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Tuesday, March 20, 2007



"Ultimately, God will offer her the grace so that she will be able to forgive herself and be restored in relationship with God and her child. Our role as brothers and sisters in Christ is to encourage her to see the grace and to surrender to it. Our role will be to offer the face of Christ’s love & encouragement along a nudging where needed."

It is indeed true that God does offer us plenty of graces. But these graces are not meant to make us forgive ourselves, but to cause cognizance of sins, impart true contrition and sorrow, and induce a strong desire for confession and repentance. But first we must recognize and cooperate with grace bse we are free not to.

Now, we can wash ourselves clean in the abundant waters of the sacrament of reconciliation and penance. Every catholic must know that forgiveness is a private matter between the individual and priest, general confessions will not work. No matter how great and numerous the sins are, they will be forgiven provided one makes a good confession. This is infinite mercy of God that is only available when we humble ourselves and seek pardon using the means He Himself instituted through the catholic church. It does require true humility to make a good confession. But isnt it also true that our Creator humbled Himself to win salvation for us? It is only fair and just that we do likewise after all no servant can be greater than his master (we must imitate Him in every way). Therefore, those who neglect or despise the sacraments He has made available till the end of time do so out of pride and at their own peril. For they will have nobody but themselves to blame. Those outside the the catholic church are outside by choice and cannot expect salvation unless they join her, bse outside the catholic church there is no salvation (St Augustine).

These then are some of the great truths we must impress upon our brethren so tht they are informed and not driven to despair. In spite of the fact that he betrayed our Lord and thus participated in Deicide, Judas would never have been damn had he not despaired but instead sought forgiveness. He was at the very fountain of mercy. Despair is what the devil instills into people so as to drive them to suicide and ultimately hell.


Thanks for your thoughtful response. In working with women who've had an abortion and come to see what they have done, they tell me they run to the confessional and beg for forgiveness. They then realize that God has forgiven them, but they continue to punish themselves for what they have done. They continue to have tremendous guilt which can paralyze their earthly and spiritual life.

That is what I meant by the woman being unable to forgive themselves. Indeed they can't do it alone; they need grace.


That persistent guilt is sorrow, and could be a sign of true contrition. Hopefully, it ensures that the offence is never repeated.

Abortion and homosexuality are crimes crying for revenge before God's Throne. These crimes are against the natural order established by Divine decree and ultimately against God's plan of salvation (participation in the beatific vision). Abortion not only cuts short the unborn's life (murder of the most defenseless of human beings) but also prevents possible participation in the beatific vision, just as we all hope to (if we make it). In this sense, abortion is an act of supreme selfishness. Why then shouldnt one feel awful on realization of this supreme act of selfishnes?

Whenever man and woman lie together, creation of life shall result (showcases our Creator's infinite wisdom). This is the Divine decree from all eternity,this is God's immutable will. Sadly, this decree, His will is frustrated by abortion,onanism, contraception, vasectomy, homosexuality, lesbianism etc.

If a woman conceives thru consent, rape, even rape by one's own kin, she shall not cut short the life of the unborn. If we deny the innocent unborn child possible participation in the beatific vision, why should God let us enjoy it? Therefore these grave sins, among others, are punishible by exclusion from heaven(eternal damnation) if left unconfessed before one passes out of this life.

Recall our Lord's own words; "...It would be better for him if he had not been born.." in refernce to His betrayer? Read "Letter from beyond" and you will understand why.


So, let’s assume the women does repent the abortion and asks God and her child for forgiveness. In this case, the Father and the child provides the forgiveness. At this point, we have to be careful not to be the older brother of the prodigal. If she has repented, then she should be welcomed as a full member of the family (now, just where is that fatted calf?).

Or, am I missing something?


Any and all mortal sin can be washed away only, and only, in the sacrament of penance.

The sacrament of penance is a matter between the penitent and the priest, in a confession booth. The priest, representing Our Lord Himself, has the power to forgive sins. Jesus bequeathed this power thru the apostles down to catholic priests, till the end of time. This is one of the beautiful and infinite merits gained for us by His suffering and death. As a matter of fact, it is our Lord Himself behind that old priest you encounter in the confessional (He is also present at all times in the Blessed Sacrament). He Himself says "Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world."

The priest is just a rep (how would you face your Creator in all his Power and Glory where He to be present in person).

Confession must be done before a validly ordained priest of the catholic church. It involves adequate preparation by thorough examination of one's conscience, contrition, true sorrow, and amendment(after all u can always willfully commit the same sin a million times).

If a catholic in grave sin procrastinates, postpones, or ignores confession, and happens to die suddenly (as is common in life), eternal damnation will follow bse he/she being aware of the precepts of the church willfully despised and chose to ignore them. The same penalty will be suffered for sins intentionally omitted or withheld during confession.

Confession is so important that for people who regularly recite the rosary, The Blessed Virgin Mary Herself promises that "...they shall not die without receiving the last sacraments." The last sacraments (extreme unction followed by holy Viaticum) include confession and absolution from sin. This is extremely important that The Virgin Mary Herself offers it as a reward to those devoted to her. Remember, She is the most powerful after The Holy Trinity and therefore She knows better.

All the saints of the catholic church endeavored to be in a state of grace by regularly visiting the confessional. Even for venial sins. Furthermore they always fervently prayed that God grants them the grace to die after having made a good and final confession to a priest.

Mortal sins will not be forgiven by bypassing the priest in the confessional and simply murmering to God for forgiveness in the comfort of your living room. That is too simplistic. It totally negates the necessity for the sacrament of confession.

This is the truth and the reason the sacrament of penance exists and is available anytime and everywhere you see a catholic church. It is to help us wash ourselves clean from mortal sin in preparation for our Lord's coming. For He himself says:

"Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of man cometh".

He not only refers to the end of the world, but also the exact day and time when death visits a person in daily life.

Think of how many people die suddenly without preparation? How many women die while aborting in Africa?

Do you expect that all they need do is murmur a prayer of forgiveness in the midst of committing grave sin and expect eternal life thereafter?

solid snake

well if you think its getting bad with the gay agenda in the school. try alot of these advocacy groups throwing orgies for charity. enclosed is a link that will tell you the horrors. the gays do more than teach they recruit. read the article and understand you will.

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