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Monday, January 15, 2007



Just one: It's California.

I know that may sound dismissive or what have you but no amount of weirdness or bachanalian debauchery surprises me anymore.

Billy D

Agreed. Anything that goes on in California is no (or shouldn't be) shock. I really do not understand how it is that the Vatican lets this continue on and on, with nary a cross word toward it. Very frustrating.


Why pick on Nancy, what about all the other Democratic and Republican Congressmen that are pro abortion?


This is what I wrote to Archbishop Wuerl before the Pelosi Mass(acre):

May the peace of Christ be with you, your Eminence!

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

I am writing regarding the appearance of Nancy Pelosi at the Mass at Trinity University on Jan. 3rd. I've already written to the college, but I believe the matter is too important to not also contact the diocese.

I ask you, your Eminence, to please speak out against the atrocity of abortion, which Ms. Pelosi supports. I also ask you, your Eminence, to encourage Ms. Pelosi to change her position on abortion and to encourage her not to present herself for communion at Mass until she has reconciled herself back to the Church. I will pray for you, Archbishop Wuerl, that you may experience the peace and strength of Christ to speak out against this grave injustice. As you know your Eminence, if Ms. Pelosi were to receive the blessed sacrament while outside the communion of the Church, she is putting her soul in danger.

My immediate hope is that she does not present herself at the altar, but that if she does, the priest will have the courage of Christ to not give her communion. My long range hope, of course, is that she change her position on abortion and brings herself back into the loving arms of the Church.

Thank you and God be with you in this difficult moment.

Yours in Christ,


I was trying to tell him I would support him if he spoke out in defense of the faith. Do I think more people should do that? Sure. Do I think it will have a positive effect? Perhaps.


Duffy is right.

The pervs control the hierarchy -- and it's not just in the golden State.


Duffy is right.

The pervs control the hierarchy -- and it's not just in the golden State.


It would seem that Dr. James Dobson would make a better Catholic bishop than the majority of Catholics that are currently employed thus.


Gee thanks, Your Holiness, another "strong bishop" to provide "holy leadership" for our American heirarchy. What a blessing it will be when this perverse generation of "Catholic" Bishops passes away.


Of course, he would not discipline her. He's a Novus Ordo, Conciliar, Post Vatican II, New Catholic, a Modernist, and, in all likelihood, no longer a Roman Catholic. He just enjoys playing one.


If you are fed-up with the New Church, return to tradition. Return to the real Catholic Church of the Catholic Tradition. The Holy Tridine Latin Mass is the culmination of the sacred teachings, holiness, and the depository of the real catholic teachings. Leave this Masonic, satan infested Rome for it to languish in decay.



You're just as ate up with propoganda and rhetoric as the liberals are.

May God Bless the Vicar of Christ, Pope Benedict XVI and the True Roman Catholic Church. May Her faithful not abandon her in times of turmoil.



I agree. Sedevacantists are no better than those on the left who want to progress the Church into oblivion.

Both are heterodox.


It is written in the bible that where your treasure is, you're heart will be also. Wuerl won't stand up to the likes of Pelosi and other pro-abortion politicians who say they are catholic because he hasn't the heart to defend the teachings of Christ; they aren't that important to him. What IS important is being popular with the "right" people, exercising power,getting puff pieces written about him in the papers, and using religion to advance the agenda of left-wing politics.
That is Wuerl's treasure, and there you will find his heart.


Just finished a book on St. Philip Neri, one of the trials he had to endure was being forced to appear before a commission to determine whether or not he was guilty of heresy among other things. The commission was headed by the Cardinal-Vicar of Rome. Even after all the rest of the commission realized he was a saint and exhonerated him the Cardinal obstinately refused. The same Cardinal died suddenly within two weeks. In the 1100's St. Bernard wrote how corrupt the whole Vatican was and warned his spiritual son who was to become Pope of the danger to his soul due to the wickedness there. There is only one Catholic Church and it has been full of sinners since it's beginning and will be until the end of time. We can only do as St. Philip requested, pray for the Cardinal, (and the bishops, priests and others.)


Can anyone remember the last Bishop to get a rebuke from Rome for anything? (I'm not being snarky here I honestly don't know).


Just let these heroic "princes" of the church know how you feel the next time that they ask for money! Stop funding them, it is the greatest weapon fed-up lay people have.

Wow! can anyone see any resemblence between Saint Philip Neri and any of our church leaders today.


What consolation do we have when it comes to these empty headed, cowardly, liberal clerics who permit sacrilege & heresy OTHER than that they are aging and shall soon answer to their maker? I pity the fool.


You don't hear much from the Vatican because the Vatican bureaucracy is probably full of Wuerls. The pope can't know what is going on everywhere. Besides, he has his hands full dealing with Muslims who riot and butcher Christians whenever they don't like a word in one of his speeches.

I would like to say something in response to the earlier comments about California. Despite the fact that I grew up in a very liberal part of California, I can honestly say that it isn't such a bad place to be. I now live in a small town in another state.

I now find myself surrounded by fundamentalist Christians who gleefully tell me, in their rather uptight way, that I am on the fast track to Hell for being a "Catlick." Then there are those guys who beat their dogs and look like they would like to squash me with the big tires on their big trucks.

Does anyone have a house on the Central Coast to rent out at low cost?


Wow! can anyone see any resemblence between Saint Philip Neri and any of our church leaders today.

St. Philip was not a Church leader, yet he counseled many of them. What is needed today are more people like him, humble priests, religious and laypeople, that will affect our Church leadership.


We simply have to bend our minds around and accept the fact that the Wuerls of this world are not believers. They have become the equals of the pharisees in Christ's Palestine.


We simply have to bend our minds around and accept the fact that the Wuerls of this world are not believers. They have become the equals of the pharisees in Christ's Palestine.

What we must do is imitate those like St. Philip. He did not make judgements about his accusers, call him names etc. but asked his friends to pray for them. His great worry was not for himself but that his friends and followers might think ill of his enemies and turn against them.

Joseph D'Hippolito

I assume the lavender cassock is a Photoshop edition, right?


I am tired of the excuse that the Pope can not know what's going on in every diocese. As head of the CDF for over 20 years, he better that anyone other than Cardinal Arinze, knows who the "players" are in the heirarchy of the Roman Catholic church in the US. Let's just count Wuerl to the list of disastrous selections which include the archbishop of San Fran.

super glue

Aborto = Crimen Abominable


Y'all self designated "faithful" Catholics need to get your heads around the fact that you won't be seeing another president the likes of George W Bush in your lifetime---not even close. I know it's frustrating, makes you want to bang your heads on the wall, bash the clergy, even break away from the Church in angry self-righteousness. St. George has self-destructed 2 years before leaving office. Now you got 70-yr-old McCain pretending to be pro-life and kising up to the Jerry Falwell who he despises. It all enough to make you gag. Then you got another prize phoney in the form of Romney drooling for the nomination. But wait! Wasn't he FOR gay marriage before he was AGAINST it??? And let us not forget that paragon of religious virtue, the 3x married "Catholic" Guiliani, so liberal he places just to the left of Kucinich. The best y'all can hope for is Brownback to get on the ticket as VP, then make a novena that McCain drops dead immediately after taking office. LOL!

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