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Wednesday, March 21, 2007



An interesting admixture of protestantism, paganism, the occult.

Meanwhile, back at the chancery, Cardinal Baloney is busying himself with additional lawsuits, while his archdiocese is subjected to this kind of spiritual rot.

Dear God, have the Holy Father return the Mass of Tradition to us.


Notice how he did not genuflect after the "consecration"? That says something about this man's Eucharistic beliefs...

Atlanta Catholic

How sad for the hundreds of people that have had the faith and our beautiful holy Mass, watered down to this. I am so grateful to the many good and holy priests that have remained faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. They have not reformed the gospel to meet their unholy agendas. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, reformed them and they in turn have remained truly faithful to Christ's Church. You will know them by their fruits. There is nothing new under the sun and these false shepherds will never destroy Christ's Church. No matter how hard they try or how terrible their ravages have been, we have God's promise that the gates of Hell will not prevail. Thank you again, good and faithful priests!


Any thoughts? None that I can say publicly.

Luis luna

Cardinal Mahony must leave the Archdiocese of L.A.

He is a big fat liar.

Some Day

Well I just want to say a random thing.

When you have legit doubt that the Eucharist was confected, do a contitional adoration.
as if "If He is there then OK, if not no."


Mahoney should get his priorities straight.

Court cases protecting pedophiles are keeping him too busy.

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