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Monday, January 29, 2007


Qualis Rex

A telling, but not very PC joke about the Holocaust:

3 Jewish men who were hidden in the Vatican during the Holocaust are asked by an interviewer on how they felt about Pius XII saving them. The first says, "I will always be grateful. It took him such courage." The second one says, "Of course I'm glad I was hidden, but since I never saw him, I think it was only because of some exceptional priests who wanted to help." Finally, the third looks casually at the interviewer and says, "I was planning to hide there anyway."


I'll bet this or the book referred to will not be front page news at the New York Times and all of the other pinko-rags. However, when they thought the charges against Pope Pious XII were legit...newcycle time.


If you ask me, this confirms the tale told in "AA 1029", a thought-provoking book that I highly recommend.

Joseph D'Hippolito

The Soviet Union was never comfortable living in the same world with the Vatican...


I mean, the Soviet Union was merely an imperialistic, totalitarian power governed by self-beknighted utopians indoctrinated with atheistic Marxism. Why wouldn't it feel comfortable with the Vatican in the same neighborhood?

Now, on a more serious note...

Why shouldn't Islam feel comfortable with the Vatican in the same neighborhood?

And what would Muslim power-mongers do to Vatican officials, highly placed bishops or even a pope?

Think about that one, guys. Think about it seriously.

Beleif is not proof

How can you beleive this nonsense, and how can you follow a pope who suposedly has no possesions and fact and SCIENCE has proven that as a child, Ratzinger was one of the child police, he sold his freinds and his own parents out to the nazis and he was one of them, first of all how the hell could you follow a murderer and second of all, THE BIBLE IS A BOOK, not solid proof of anything!


Science has proven Ratzinger was one of the "child police"? That statement is ridiculous on many levels. The first level is that science hasn't proven any such thing. The second is that even if such rubbish were true, it wouldn't be proven by science, but rather, by historical documents.

I challenge you to prove any of your silly assertions.

It takes more faith to belief all the things you seem to have bought into hook, line, and sinker than to believe in Christianity.

People who run around hurling baseless accusations rooted in silly rumors spread by hateful, ignorant people, without any evidentiary support, should not be chastising Christians about needing proof to believe in the Bible.



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