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Wednesday, March 07, 2007



This looks just like last years, 2006, wacky mass. I made a spoof of it here:

According to a recent chat with Cardinal Mahoney, this is what %99 of Catholics want, ie: a "Vibrant" liturgy.



There have always been rough spots in Church History - times when heresies were abundant, the Faithful were confused, priests and bishops corrupt - what we have to do is not look at the leaders themselves, but at the doctrine, dogma, traditions and teachings of the Church - those are what we cling to.

Please, don't let bad leaders taint your hope in the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.


this is an example of what is destroying the Anglican Church. Dancing boys/men in leotards. Mahoney shames our Church.

Jean Charles

This will continue until we start a revolution, or until we have a Pope with "courage" to act in favor of the laity and Jesus Christ our Lord.We are the victims.

all I want to know is....who picked the cool CHARLIE CHRISTIAN/BENNY G song at the end????

"Six Appeal"...... great song.

How much longer much the Catholics of LA suffer with this sorry excuse for a shepherd as archbishop. His motto is TO RECONCILE GOD'S PEOPLE. Perhaps it should be simply TO WRECK GOD'S PEOPLE.


And my college friends wonder why I skip Congress each year. What people should be alarmed about is how many of the Newman Clubs around Southern California don't see anything wrong with the abuses seen in the film. Yah, might have to do with the majority, if not all, being involved in Lifeteen....

Chris Murad

This is sad..
When i saw the dancers it was almost exactly like a pagan ceremony.

Soon I pray our Holy Father Cracks down on such things..

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