must hope and pray for a more traditional practice to become the norm... and that those who are living it may come to their senses. Also, I would ask that we pray for those who are unjustly suffering (usually junior priests) on the front lines of this battle.


I did notice a few people exiting. I hope it was out of protest and not because they wanted to be home in time for kickoff. I fear it is probably the latter.

It doesn't even look like they are in a church.


The petition to remove Fr. Fred Bailey is up on
The list of signers names is NOT available online so everyone can feel free to sign it without fear of retribution by Fr. Fred Bailey, Bishop Tod Brown, or your children's Catholic School teacher/principal or your parish priests/pastors.
Please spread the word.
Thank you

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