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Tuesday, March 20, 2007



This video may be nauseating but it's a good protrayal of what British education will be like once Tony Blair and his backbenchars get their grubby hands all over the sex education programme. In Spain Catholic schools are obliged to teach that homosexuality is an acceptable immutable biological disposition. The same will happen here eventually. New Labour(who are really Old Labour in disguise) are slowly but surely leading Britain into moral bankruptcy.


Can you imagine - John Paul II gave this disgusting Blair Holy Communion in his private chapel. He is the worst pm Britain has ever had. He is certainly the most immoral and misled. I shall be in my study praying with you from overseas. This has grave implications for the whole world, not just Britain. Moral decay is the prerequisite to the spiritual condition of man in the end times. Abomination of desolation in the Holy Places is rampant. The Church has equivocated over the place of sodomites within and many church hierarchs and clergy encourage it. The priesthood is infected with it. We know that Almighty God hates it as a crime calling to Him for vengeance. Little children are being corrupted and led astray. There have been too many compromises and in the post-conciliar church and society, this is the consequence.


It didn't say; is it really the PM who is rushing this through Parliament? Can anybody else rush something through Parliament that way? (I'm an American, so I really don't know exactly how the parliamentary system works, except that it was the basis for our Senate and House of Representatives.)


Homoanal sodomy is now an unholy liberal sacrament - a pouring out of Satan's ungrace and the most revered human act to liberal tyrannies all throughout the West (England, Canada, Spain, etc. etc.). They have embracede fecalism - and are determined to get you and yours to say you embrace it too.

As a liberal sacrament, and under liberal tyranny - that act must be accorded respect and cheerful affirmation, or else you will go to JAIL. Your kids must learn that it is good and wonderful and right to try out - and that there is no difference between that act and the creation of a new human life by a man and a woman. They wish to teach your kids that male and female mean: nothing.

Of course, this is all part of Satan's greater goal of desancifying in people's sick minds all that is Godly and right and true - marriage, sex, male and female, God, Christ, truth, beauty, etc. etc.

They have power and money now, and they will use it to force your head to the ground and say: I think a man's copulating with another man's waste tract is good.

They will not stop until you say that.

The fight is on.

They're after your kids.

They are infected with evil.



And hey - Elton John makes a pederastic video about lusting after stripping Boy Scouts - and THEY KNIGHT HIM.

Britain is now actively advertising for sodomites to join the Royal Army; the Church of England (and the whole Anglican Communion is schisming over the issue of sodomy; a woman in England was questioned and intimidated by the police for saying on the radio that children deserve to have a mother and a father; draconian speech laws are in place.

Freedom of speech and religion are now gone in Britain (and in Canada too). These are no longer free nations.

In the US there are many who will stand and fight to retain the freedoms which were won for us years ago. The question is: will there be enough?

I pray (and believe) there will. But do not count on others to do it for you. Stand up and get others to join you.



It was already rushed through parliament. They're called the SORs-or the sexual orientation regulations. Not only does it outlaw discrimination in employment and services but businesses are no longer permitted to sell material likely to cause 'offence' to homosexuals. Under the SORs Christian bookshops will for example be forbidden from selling material that criticizes homosexuality. They apply to Northern Ireland first, and then they will be extended to the rest of the UK. Even the leader of the 'conservatives', David Cameron, voted for this bill. It's an appalling attack on religious liberty.

I live in the Republic of Ireland and I'm very concerned about liberal thinking possibly spreading here. Ireland used to be known as the Land of Saints and Scholars but it's fast becoming more like Sodom and Gomorrah.

And Hugh I agree with most of what you say, but I don't think Blair is disgusting. Him and Ruth Kelly, the equality minister(and member of Opus Dei), apparently tried to win an exemption for faith based organization but were shouted down by communists in his cabinet, like John Reid.


Want to know what evil the homosexual activists are up to in America?

Check out each day.

It's frightening.



Europe is committing suicide by severing itself from its Christian roots. The post-Vatican II church has only exacerbated the situation. The changes brought about in the church since Vatican II have amounted to one big compromise with the world. It has served only to further undermine and weaken the West's Christian foundations. I like Pope Benedict XVI. I just hope he has the energy to put up a fight. Otherwise, it will be a case of fiddling while Rome burns. Thus far, I have not been encouraged by what I have seen.


The only country in Europe with population fertility levels high enough to replace the existing population is Albania, which is an Islamic country. By 2050, one third of Italy's population will be gone, and an even higher percentage in Germany. The German Family Minister caused outrage a few months back when she said that the country would have to 'turn the lights out' if the fertility rate did not rise. The low fertility rates are causing huge problems for many European welfare states. Germany's parliament recently voted to raise the retirement age by two years. This is only a shadow of the things that are to come. Many European cities are undergoing dire demographic alterations. In England the non-white population is growing something like fifty times faster than the white population. In Amsterdamn and Rotterdamn most babies are born to Muslim families. Although these changes are frightening, they are throughly well-deserved and Europe has no-one to blame but itself.


