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Thursday, February 01, 2007



God bless you Father! You are right on. If more in our nation were so honest, maybe abortion would be a plague of the past!

T. Shaw

Amen! Alleluia!

Some bishops and priests may want to adjust their "focus" from "getting along" (coddling, compromising, rationalizing, rubbing elbows at cocktail parties) with serial satanics. Bottom line: their 'job one' is the salvation of souls.

“We shall go before a higher tribunal - a tribunal where a Judge of infinite goodness, as well as infinite justice, will preside, and where many of the judgments of this world will be reversed.” Brig. Gen. Thomas Meagher, USA, statement at his (death) sentencing by a Saxon court for his role in the 1848 Irish rising.


Thank you, Father Malloy! You are really showing what true charity is. It is still shocking to see the smiling and smug face on Nancy as she is pictured. Had Nancy received more truthful admonishments from other shepherds and fellow Catholics along the way, she would be ashamed to appear so happy to sanction the slaughter of babies.
Her family needs to pull her aside and not just tell her to be "Not so vocal"! They need to tell her she is paving the way for her own Eternal Damnation.

Mario Mirarchi

Somebody make him a bishop.


We should all innundate Pelosi's office with copy's of Father's e-mail.

Qualis Rex

I have met Father Malloy and attend St Peter and Paul church. I am seriously (but pleasantly) surprised he wrote this letter. Many priests in their twilight years tend to get more introspective and myopic about their life and parish. It's good to see him reaching out like this. I hope more priests and hierarchy will follow his example.


A priest with some principles and willing to vocalize them...amazingly refreshing...politicians are, by and large, affected by public opinion dictated by polls...the queen mother and king of that are Hillary, John Kerry, et al, but, Nancy P. is darned close...if she/they knew that she/they would receive, say, 1% of the Catholic vote in their districts, she/they would become so pro-life it would be staggering to their constituency...Nancy is void of moral fiber and, frankly, spinless to uphold her teachings and upbringings...even her family appears to disagree with her on the life issues...I am perplexed as to her understanding of her eternity...I say, as did Phil...she should receive that e-mail en masse.

Good post!!

David Newberry

How can we get this message to others? If we do not vete against such candidates then we are, in fact, supporting them. I know many faithful party members who feel that any politician who runs on a Party Ticket may be voted for or against without consideration of political agenda and performance. I know others who believe that it is consistant with God's will to refrain from voting rather than support either a pro-choice and a pro-life candidate. WHere have we gone wrong?

I was a single-party democrat for the first 47 years of my life. I was a ranking member of my state's democrat party and in 1980 as we were drafting the party's platform plank on abortion - many of us objected. We were told to shut up and get out. So for the first time in my life I was left to research the political parties and their stances on moral and ethical issues.

I became a Reagan Republican and a strong advocate of Psalm 139. I am dismayed as a Knight of Columbus to read in last month's magazine issue an article written by a Dominican priest who extoled the decision made by a friend of his who divored his wife and established himself as a homosexual because "it was more honest". I was and remain outraged at this article for many obvious reasons. The priest went on to state how the Church loves hommosexuals (we agree on love of the individual) and how homosexuality was permited by the Church rather than any form of intolerance.

I Emailed the author and the editor for the flawed opinion and the editorial lack of discipline. I reminded them that when a diocese goes broke because of sex abuse settlements that it is we regular parish members that pay the freight with our contributions and tithe. The editor sent a note of receipt acknowledgement and that is the end of the story.

We need spiritual and political leadership if we Christians are to ever gain the high ground. We need spiritual heros and role models - not expedient politicians or politically correct church leaders.

God bless us all and please keep up the good work! I am new to your website.

David Newberry
redindian@comcast net

Qualis Rex

This is VERY important: I just spoke to the rector of Sts Peter and Paul church. He stated that Father Malloy needs A LOT OF SUPPORT right now. Apparently he is getting some "fall-out" due to his letter.

1) Phone Sts Peter and Paul church at (415) 421-0809 and ask to leave a message of support for Father Malloy. He will very much appreciate it.

