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Sunday, March 11, 2007


roger h.

I would not support Giuliani as the GOP nominee. If he were to be the nominee, however, his statements about being a strict-constructionist and appointing Supreme Court justices like Antonin Scalia would probably be enough for me to vote him. With Giuliani, there is at least the chance of getting Roe v. Wade reversed. No way that happens by voting third party and handing the presidency to the Democrat nominee.

John Hetman

I hope that Guliani is not the Republican candidate for President for the powerful reasons that you cite. While he projects a needed image of strength against crime and terrorism, there is also too much of a celebrity quality about the man that speaks to a certain frivolous mindset.

That said, I am not sure that I could resist voting for him if Obama, Edwards or the junior Senator from New York was the Democratic candidate in November 2008. And at this point, I would assume that one of these, either Larry, Curly or Moe, will carry the symbolic Jackass banner.

roger h.

I don't see how any Catholic can support him due to his stance on abortion and homosexual unions.

Not saying that I agree with her, but here's how The Anchoress, who is both pro-life and against gay marriage, rationalizes her support for Giuliani.

A Simple Sinner

Sad but true, in 2008, once again, I will be tossing my support to the candidate I feel will "do the least damage" rather than "do the best job."

Like the dehydrated man coming out of the desert chosing between a mud puddle or a sewer.... Neither very appealing, but a decision must be made.

ron chandonia

To vote for Giuliani (either in the primaries or in the general election) would mean turning BOTH American political parties over to pro-abortion forces. It would mean the end of the GOP as a pro-life party, both in fact and in theory (since Giuliani's people would certainly demand that the pro-life plank disappear from the GOP platform). If Giuliani were to win, pro-lifers would henceforth be treated as marginal forces in American public life, somewhat like prohibitionists. I hardly think that is "the lesser of two evils."


Rudy is a flip-flopper, and comes off poorly in these interviews. I also don't think I could vote for a man who makes public appearances in drag. However, that said, none of the leading GOP candidates are particularly pro-life--even McCain--and all have voiced support for gay unions/marriage. So, you could vote for Rudy, I'd argue, if you saw him as the lesser of multiple evils.


No vote from me. I'm going third-party if there is no major pro-life candidate.


I no longer compromise on the issue of abortion. If there is no candidate who is pro-life, I write someone in.


When the Republican primaries come along, my vote's going with Sam Brownback, who is pro-life and against same-sex unions, as well as willing to take a firm stand against terrorism, crime, etc. He's the first candidate I've seen in ANY party who wouldn't be a "compromise" in my eyes.

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