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Thursday, February 01, 2007



Man, I would certainly hope so. If one is too reliant on a parent, how can one possibly have the mental ability to enter into the marriage covenant?

Europeans, listen up! Now is the time to quit living in your mom and dad's home until you're 30.

Ahem. "Therefore a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife" ?
Is the # of Vatican approved annulments misleading? That doesn't include the # of annulments that are approved by diocesan tribunals and, therefore, never reach the Vatican, does it?


It's another name for emotional immaturity, and, truthfully, something that should be caught by the Pre-Cana, if they were truly as rigorous as they should be.

Mamma's boys in Italy? No! You're kidding, right? ;) (FYI--my maiden name is very Italian!)


Good call re: Pre-Cana. Hopefully, things have changed, but fifteen years ago what they were screening for was only 'compatability'. If we were supposed to be marrying a mirror image of ourselves, that may have worked. Lots of fallout now--good to see it being addressed.


Probably not much good for the priesthood either.

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