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Tuesday, February 27, 2007



I am seriously hoping that Cardinal Mahoney ends up in jail for his enablement of sodomitic molestations of boys by priests - and his enabling of scores and scores of sodomite priests over the years - along with all the lies and obfuscations he's presented about such.

And why, why? cannot the Pope send this guy out to pasture? Why won't anyone take responsibility for what this man does?

Is is fear (of the sodomite lobby?) and the liberal newspapers? Is is a lack of concern - basic uncharity? What? What is it?



Anyone who knows the tiniest bit about 'Cardinal' Majoney knows that it is his objective to spread the gospel of sodomy - to members of the Church, and to the youth.

Where is the leadership of this Church?


Brian S.

While I wholeheartedly applaud the sentiment and the effort being put forth by the Concerned Catholics group opposing this, I cannot say the same for their tactics.
Their plan is to use various forms of collective action (protests, flyers, advertisements) to apply external pressure to the Church hierarchy. While this is exactly the way to achieve political ends in other areas of American society, it is NOT the way to fix problems in the Church. Put simply, the Church is NOT a democracy (praise the Lord). Canonically speaking, Catholic protesters have no more standing than any other protesters in the street. The errant Cardinal is as free to ignore these well intententioned souls just as he is to ignore Catholics or non-catholics who would gather to protest in favor of abortion.
The Vatican hierarchy and the Pope himself are equally free to look right past a noisy rabble in carrying out their functions. Even a more subtle letter writting campaign is essentially useless in dealing with the Church's problems, as there is no precedent for the Pope to even respond to external protests.
Problems inside the Church are only fixed internally. The mechanism for fixing such problems is Canon Law. While it is slow functioning and not nearly as satisfying as marching and shouting slogans for those concerned, it is the ONLY way that Mahoney will ever be reprimanded for his abuses.
It will take money and organization and it will take at least a few competent canon lawyers to mount, and it won't have any immediate effect on the 2007 festival. But ultimately, through prudence and diligence, it will succeed. Any one who lives in Cdl. Mahoney's diocese or who has been adversely affected by his actions has standing to bring a Canon Law suit against him and such a suit does not go to the USCCB first but is handled by the Vatican hierarchy.
While this protest idea has a right intention, it cannot possibly achieve the goals it has set for itself, no matter how well they do. Only a Canon Law suit can stop Mahoney's errored despotism.
Meanwhile, I pray that the Cardinal "becomes a saint" as soon as possible, if you know what I mean.


You know - we should embarrass the leadership of the Church - until they show some trace of shame (which admittedly, of course, is difficult).

I for one applaud the protestors. They are fighting evil - evil within the Church. They have a billion times more guts than the half-men leading the Church in America.

And precedent or not - the 'Cardinal', who is a bishop, must obey the Pope.

The Pope can remove this guy at any time, and HE SHOULD - if he cares the least bit about the souls and lives that this man Mahoney is corrupting.



That is some scary crap. Is he seriously a Roman Catholic priest? And if so, WHY is he still a Roman Catholic priest?


"And if so, WHY is he still a Roman Catholic priest?"


He's a Roman Catholic 'priest' Improper, because there is no man in the whole Church who will do anything about him.

Not the Pope (Where are you Benedict?), not the Nuncio, not the Magisterium, not the USCCB, not anyone.

And really, since only the Pope can remove him, the rest all play the "Well I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do tape over and over and over..."

This is just like JPII all over again. You have a great leader of the Church, but who just won't be the 'bad guy'. JPII let dissent flourish all over the place - and then acted surprised and shocked when he saw the evil it begat (like the homomolestations of 10,000 teenage boys in America alone).

Are there any men who lead this Church? Yes or no?




I wouldn't hold my breath for anything to change any time soon, James. The Pope, thanks to the novel idea of collegiality since the council, is just another one of the bishops, albeit a kind of "primus inter pares." He no longer deems himself as having supreme authority in the Church, but rather has to check over his shoulder first to see if he might be offending a brother bishop.

You're right about one thing. Where is the successor of St. Pius X? The Supreme Pontiff has been emasculated regarding his real power as have his unfortunate brethren who have held that post for the last four decades.


The noon Mass at St. Agnes Church in Manhattan was offered for Roger Cardinal Mahoney "living". The priest added in his prayer, "for the intentions of Roger Cardinal Mahoney". I was silently screaming, "No, no! Not for his intentions, please!" But I added my heartfelt prayer, among the congregation, that he overcome the evil that has clearly clouded his conscience.

