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Thursday, February 01, 2007



The "father" advice points up how difficult things are for fatherless children and for children whose fathers are untrustworthy...unfortunately, one of the things women are not good at is being a father.

You are evil. If you cannot understand a child being scared and brainwashed, threatened with death and the death of his parents, then it is your problem.

Perhaps people wonder about the Church covering up for pedophiles? They must condone this violence against children. Do they think the children wanted it? What a corrupt, greedy, so-called "Church".

From the all the lawsuits filed and laundered money against the Church, no wonder.

Children are not sexual toys to be abused, brainwashed, mind controlled, or raped by pedophiles, priests or not. God is not greedy like the Catholic Church.


Ignorance is not evil. Willful ignorance is, though. Often people offend others because they judge before they understand. Often victims are so wounded that no amount of understanding and attention can heal them. For these, and for the conversion of our own hearts, we pray.

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