Jizzy. You never understood the words of Blair when he became PM for the first time - he said that they were going to create a Britain in which there was a place for everyone, an inclusive society. I knew then what he meant and here we have it now. He is to blame since he is leading the government which has been systematically undermining normal morality since he came to power. We know he has masonic credentials too. This is enough to know he is responsible and must take the criticism which is his due. His wife also publicly undermines papal & traditional church teaching on a solely male & celebate priesthood. She is as corrupting and corrosive an influence as her husband. This is as much their handiwork as the communists and others in his cabinet which remember, Blair selected in the first place. No! He is as culpable as they are. He also duped Britain into an immoral war in Iraq. His hands are bloodied too.


Anyone who would like to know more about Mr Blair and his penchant for mass manipulation should go to... is symptomatic that in his final year as pm of UK his government is tarnished with the sale of honours. The rest we will leave to the historians in the years to come (that is if there are any real historians left in UK by that time).


"The changes brought about in the church since Vatican II have amounted to one big compromise with the world."


Without the Church, society falls into either the Brave New World, or the Lord of the Flies, or both.

England is doomed. Many parts of its cities are effectively under Moslem control (and Sharia law will be mandated in those cities in the next decade). Moslems are reproducing and immigrating at a rate which vastly exceeds the native population. More and more cities and towns will fall under their sway. (And same in Sweden and France and Canada.)

England has forsworn it traditional Christian morality, and has become a perversion sewer. Its own church is unable now to reform itself away from the love of perversion. Perversion is routinely glorified and sold and marketed to children in England - AND THE MAJORITY THINKS THAT GOOD. The Queen herself has sold out.

What does this remind one of? Why, Rome, of course. Total moral rot on the inside (including a homosexualized army) - and turning over the country to outsiders. (And in the US, we are tottering on the edge of this cliff...)

Europe will not be able to right itself, or to stand for anything (other than tolerating everything but virtue).

If the Catholic Church does not reform the reform - and become the true city on a hill that it is meant to be, and foreswear the idolatrous desires of the world, the world will fall into a new dark ages. The Church is now just barely finding the strength to reform itself - but it is so slow and so painful and so half-hearted. It is protected from the gates of hell, but many in the Church look at those gates longingly, and constantly reach for them.

Any civilization can last only about two or three generations once normative family structures break down, and sexual perversion becomes routine and normalized and condoned.

Western civilization is living on borrowed time.

With the moral corruption of our own government in the US - there are increasingly very few places in the world where Christianity is supported and strengthened by the government.

Christians all over the world will now have to get used to living in persecution - even from their own governments.

This is all predicted in the Bible of course. The love of many, as Christ told us would be the case, is growing cold.



The chastisisement of western europe is inevitable and cannot be prevented. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, likewise the western world must suffer a similar fate, or possibly worse, for homosexuality. And now also abortion. Surely we are reaping what we sow.

Already we are reaping the results of abortion and homosexuality, namely plummeting birth rates and unknown diseases that spring out of nowhere. The end result is that the heathens (moslems) who are multiplying faster than rabbits, will take over western europe (a feat they failed to archieve by military means). What will follow is anybody's guess.

We must pray, pray,.. and pray the rosary, if only to soften the punishement, nay, to save our souls from an even worse fate, eternal damnation. To understand exactly what i mean, read the "letter from beyond". It is a first hand account of a soul in hell, someone who died in a motor accident in 1937. This doctrinally sound naration of hell is an extremely sobering reality of what must happen to any person who merely pays lip service to the last things, namely death judgement, heaven, and hell. It is also a warning for those who deny the existence of hell.

Salvation has been tied to prayer, prayer to that One we call The Mother of God. In these apocalyptic times, prayer(rosary) to Her that is an infinite treasure of graces is the simplest thing one can do to save one's soul from eternal damnation. She will lead us to Her Son and ultimately to The Eternal Father. This is Her show right now. Read "mystical city of God" to see why this is so. What is happening today is basically a replay of what happened before the fall of satan and his band of renegade angels.

New Vendean

Don't give up in England. If they try to force you to give in to their Sexual Revolutionary agenda, fight back. If they threaten you with jail, rise up and resist and force them to retreat.

Use the Rosary beads first, for St. Padre Pio called them "THE weapon".


I read the 'letter from beyond' spaxx.

It is exactly I have always been taught hell is.

Other descriptions: At Medjugorye and Kibeho and Fatima? - kids were transported by Mary to heaven, purgatory and hell. Their descriptions of what they saw are all completely consistent and theologically correct. And I seem to remember a Russian general who was condemned to hell and somehow communicated with someone alive. Again, same description.

If you have no use for God in life, He will let you have your way in the afterlife.

Being estranged from God is the worst fate I could ever imagine.



i told a catholic colleague (italian) at work about "letter from beyond", how easy it is to end up in hell, and the eternal punishments described therein. His response; "huh, He is that cruel?" in reference to God. He then scoffed at the idea of eternal damnation and shrugged it off. He also condones homosexuality. He is not alone,they are legion. Take a quick survey on the streets of any city and you will see what i mean.

