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Thursday, December 21, 2006



Homosexuality is so clear an unnatural perversion that it is hard to reason with those who adhere to it. God could have clearly made man one gender, but he clearly made them two in order to show how mankind is in God's image and likeness. Yet many twist this simple and clear revelation to say that does not speak against homosexuality. Yet God's condemnation and historical calamities regarding this perversion is not enough to stop their minds from rebelling. Since the facts are so clear and the evidence so plain in our own bodies how does anyone argue against those who hold to the belief of same gender union? I personally find in many who resist such truths a real hurt and aversion to the other sex perhaps even in their subconscious mind. Divine revelation is given to us in order to assent to it. Meaning we have to raise our minds and direct our intellects to the divine law in order to be set free and made whole. We have to resist our own beliefs to do that. It takes an open heart and a lot of prayer to be healed. For many the effort is beyond their desire. So to continue in this state of rebellion it takes a lot of fuel. The fuel used is the law of my own mind rather than the eternal law in the mind of God and His Church. One law leads to depression and anger the other law leads to freedom and joy.


i think if i were fr. benedict or mother angelica i'd give my award back.


"...Begun in 2005... the award, which is sponsored by the St. Bernadette Institute of Sacred Art, has been given to such prominent and orthodox Catholic figures as Mother Angelica, John Paul II, and Fr. Benedict Groesche"

Anybody know more about this "institute"? Also, how can they have (at least) four recipients when (according to the article) this is only the second year for this "award"?


While I don't agree with Sr. Jeannine and her way of dealing with things, I certainly think her response, the response of someone who has given their life to service of Christ, reveals how complex the issue is.

I firmly believe that if we Catholics trully believed what our Church teaches about homosexuals and homosexuality we would have a very different tone in dealing with it. The above poster's initial statement of homosexuality as "unnatural perversion" does little do heal the brokenness that homosexuality causes.

First and foremost, I wish Catholics would stop putting homosexuality into its own category. Homosexuality is no more sinful than premarital sex, extramarital sex, masturbation, or any other form of sex that does not conform to the Church's beautiful understanding of human sexuality and the sacrementality of marriage as contained in so many Church documents (like: Humanae Vitae, Familiaris Consortio, and Theology of the Body). In all real senses, in our modern culture the vast majority of Catholics, including many of the devout, fail to meet the beautiful ideals contained in the Church's teaching.

By singling homosexuals out it does nothing more than alienate them from the Body of Christ. None of us sinners has the right to point out the specks in others eyes until we are free from the planks in our own.

That being said, I do not think we should necessarily go down the path with Sr. Jeannine. If we are trully going to love sinners (including homosexuals) then we need to love them first (you can't do that if you are pointing fingers and calling them perverts). Yes, we need to "correct the sinner" but we also need to be willing to stand by every homosexual and declare, like the Church has done repeatedly, that their innate homosexuality does not alienate them from God, but it is a great challenge. If we are going to proclaim the sinfulness of homosexual behavior then we must CONSTANTLY, each and every one of us, offer friendship and solidarity to homosexuals, otherwise we are condeming them without offer them any assistance or hope in dealing with a behavior that stems not simply from our human sinful tendencies but from a "disorder condition." We must offer to be their loving brothers and sisters who will help them live according to the Gospel instead of people who want nothing to do with them because we see them as unnatural or perverse.

WE ARE ALL BROKEN AND SINFUL! It is only through God's grace, participation in the life of the Church and the sacraments, and loving and caring for one another with the absolute agape that OUR GOD IS that we can trully overcome that brokenness and sinfulness.

We need to find trully Christian ways of helping homosexuals and all other sinners, including ourselves, "turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel!"


Amen, Leo. Merry Christmas


The perverts are everywhere. It is a sick society we live in.

And let's not forget, that the Bible tells of a uniuque threat God gave to the Jews. He said, if they engaged in homosexuality and other perversions that the Canaanites practiced, that they [the Jews] too would be "vomited out of the land." [Leviticus 18:23-25]

And remember, the Bible uses the strongest term to condem homosexuality, calling it an "abomination" which means great repugnance and disgust.

PS: And let's not distort the language here. The word to use when dealing with this perversion is "homosexual," not "gay."


Oh my... someone linked me to your blog...some good material here, but your visceral screeds against liberals and somewhat obsessive hatred of homosexuals is really a bit much. How is this Christian?


One day..we will grow up and realize that the earth is not the center of the universe. We will realize that God creates diversity and wills it. Either I believe in that or I have to believe God is sadistic in allowing some [like myself] to be gay and then tell me it is sinful to do anything with it. If anything what is sinful is not to live responsibly and lovingly. I applaud Sr Gramick for being brave! and being a prophetic voice. Prophetic voices are almost always misunderstood in their own lifetime...thought often and very sadly...canonized when they are gone and not as a threat!


No big thing with the gays in the catholic church. I have a protestant friend who said if there is a gay in the body they talk to him and if he does not change they show him the door. Not caught up in the sexual thing with them it's liberalism that to me is more dangerous to the faith then even pedophilia. The gay priest seem to want to devalue the miricles of Jesus at their homilies. We had one priest that dumbed down the loaves and the fishes in the Gospel by saying everybody brought food when they traveled and shared so the laaves and fish story is just a symbol of sharing and love. There is nothing wrong with homosexuals because they love and God is love. The Bible also says, they love their sins and they believe that good is evil and evil is good. Remember it was catholic pro choice women who elected clinton for two terms. No wonder they say catholics and christians when a protestant speaks of us. God help us all. Jim


God help us all indeed, when so many of my fellow Catholics should unflinchingly express hatred toward our gay brothers and sisters. The devil undoubtably rejoices in seeing this sort of discrimination and violent contempt being exhibited by Christians.



Put down the Kool-aid. Nobody said anything about hating anyone. Love seeks the good of the beloved. It isn't loving to enable people in behavior that will destroy them. This is true for all disorders; including alcoholism, anorexia, bulimia, and homosexuality. It's true of all sin in general. There's no singling anyone out for "hatred" in that.

It isn't loving to enable behavior that leads to damnation, Carrie.



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