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Thursday, April 26, 2007



Wow, what a breath of fresh air to see a serious bishop in action.



It is wonderful news.




Quite a contrast from the previous post.

A Simple Sinner

A bishop who does not turn his eyes?

Could the (counter-) revolution be begining?

Frankly a good number of schools, universities, hospitals and the like should have "Catholic" taken out of their name.

When it costs too much to fix a car, sometimes you have to sell it for scrap and buy new.


Qualis Rex

Yeah, this is DEFINITELY a good choice!!! And yes, it is always a breath of fresh air to see Bishops doing what's is just right. And how sad is it that we are surprised when this happens?

Thomistic, regarding charities and corporate structures, I can tell you why this happened as I have two examples:

1. My aunt is a nun in an international order tht is just under 200 years old. It was HUGE in the US and specialized in schools and teaching. They owned, managed and taught in their schools (from elementary to University) across the country, and their "hay-day" was probably just after WW II with the Baby-boomers. After Vatican II, they "dropped the habit" and moved out of their convents, opting to live "among the people", while retaining their jobs as teachers, administrators etc. And lo' and behold, the VAST majority started leaving the order. Many still kept their teaching and administrative jobs, but since they were no longer nuns, they drew a SALARY instead of a stipend (my aunt got about$35 a month stipend back in the 70's). And so, new postulants stopped coming in, donations stopped coming in, and all they had left was their schools and land. Schools have never been lucrative, and anyone who runs one will tell you they rely on donations from graduates/alumni rather than the tuition. The nuns simply did not know how to deal with this loss of revenue and members in the face of increasing operating costs (as well as caring for their ever increasing elderly sisteres), so their first course of action was to downsize and sell everything they could. That was only a temporary fix and 20 years later they found themselves in the same situation. They just were not good managers. So, they set up lay boards to attempt to effectively manage their assets (privatizing some, while retaining others). This was simply a case of survival.

2. My father worked for another order of nuns founded 300+ years ago, however this order focused on hospitals and caring for the sick. Their hospitals were seen more as charitable institutions, meaning if you were rich, you'd want to go somewhere else. But in the 50's, ALL hospitals became more and more regulated by the government, which also offered tax exemptions, research grants and other funds if the hospital complied. So, this order created and appointed boards and outside auditors to oversee the operations of the hospitals in order to comply with government standards and regulations (which today is a no-brainer as all hospitals must do this in the US). So, this scenario was more organic, and it worked out in the end for the order, but they have definitely lost any "real" control on the day-to-day operations. They can and do make decisions such as forbidding abortions and have set guidelines about end-of-life scenarios etc.

Hope this helps.


This is the kind of news that puts a silver lining on the otherwise dark clouds of our times

Qualis Rex


Email the Cardinal Glennon Foundation at and voice your support for the Bishop and dismay that a Catholic charity is going against the decision and authority of their bishop.

Also, a good ope-ed piece from Father Jonathan at FOX News is here,2933,268727,00.html


To applaud Burke is to condemn John Cardinal O'Connor who toasted pro-abortion politicians like Jeanne Kilpatrick and Ed Koch at Catholic events. Or are the rules different for pro-choice neo-cons?

And if having Crow sing is to endorse abortion, then is naming a hospital for Glennon endorsing segregation?

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