Denial of existence of hell necessarily means denial of God. The church doctors exhorts us to often think of, and descend down to, hell, so that we can avoid going there.

However, am not so sure about Medjugorye, word has it that it was fake apparation. Visit You will find a long list of fake apparitions. It is also a veritable goldmine of info. For you will understand how and why salvation is impossible outside the catholic church. And after understanding, I bet y'all gonna be grateful for being called to the catholic faith, and hopefully will become even more devoted catholics. Think of the millions of apostate catholics who have no idea what they've got themselves into.


It is truly sad, spaxx, that so many priests today refuse to talk of hell (and how you get there).

It is no wonder that the way to the kingdom is narrow, not wide. Even a great many priests, I would (sadly) guess, are going to find out that they enabled the eternal damnation of many.

As for homosexuality - homosexual acts are akin to giving God the finger - for they totally reject God's loving design of our bodies and of the gift of the ability to create new human life. People who engage in them harm themselves and the ones they engage in such with. Their open acceptance scandalizes and harms children (and others), and weakens the faith of many. It is one of the greatest evils of our age. How sadly clever Satan is.

On the plus side - I have seen many come to realize how right God is about homosexuality (and turn toward Him) - as this monster now threatens whole societies and the average guy's children.



People if you think that is bad, wait 'till you see what I stumbled upon in my 'Catholic' school today.


a lie has been accepted as truth.
This monstrosity has become law everywhere and is even being fed infants in kindergartens, precisely in accordance with satan's plans. For he aims to capture only one single generation and then he can claim victory over the human race (that is wot he believes). Ever wonder why God is being abolished everywhere beginning with the crib and classrooms? This is to take away the knowledge of God and His holy laws from the younger generation. Our godless and evil politicians have played straight into the devil's hands. They dance beautifully to his tunes, he couldnt be more pleased.

Already the results are clear, children lack respect for parents, authority, or any moral law, increasing cases of children murdering parents, juvenile crimes and behaviours that defy understanding, kids worship rock music (the more diabolic the better).

Homosexuality (along with fornication, adultery, peadophilia, drunkenness etc) is so enslaving that breaking its chains is impossible without divine help. And even when the chains are broken, one must constantly seek God's grace to avoid relapse. The sodomite's condition is spiritual and can thus be only fought with supernatural help.

Meanwhile on medjugorye please checkout and see how medjugorye is thoroughly exposed as demonic in origin. I agree.


"Homosexuality (along with fornication, adultery, peadophilia, drunkenness etc) is so enslaving that breaking its chains is impossible without divine help. And even when the chains are broken, one must constantly seek God's grace to avoid relapse. The sodomite's condition is spiritual and can thus be only fought with supernatural help."


Thank you, spaxx. There it is; the truth.

(And I'm checking out the link on Medjugorye.)



Thank you, spaxx. I read the post on Medjuorye and got creeped out.


Thank you.



I agree with spaxx that breaking the chains of our various addictions requires God’s intervention and graces. These graces are “actual” graces in the technical sense. For Actual Graces to be effective, however, we must participate with them. This brings to the front our role in helping others to participate with the Actual Graces of healing so that the chains are broken. I agree with what James said elsewhere that compassion alone will usually be ineffective. Compassion will offer consolation but not often the motivation for a person to participate with Actual Grace.

However, I must also say that hardnosed proclamations of judgment are also most often ineffective. Just last night I was counseling with a woman who had an abortion. She KNOWS it was a sin. Nobody needs to tell her that. In fact, she told me, every time she is told the evils of abortion she regresses further away from God. She is deep in the agony of grief. When judged in this way she feels more and more abandoned. On the other side, our sweet (but true) statements that God still loves her and her child loves her are also ineffective. What should we do then? Ultimately, God will offer her the grace so that she will be able to forgive herself and be restored in relationship with God and her child. Our role as brothers and sisters in Christ is to encourage her to see the grace and to surrender to it. Our role will be to offer the face of Christ’s love & encouragement along a nudging where needed.

This is the “in the trenches” reality that has been my experience in Christian Catholic healing. The simple solutions of tender compassion or the hardnosed proclamations of judgment simply don’t work. What works will be demonstrated through the fruits.


David1 - We disagree on some things, and I don't think we like each other very much - but know that, honestly, I applaud what you are working to do. Greatly.



First, thank you for your applauding. I appreciate it.

I think if we got together and went to dinner, we’d find agreement on many things. I think we both love God, the kingdom, His Church and her mission. I think we share a passion to deal with those who are lost. I think our disagreement is the method of dealing with them. I can appreciate that your approach of the sound rebuke (if I’ve characterized it properly) is appropriate in some circumstances. I think the other approaches are appropriate most of the time.

During lunch I was driving in my car listening to a CD by Christopher West on JPII’s Theology of the Body. He quoted JPII who alluded to Jesus bringing “not condemnation, but invitation.” So, I guess that’s my default approach to the lost; invitation to bring the power of God into their heart. However, I’m very aware that if the sound rebuke is called for, I would struggle to deliver it.

So, I say let the debate continue.


"So, I say let the debate continue."




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