If parishes in the US start offering a single Mass for him, maybe he'll turn around. James, please stop blaming John Paul II. Stop blogging for a minute and get down on your knees and pray.


Thanks, Tuesday. I pray plenty.

John Paul II consistently advanced men in the hierarchy who were dissenters - especially in the area of sexual ethics. One of the results? Thousands of boys serially sodomized by priests. And then when the scandal broke, he left the men responsible in their positions of power! (Heck, the only bishops forced out in the homosodomy scandal were the five or six who actually sodomized boys [and Cardinal Law]. All the ones who moved the pervert priests around stayed in.)

John Paul was great in many ways - but he, as Pope, bears a great, great deal of responsibility for what happened in America, in Ireland, in Canada, in Austria, etc. etc. with regard to homosodomy scandals against children.

The Pope has responsibility for the Church. That includes for those who are its leaders. Why doesn't Pope Benedict do anything about Mahony? It is HIS responsibility.



"He no longer deems himself as having supreme authority in the Church, but rather has to check over his shoulder first to see if he might be offending a brother bishop."


Right. Just like the perverted morality of political correctness. It's better to appease evil than to offend it.



James, It appears that you have a tremendous personal anger in your heart over the clerical abuse tragedy. It seems to me that God would warn all of us to not let such anger govern our lives.

Let me generalize and offer a personal example. In my ministry, I frequently work with people who have been the object of sexual abuse by their fathers. Of all people, you’d think they have a right to lash out at the world in anger. The problem becomes that their anger prevents their progress in their spiritual pilgrimage. They are stopped on the race that St. Paul refers to. They need healing before they can bring agape love into their hearts. In the end, healing comes when the person joins with the Holy Spirit to turn over their right for justice to God. It is a form of spiritual forgiveness. When they do this, their lives become tremendously peaceful and they can start to grow along the path Christ sets out for them. Anger, bitterness, addictions, false feelings of shame and depression no longer own them. They are free.

I apologize for using your posts to make this observation. I do so because I know there are so many people out there in this situation.


"James, It appears that you have a tremendous personal anger in your heart over the clerical abuse tragedy. It seems to me that God would warn all of us to not let such anger govern our lives."


I DO have great anger in my heart because of the sodomitic abuse scandal in the Church, Tuesday. Why? Because I have seen in my area large numbers of teenage boys sodomized and raped by priests - not to mention the rampant sodomy among priests around us. We SHOULD BE ANGRY about that! We should be angry about the 'Cardinal' Mahoneys who are left to pollute the Church with evil. We should be angry that no one will do anything about it.

But you are wrong in that that anger governs my life. It does not.

I'm a happy, faithful guy - with a happy, faithful family.

But let me tell you. I stopped a long time ago tolerating or excusing the horrible forms of evil which have infected our Church (and the Catholic universities, and the Catholic schools). I won't stand for it anymore. And I will speak out about it whenever I can.

What I simply want is to be able to trust the people who run our Church. Is that too much to ask? Because I don't right now - and I have tons of good reasons not to.

And what I want is priests with whom I can trust my children both physically and spiritually. Is that too much to ask?

My wife and I have spent the last two decades raising our kids as serious Catholics - and having to contend with sodomite and pedophile priests and deacons, with heretical priests and nuns, with prelates who won't stand up for what the Church teaches, with dumbed-down Catechesis, with an overflow of political correctness, etc. etc.

We want the Church as it was meant to be. It is currently only a shadow of that.



For everyone's information:


Huge Los Angeles Religious Ed. Congress Again Features Gay-Promoting Priests, Dissenters

By Hilary White

LOS ANGELES, February 27, 2007 ( – March 1-4, the Los Angeles Catholic archdiocese is hosting its annual Religious Education Congress, the largest such event in the US and one that has for years drawn criticism from Catholics around the world.

Sponsored by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the weekend Congress is regularly picketed by Catholics concerned that the Congress draws heavily for speakers from the ranks of well-known dissenters from Catholic teaching, especially on matters of sexual morality.

As many as 10,000 young people are expected to attend this year’s Congress. In 2006, the Congress drew 41,000 participants, including thousands of parish and school religious education teachers.

This year, as in years past, the group, Concerned Roman Catholics of America (CRCOA), is organizing a picket at which they plan to hand out leaflets giving information on the featured speakers and their opposition to Catholic teaching on such subjects as abortion, natural marriage and sexual purity.

Given the ongoing crisis in the Catholic Church over the abuse of minors by homosexual clerics, CRCOA is especially critical of the open support for homosexuality by many of the speakers. This issue is especially acute in the Los Angeles archdiocese that has thus far agreed to pay out $60 million to settle 45 lawsuits and still faces over 450 pending cases.

