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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


terry nelson

And thank you for breaking the news.
I posted about it during the night and this morning gave the credit where credit is due.


Children in grade school have already associated this "rainbow fish pin" with the children's book -
"The Rainbow Fish"

Yes, let's indoctrinate the children!!!! into homosexuality, Cardinal Mahony. How sick and twisted!

If you've sold your soul for power and money and the luxurious life - you will suffer, through God's mercy and His justice. Pray that your suffering is before your death.


Anne said...

"Yes, let's indoctrinate the children!!!! into homosexuality, Cardinal Mahony."


There was a Cardinal named Baloney
Or was it Cardinal Macaroni?

He built a church out west, brand new.
A church for me, a church for you.

Where people drive their pristine cars,
Emission pure, no ozone mars.

A church for many kinds of sexes
Even witches casting hexes.

There was a Cardinal named Marconi
Or was it Cardinal Boney-Maroni?

He built a church, ten million three.
For gender-benders by the sea.

For all to sit, not kneel, awhile,
And share your peace with ped-o-phile.

An all new church, on L.A. sod,
For me and you...thank God, not God!

A Simple Sinner

Born February 27, 1936, Cardinal M will be 71 this year. His retirement is four years away.

Does anyone here have the know-how or interest in developping an internet "count-down clock"? with a running countdown on his days until his well deserved retirement?

BTW, the retirement is in fact well-deserved by the faithful!

Lets make such a clock:

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