2) Call the archdiocese of San Francisco at 415 614 5500 (ask to speak to Ms Miller, assistant to the Archbishop) or email [email protected] (cc [email protected]) and tell Archbishop Niederauer that you also support Father Malloy's decision, and that he should emulate Father Malloy and counsel Nancy Pelosi in Catholic teaching so that she may have a change of heart on the issue of abortion. REMEMBER: Archbishop Niederauer and Father Malloy ARE IN NANCY'S DISTRICT.

thank you and God Bless!!!


Good for him!!!!


I'm not surprised that Fr. Malloy is receiving "fall-out". He should.

His judgments on her: she has views on abortion, married priests, women priests
stem-cell research, war, etc.

Catholics can't express their opinions whether they're a legislator or a bus driver?

Would it surprise you to learn that the overwhelming per-centage of American Catholics DO discuss these topics?

Maybe the majority of commenters on THIS blog hold their hand up to their mouth on topics such as these but millions of American Catholics aren't afraid to discuss such things.

I don't think Nancy Pelosi has much to fear from renegade priests (who are very likely prodded by ultra-conservative by-standers) or stiffling Republican extremists.

She's backed, heavily, by most.

If there is scandal or potential schism in the church here--it isn't because of the Nancy Pelosi's of the country, or the millions of mainstream Catholics--it's because of Republican, ultra-conservative zealots.

You're still in a minority. It's easy to understand why. It's called sense.

Most of you should be medicated.

And, I say that with love.



I seem to remember a post you made, oh, a few days ago where your comments were..."is it necessary to resort to (insults) or name calling?" when you were boxed into a corner on excellent discourse regarding your democratic/liberal most liberals, you "dish" but can't "take"...yes, you are most certainly entitled to YOUR opinion and protected by the first grateful for that...but, when it comes to the practicing of your faith and living by the teachings of the Church, well, it's "black and white" DO NOT profess to pro-abortion, stem-cell, research, women priests, etc. See, Average, you CAN'T have it both CAN, however, roll the dice on thinking you can, and risk your eternity...I'll pray for your conversion...w/ no insults or needs of medication.

roger h.

average wrote:

If there is scandal or potential schism in the church here--it isn't because of the Nancy Pelosi's of the country, or the millions of mainstream Catholics--it's because of Republican, ultra-conservative zealots.

You're still in a minority. It's easy to understand why. It's called sense.

Most of you should be medicated.

Troll alert!


average, you are a bonehead!

The culture war is already won! For, it doesn't matter so much what we say but rather what we do. Those on the side of Life, who are open to children, are doing. They are having large families as God intended, while the rest of the country is contracepting itself out of existence.

It is only a matter of time until the liberal life hating culture of deathers themselves die out. I have no doubt their stranglehold will be broken. I do worry about what they are going to do when they realize their little war is already lost.


I wonder if Average is just an "average" priest or troll?


Okay. I've had some pretty pointed barbs thrown at me, sinner that I am, and not, perhaps, without justification. Thomistic and Carlos have called me pretty much everything in the book. I'm okay with that. I learn from it.

I may ultimately come around to your point of view on abortion, but I doubt it.

What you needn't do is lie.

You needn't put words on these threads which I never said.

I've never said anything, Donald, about "is it necessary to resort to insults or namecalling?" THAT is someone else's post. Not mine. Go back again and read carefully.

Commenters, now and again, take someone's post and then insert their own comments in-between and it makes it very confusing to try to keep the continuity and understanding. I don't mind this but it should be delineated by a coloring or some other manner.

I never said someone who eats beef could call themselves a vegetarian.

As as for the lame contention that I have not adequately responded to you with respect to your comments (Mr. T and Mr. C)
go back and re-read the threads again.

I think what is happening here is you can't stand my view, which I'm fine with, and rather than methodically going over each point and counter-point you resort to an adolesent jibe about my not satisfactorily addressing your thoughts.

In fact, if I may be permitted a personal beef, I have made many points to which you seem not to have a sensible answer or you run away from. Instead of trying to give a satisfactory answer, which you can't in many cases, what do you do instead Thomistic? Throw Wikipedia or doctrine up as a shield instead of saying: You know what average, you might have a point.

