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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Dan Hunter

They do not want their lifestyle threatened, while they still hold on to what they feel in the back of their minds is a life preserver,in case Jesus and the Holy Father are really the truth.

Brian Day

Why do so many Catholic politicians on both sides of the aisle abandon their faith?

It's part of the cost of being a politician, at least at the national level. Faustian bargain and all...


Why doesn't the Church excommunicate her and her ilk?

Billy D

This is what I don't understand.
If a woman gets an abortion, she's excommunicated. Why then, are the folks who make it possible, make it an easy out, make it popular, and make their living off of keeping it within easy access not also thrown out??
The church should absolutely stand up and let everyone know, if that's how you feel, then so be it. But you'll have to start going to services at the Anglican church down the street, as Catholicism declares it wrong and morally reprehensible and will not stand for anyone claiming to be Catholic to support it.
Maybe it's a money thing? (Approx. 50% of the Catholics responding claim to be pro-choice. That's a lot of folks out of the church)


Simple: votes. It's why I would push for term limits. That among many other reasons. You're more apt to govern from ideals when your a public servant, not a career politician.


I'm a Democrat and a Catholic but by no means the "conservative" type according to Pelosi. It always infuriates me when cafeteria Catholics call themselves true/conservative Catholics especially when they believe in teachings against the Church. Women ordination??? Give me a break. There is a very small number of pro-life Dems, unforunately none are from California. You can read about them at their website


This woman is a joke. She doesn't know what being Catholic means, but she does know about power and being wealthy at all costs. She certainly does not represent me, nor do I feel happiness because a "woman" is at the "helm". Everything she said was beyond an embarrassment. She is too painful to even watch as she screeches out her pride and arrogance. Will she be so joyful on Judgement Day?


I'm not so sure they are abandoning their faith; they are simply living according to what they believe. Unfortunately, they insist on calling what they believe "Catholicism", and they insist on calling themselves "Catholic".

TM Lutas

Nancy Pelosi should be challenged when she misrepresents what a conservative Catholic is. But I firmly believe that while the Laffer Curve is useful, belief in it is not necessary for salvation. I see nothing wrong in Catholic heterodoxy in things inessential for salvation.

We are a universal church. This means that we leave leeway where we can, where it does not imperil souls. There's room for liberals and conservatives among many other political points of view in Catholicism.



I am Nancy,
Nothing fancy,
From birth
A Catholic girl.

The Faith you see,
Is tailored for me,
No, bling,
Just diamonds round pearl.

And the princes in red
Just smile turn their head,
Keep quiet, against me
Won't speak.

For they know sacred scripture,
And pose for their picture,
Examples of turning
The cheek.

As far as the options for democrats we have going into that office, I think that Nancy is probably one of the best. She's clearly confused on certain issues, but she does put an emphasis on family (has 5 children and didn't start her political career until the youngest graduated high school) which is definately a start to get this country going in the right direction. Look at the silver lining, people.


I am appalled at the lack of leadership by our church which refuses to speak out on those so called Catholic politicians such as Nancy Pelosi who are rabid pro-abortion at any stage for any reason. Why not excommunicate anyone who is pro-abortion? What is more important than Life? If the church does not speak out who will? Who will speak for the 47 million babies that have been murdered since 1973 with the approval of people like Nancy Pelosi? Shame, Shame.


My theory is simple: many politicians come very concerned with public opinion and how they're perceived by others...almost to a pathological level. It's in their personality to not offend anyone...or offend the least amount of people possible. It's the same problem most of us have, unfortunately.


This "liberal" and "conservative" Catholic stuff drives me nuts. You are orthodox and acknowledge the authority of the Church or you are unorthodox and believe that Jesus Christ did not establish the Church on the rock of Peter. Both "liberal" and "conservative" Catholics should properly join their respective flavors of Protestantism.


Hear, hear, Anon.! Part of the problem is that liberals and democrats (AND conservatives) have forgotten what 'orthodox' means and associate orthodoxy with political conservatism/republicanism. The Truth is getting lost in the political battle. I'm relearning the meaning of orthodoxy myself. What I see now is that both the Left and the Right not only have equal access to the truths of our Faith, but we have equal responsibility for upholding those truths.


Brian Day wrote: "It's part of the cost of being a politician, at least at the national level. Faustian bargain and all..." If I didn't know better I might think you were talking about many of our bishops.

Anonymous One

"All the faithful, both clerical and lay, should be accorded a lawful freedom of inquiry, freedom of thought and freedom of expression."

-- Gaudium et Spes, no. 62.


While I, too, disapprove of "cafeteria Catholics" (my term was "buffet-style" before I heard the other term), the "why doesn't the Church just excommunicate" line of thought is very disturbing. Rather than have us each obey and strive to develop (as is our moral obligation) our own consciences, it gives the ultimate power of authority to the Church (not God, not ourselves, but an external entity, albeit one guided by the Holy Spirit) to determine in what frame of mind--ignorance, misguidance, or willful disobedience--we say or do any given thing. Anyone who flagrantly disobeys Church teaching is, as I understand it, excommunicated. That doesn't mean he or she is on the Vatican's black-list, it just means that, whether the person cares to acknowledge it, he or she is not currently able to receive Communion worthily. Of course not every priest in the world will recognize that person's sin, and the person may continue to receive unworthily, which is, in itself, a sin. But the Vatican is not the thought-police, thankfully, though some non-practicing, former, or, as I've heard it, "recovering" Catholics might say so. Pelosi is wrong; the Church's responsibility (hence, the responsibility of faithful Catholics) is to let everyone know that this is the case.


Well, since I am out of my league here, before anyone corrects me I will acknowledge the options for withholding Communion from "public sinners" discussed on the thread of Amy Welborn's blog mentioned above. I think I am partially correct in my previous comment, but failed to take these measures into consideration.


Have you somehow missed the scandals in the church...why would anyone want to associate themselves with the corruption of the hierarchy?


Well, for all the years the Catholic church has been around, it's LEARNED from more mistakes than all the protestant churches together have ever MADE. Scandals happen in every church, it's the core values that make church worth it.
Nancy Pelosi thinks that people should be free of government restriction to make whatever mistakes they want. Frankly, I think a Catholic should do everything they can to help people NOT make mistakes like abortion. BUT, she's a Californian... she wouldn't get elected if she was pro-life!
Catholics should be servants of the poor, but the primary purpose of Planned Parenthood and abortion is cutting down the number of non-white, poor babies that are even given a chance at life, so rich people like her can have space in this world for five. Or have you ever heard of wealthy people (like spears) having an abortion?

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