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Monday, January 22, 2007



Mahalo for posting this. I hope you don't mind me posting it on my blog.

terry nelson

Thanks for this post - it was as if it was written for me alone!
I hope it's okay I link to it.

A Simple Sinner


I needed that today.

I would not mind to see some edifying things like this more often.

Sometimes in these midwestern winter months where there is snow and it is cold and the days are short, I need a bit of a boost like that.



Thank you for this post. I recently saw the movie "Thérèse" and it has renewed my fascination with this wonderful saint. I'm pretty dense, but I think I may be just starting to "get" St. Theresa's "Little Way."


Love this :)


Thank you for a beautiful and much-needed reminder. This is something we can give even as we receive it. An awesome property of God's gifts, isn't it? The more they are given the more they increase!


We should also be reminded of the Church’s teaching on grace. While it can be quite extensive, we can state it more simply here by describing two types of grace. Sanctifying grace is that grace which comes into and transforms our heart making it able to progress on our pilgrimage in life. The destination of our pilgrimage is a heart full of agape love and thus be sanctified and ready to share in God’s divine live. It’s our purpose on earth.

We are not alone on that journey. From God’s “actual” graces, we receive divine assistance. The items on the list above are divine graces. They can come in many other forms as well including the simple day to day things we may often overlook such as a coincidence, a Bible passage that really speaks to an issue we’ve been facing, the words of a friend or stranger that communicate something important, an internal “feeling” pointing us to an answer and so forth. Of course, we must discern that these graces are from God and not our own invention.

The key message is that we must participate and cooperate with actual graces for them to be fruitful in our lives. God asks us to do our part in our pilgrimage and not rely on big miracles. The trials and graces he gives us are all intended for our greater good on our pilgrimage to Him.


That was beautiful, David1. Thank you.

elena maria vidal

Beautiful. Thank you. It is always helpful to hear from the Saint of the Little Way.


What a gift to have this to go back and re-read again and again. I've never seen it before. Thank you for posting it.

Diana Diaz

I really enjoy reading these prayers and be reminded why we suffer. I too have needed to hear this message. I've been in a funk for 6 or more weeks.
May God Bless all Of Us.

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