Most people would call that being closed-minded.



Mr Meaculpa

Thank you for that non judgemental judgement. Try to stick to your tenents, you are failing. You do bring up an interesting point though, that "most" catholics can have an opinion that contradicts the Church. "Most" catholics think that there are no moral absolutes like yourself. A Catholic has no opinioin that goes against the Church, because it is nothing other than the teachings of Jesus Christ himself. This priest stands for moral absolutes like that of Jesus who gives him the power to teach the Truth.


What we have here is a microcosm of the two camps in Catholicism. We all agree on the core but have disagreements on the expression and direction. And so both sides resort to name calling and throwing sand. The differences in expression and direction are very important and we should, at least, understand each other. When we accuse, people revert to defensive styles and nothing gets accomplished. When we fall back in temper tantrums, the real enemy wins.

Perhaps we can start with abortion. I think we all agree that once a baby is born he/she is considered a “person” and thus has rights. The mother, at that point, cannot take away the life. For those against abortion, we think that “personhood” begins at conception. For those supporting choice, at what point does the developing baby become a person with individual rights? 3 months, 5 months, 8 months?


Mr. Meaculpa, I'd argue that a "Catholic" who denies moral absolutes is not longer truly Catholic and has separated himself from the Body of Christ.

Leon Bernotas

Bravo!! Father John Malloy
Even if I Try I could not say it any better.
Well done!
Leon Bernotas


Average, I have never called you "names," but I have pointed out that you refuse to use logic when arguing a point and instead turn toward emotion. And, no, you never answered my question about using a race-based evaluation system to guage somebody's worth. That's why I told you to just "forget it."


Average, I have never called you "names," but I have pointed out that you refuse to use logic when arguing a point and instead turn toward emotion. And, no, you never answered my question about using a race-based evaluation system to guage somebody's worth. That's why I told you to just "forget it."


I'm not sure that's true regarding your "two camps" theory. But your name-calling observations are true. But I also think it's not a good idea to start with abortion.

Average Catholic had said in another post (and let me make sure that I get this right) that, "Doctrine is not truth; Doctrine is the direction a man or men want to take others. We try to follow it when it makes sense."

This is the essence of why he disagrees with the majority here on this blog. He seems to think that somehow, whatever beliefs the majority catholics hold, the opposite belief should not be demanded, under penalty, of that same majority. For example, he has said that most catholics have "come to grips" with abortion and therefore those same people ought to be penalty-free if they endorse/accept abortion. That argument actually has weight with him.

What I would like to know, from him, is why does that "majority rules" mentality hold so much sway with him?




I stand was "Modern Catholic" slinging arrows in another post,and then saying "no need to resort to insults..." not Average Catholic...the logic presented by both of you was so similar, and then the similarity in names, I misspoke...or, maybe you're one in the same...Catholicism is an absolute...and, as to your postion on abortion, reconcile this...many a church and psychiatrist have been long counseliing mothers that have aborted babies in their lives, for forgiveness, reconciliation and to fill cavernous voids in their lives and psyches...I, personally, pray for their redemption...even nee "Roe" had a change of heart...a conversion...pray, Average, your faith will heal you!



Thank you.

Thank you for showing yourself to be tolerant and temperate and someone who thinks. If there were more like you there would be more ready dialog of intelligent give and take of ideas and of one's position. And maybe, just maybe, more people would get along as the church moves forward.

I respect people who don't support abortion, but I don't respect people who would rip the church in two because their personal views on married priests, women priests, intolerance toward gays, stem-cell research or abortion would lead them to try to force the church to turn its back on the millions of Catholics who hold differing viewpoints. To do so, isn't just derisive
and damaging it's untenable.

That's not what the Catholic Church is about.

The Church wants to bring people in not push people away.

That's the difference between the Church itself and most Catholics as compared to many who comment on this blog site.

If we were sitting next to each other in a pew and you were Pro-Capitol punishment and I was not I wouldn't make a fuss about it if you wanted to take Communion.

That's the difference between a Zealot and someone who is mainstream.



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