The speakers this year include Father Richard Rohr, a promoter of the occult “Enneagram” practice and “eco-spirituality”. Rohr is the founder and former director of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico which holds “wild man initiation rituals” for men. At the all-male retreats, he says, men remove clothing and touch each other in “wounded areas.” Rohr was a featured speaker at the March, 1997, New Ways Ministry Symposium, a pro-homosexual activist group specifically banned by the Vatican.

Other Congress speakers in the same vein will include keynote speaker Father Brian Massingale, an associate professor of moral theology at Marquette University, who opposed a 2006 Marriage Protection Act that proposed to ban homosexual unions. He said, "voting 'no' on the marriage amendment, in my judgment, is the best way to respect all of our Catholic beliefs and values." In 2004, Fr. Massingale told fellow priests the "new Church" will be “more sensuous and feminine.”

Edwina Gately, an author and a prominent supporter of women's ordination will also speak. At the 1993 conference of the radical and excommunicated group Call to Action, Gately donned clerical vestments and staged a mock celebration of the Mass.

The protesters plan to be present at the Anaheim Convention Center Saturday, March 3, from 9:00 AM to around 6:00 PM.




Let the Church Militant come forth and show their power through the rosary. I will say decades of the rosary for Cardinal Mahony. Who will join me?


If any of you live in the southern California area you should join the people who will be prayerfully protesting the religious congress. More people need to show up to protest and even witness to the thousands of uneducated Catholics who attend this congress. Hand out Catholic teaching tracts , rosaries and how to pray the rosary tracts. My wife and I have done this for several years, but this year we are very low on these materials. If one person is converted, it was worth your time! We have seen it happen, that is why we go back every year! We need help! How many more years are we going to to tolerate these lies? We love the Holy Father and are loyal to him, but we can't worry about the Holy Father and what he should do. We need to do what we are called to do and that is to stand up against heretical teachings and immoral teachings being promoted at this congress, parishes,and schools. We can't wait around for bishops and priests to do something. It is the Holy Spirit working through the laity that know better that will get the job done! My wife and I if God willing, plan on attending the protest. God Bless Roman Catholic Blog for exposing this! Keep up the great Blog!!!


"If one person is converted, it was worth your time!"


May God bless you and yours, Michael. If I were on that side of the country, I would join you.

Store up them treasures in heaven...



I will pray this evening, dmedici, for Cardinal Mahony.


Brian S.

I hope the protest goes really well, shines a lot of light on just how horrible a bishop Mahoney is, and that many confused souls are converted. I will add these intentions to my rosary.
But, not to sound like a broken record, you folks out there who live in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles need to mount a canon law suit against the Cardinal if you ever hope to end this abuses. Canons 213 and 217 are a good start.
May God bless your efforts.


here's the link to the LifeSiteNews article


A while back I posted about that Catholic school that was full of "lesbian" nuns guess whose Archdiocese that was in?"

Marc Bennetti

Gee Carol...Give us a clue, as if we all don't know whose Archdiocese you mean. Ha!


Marc, that was LadyinLexington's post, and I'd like to know what school/diocese that is!

A Simple Sinner

carolg writes: Marc, that was LadyinLexington's post, and I'd like to know what school/diocese that is!

Actually I would like to know what diocese that is NOT the case in.

The all-girl "catholic" high school my sister suffered through for 4 years was run by the most sensible-show wearing, patriarchy-resenting, stealy-grey short haired women you could ever (not) want to meet.

Not a habit or high-heal to be found on those bear wrestlers.

When she was an underclassmen ("underclassperson" there!) I used to pick her up since I was older and drove to school. Whenever I saw those grey-haired champions of social justice I would shudder and think to myself "Better they covered that up with the habits - this is no improvement!

Oddly, even without the habit, you always knew who the "sisters" were. Wanna guess how?

Marc Bennetti

To All this has been passed on to me to pass it on to you.
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The Hail Mary and Our Father is the Novena. This is a Novena from Mother
Theresa that she started in 1952. It has never been broken. Within 48
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on the 4th day. This is a powerful novena.


James wrote:

Are there any men who lead this Church? Yes or no?


I find myself asking this question all the time. Cardinal Ratzinger seems to be different from Pope Benedict XVI. It has me wondering just what is up with that Vatican bureaucracy. Do they keep the popes isolated and "neutralized" or what? Where is that motu propio thing? If it doesn't come soon I will be singing in Old Slavonic or Ukranian or something.

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