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Tuesday, February 20, 2007



was Marilyn Monroe a Roman Catholic?


I agree with what Thomistic has said here. Many people seek fame and fortune from an unhealthy inner being (heart or soul). They seek something that is missing. Our culture then takes them and whores them. When they come to see fame for what it really is, some are able to escape while others are buried by it (in some cases, literally). Brittany is a good example at the moment (I’m making some assumptions here).

All around us are others in the same situation. In Jesus’ time, he also encountered many. I think of the women who hemorrhaged for 12 years (12 years!!). She sought him and she was healed.

A part of our Christian mission should be to seek out those who are damaged and lovingly lead them to Christ for healing.

Have you seen Marilyn’s last movie The Misfits. There’s a scene where she’s screaming in pain alone in the desert. It broke my heart when I watched it. There are many others out there right now sobbing alone in the desert. May they find the consolation of God in the faces of His Church.


Marilyn was not Catholic.

Marilyn Monroe was raised by Christian Fundamentalist foster parents in her early years. In her early adolescence she was exposed to Christian Science through friends of her institutionalized mother.

Marilyn's mother became extremely religious (and was a bit maniacal about it) after her hospitalization. Monroe's mother also practiced Christian Science.

When Marilyn was to marry Joe DiMaggio, she considered converting to Catholicism. However, DiMaggio had already been married and when he married Marilyn without seeking an annulment, he was reportedly publicly condemned for doing so by his local bishop. (Times have really changed.)

When Monroe married Arthur Miller, Marilyn studied Judaism and officially converted to Judaism.

In reality, Marilyn had a very poor religious formation. The exposure she had to Christianity was extremely limited and the Fundamentalist values of her foster parents left a bad impression on her.

Her exposure to Christian Science only served to further muddle her understanding of Christianity.

When Marilyn converted to Judaism, she did it for Arthur Miller, and she was very serious about it. It meant more to her than him, since he wasn't a terribly observant Jew, and they did not become more devoted to religious practice after Marilyn's conversion.

It is unclear what Marilyn understood of God.

However, it really wasn't her fault.




If you want to know what one part of hell is like, read the National Enquirer and People Magazine.


All the "secular media" is exploiting the hell out of this story for the ratings and viewership.

I guess my above sentence should be more inclusive.

Len Liston

Who really cares what Marylin was or wasn't. She was still one of GOD'S kids like the rest of us are!

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