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Sunday, April 08, 2007


John Hetman

Today, at the 10:00 am mass, Father switched to the Gospel of Matthew. It was fine with me as I normally read the daily scripture soon after rising.

Moreover, it was good to see standing room only at church--but if only it was like this every Sunday, which it was prior to the late 1960s-- during those "bad" old days, as our progressive brethren refer to them.

Praise be Jesus Christ--Happy Easter!


John Hetman's reply reminded me of a priest years ago who on Easter also wished the people Merry Christmas because he knew he wouldn't see them in church again until then.
At Christmas he would reverse it.


Our priest remarked that one of the parishioners told him he actually had a poinsettia blooming at this time of year; Father said that he almost told him to put it at the altar with the lilies, for the people who only come to church at Christmas and Easter.


We certainly can criticize those people who only attend Mass at Easter and Christmas. Or, we could take extra time to encourage them to participate more often. We could take extra time to bring them the reality of Christ. Which is more evangelical?

The priest who said Merry Christmas at Easter was being rude and sending people away through his self-righteousness. What kind of a Church are we called to be?

Yes, it's good to see standing room only at church. What an opportunity!!

Qualis Rex

Happy Easter to all!

And yes, I absolutely echo David1's sentiments here. You know, I always hated hearing those remarks about Christmas and Easter mass attendance. Who's fault is that? There is enough blame to spread around, no question there.

I was going to give an annectdote on the topic, but I thought better of it in the spirit of charity. Suffice it to say, if priests want their church to be full, it's up to them to educate people on the importance of coming to church, making them feel welcomed, and actually LISTEN to their congregation instead of running the parish like their own personal feifdoms.

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