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Thursday, January 04, 2007


"US Catholics Can Look Forward....", do what?

Look forward to what? It is business as usual with Benedict: Levada leaves San Francisco and he gets replaced with someone even more questionable. Let us come to the realization that things will only get worse before they get better on this front and maybe the pain might not as bad.

I remember hearing that back in the days Mahony had a lot of influence as to who became a bishop in the West Coast. If is true that he does not have that same amount of influence, has anyone noticed a difference on the quality of new bishops being appointed?



Yeah, I wish he would start really pulling the trigger on some solid guys...

Central Valley Catholic

Bishop may retire early due to health or other reasons. Bishop Ryan asked to retire early but his retiremnet was now accepted until recently.
Perhaps the lawsuits and scandals will force Mahoney out. Scandals breweing in Fresno could mean an early retirement there. The auxilary in San Diego is a good man and should be elevated to fill the void in California. Now that we have an avowed baby killer as the speaker of the US house, lets see if one California bishop will raise his voice to her. Don't hold your breath with the current group.

A Simple Sinner

Raise a voice to Nancy?

It won't happen.

I expect to see her at Catholic events in California as a guest of CA bishops on a regular basis.

Oh, and she will be taking communion publicly from those same bishops.

Frankly, if I were a Catholic in California, I would move.

I would move from the US.

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