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Monday, April 30, 2007



As usual... Ron Paul is nowhere to be seen.


Actually, I hadn't heard of a number of the names in that list before I saw the list.

I did some reading on Ron Paul, and I am inclined to agree with his positions.

I'm not sure if I agree with his style, though (meaning the way he goes about making his points).

I also noted he is a proponent of medicinal marijuana and is against federal laws against drug use and prohibition laws (in general) because he believes them ineffective.





Duncan Hunter for president...



Brownback was my first choice and Fred Thompson my second.


"Brownback was my first choice and Fred Thompson my second."


Some Day

I'd vote to start a Catholic monarchy.

The least to make it a Catholic democracy, where the Church and State are one again.

Definetly not "vote" for a bunch of immoral masons.


I like Duncan Hunter best of all of them (Tancredo is my congressman, and we think he's nuts for wasting time campaigning like this).

But realistically speaking, Fred Thompson is my hoped for candidate.

Brownback is horrible on immigration amnesty, and too soft on Iraq.

His support for the Kennedy-McCain immigration reform bill, which would grant illegals defacto amnesty is just too much.


Thomisitc, Ron Paul is left out of a lot of online polls because his backers have hacked and cheated on man of them in the past (over 400 votes in a short period coming form a block of addresses beloning to an aerospace company in St Loius, for instance).

So a lot of people simply leave him out to avoid having to deal with the hassles. His acolytes are quite fanatic. As some wag branded them, they are the "Travis Bickle" contingent (the crazy guy in the movie Taxi Driver).

The shame of it is, a lot of Ron Paul's positions are solidly conservative, but the "nutty fringe" extremists that havelatched onto him do a good job of being sure that they and he are dismissed as "loons".

Unfortunately, with statements about "Necon Globalists", cabals, the Trilateral Commission, and other conspiracy items, Ron Paul contributes to that himself.

Its unfortunate.


To DenverCatholic:

Not being snippy or anything, but how do you identify whether someone is the "nutty fringe" or just merely an advocate for an unpopular belief? You got a specific you can share?

Most people (secularists and liberal catholics) think that catholics who try to stick to the faith are pretty kooky.

tridentine mass? follow the missal rubrics? kneelers? gasp! keep them away from my kids!

I've heard about the 'hacking' charges on a couple of polls and I really can't tell who is right. One side charges hacking, the other side charges bias. No evidence either way. If hacking did occur, how come no one made a public statement? If the site is biased, where is the proof?

I'm supporting Ron Paul because I admire his faithfulness to the strict boundaries of his official duties. Sure, he's not famous, but he doesn't lie to the votes or siphon off public taxes for himself and his buddies. In fact, he openly explains why he does what he does.

If his honesty attracts kooks, what then? That's their outlook. Nothing to do with anyone else's reasons.


I have a great deal of respect for Ron Paul also, Francis. He's what I think our representatives should be. Of course, and sadly, almost none of them are.



Recycling the same arguments on this thread, are we now DenverCatholic? Really, your ad hominems are pathetic. Will you be posting and then neglecting to respond in this thread as well?


Denver Catholic,please tell me all about the 400 votes coming from a block of addresses at an aerospace company, because I have not heard about that before. Who discovered this? You?

Ipsum Delorem Factum

Another Ron Paul supporter here. What could be better for all God-loving Catholics than a Pro-Life, Anti-War, Anti New World Order candidate like Ron Paul? There is no better choice. Abolish the immoral income tax and Federal Reserve system too. These are killing the middle class and in turn killing the family.

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