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Monday, May 07, 2007



It seems we'll soon have to choose between a pro-choice Republican or a pro-choice Democrat. Guess we can only try for whoever is the lesser of two evils. Sad commentary on the times we live in.

Paul K.

Welcome, brothers and sisters, to the first century! The world has yet to reach its nadir of depravity. I'm getting used to the idea. What is most difficult to deal with for me is the fact that the three highest (pun intended) elected officials in my State are all pro-infanticide, pro homosexual normalization...Catholics! But I am beginning to get used to even that.

It is all very instructive, actually. Secular government is really no better than a necessary evil. We forget that too often, especially when we enlist its help to achieve certain social goods that we hold dear.

But we forget, and must now be reminded: One does not shake hands with the devil without embracing him - and becoming one with him, like Rudy Giuliani, like Teddy Kennedy, like Patty Murray, like Maria Cantwell, like Christine Gregoire, etc. (I am getting nauseated).

As long as we - clergy and laity alike - are more worried about losing our tax-exempt status than the earliest Christians were about losing their lives, we deserve unholy, evil Catholic politicians like these.

Billy D

I expect Rudy to bail maybe halfway through the race. As soon as he sees he can't win, he'll bow out. In my opinion, he's never actually even been a legitimate candidate, dividing the base before a vote is cast. Mr. Thompson will be haunted by his pro-choice remarks from the early nineties, and tagged as a flip-flopper. That's unfortunate. I think (though it early) we're going to end up with Mr. Romney for a candidate for the right.

Dan Hunter

I realise that this is off topic,but over on the Angelqueen site there is an article on how Senator Fred Thompson supported abortions in the first trimester of pregnancy.He supported this in 1994.
There is no way that we can as Catholics,or anyone, can vote for Thompson.
We must vote for Senator Brownback.
Please pray many rosarys for this intention.
God bless you all.

A Simple Sinner

Do we have 17 more months of this to look forward to?

No getting passed the Catholic issues of this next election and their implications, but I have pretty much given up on politics as a mean to achieving a Catholic culture.

Far better to spend time with Rosary in hand praying for better things. Our hope in American politics will, invariably, always be misplaced. By all means, vote as Catholic as you can, but don't bet the farm on the next 1, 2, 10, 100 election cycles providing effective Catholic Cultural change.

I am reminded of a conservative cultural pundit who once pointed out to me "All the government programs and all the government money in all the world never seems to turn ghettos into neighborhoods on par with the affluent suburbs against which the [ghettos] are being measured to be substandard. Then again, the affluent communities didn't get that way with any programs to begin with."

Well economics aside, all the politickin aside, elections are what they are - a chance to do less damage, but seldom more good.

Billy D

"There is no way that we can as Catholics,or anyone, can vote for Thompson."
Dan Hunter

Now, let's not get crazy here...
If Mr. Thompson looks America in the eye, and says he does not support abortion, period, and recognizes he was in error back then, then I see no reason why he's not a viable candidate to Catholics. People change. Saul did, in a larger way than this, don't forget.


I'm a lifelong conservative who has long abandoned the Republican branch of the Washington Party. It's sad that yall seem to expect a conservative to emerge from either one.

I voted for a conservative last time. You should try it. No nose or breath holding, no after-election regrets, no surprises, no broken promises, and I sleep fine. And someday someone will appear who is rich enough and either loved or hated enough by the media to be noticed. Remember a guy called Perot? He turned out half nuts but just maybe the next one...?

You can look it up on the Net, check it out, the Constitution Party platform.

In two entire decades folks, the two-party system has given us, ta-da: 12 years of Bushes, eight of Clintons and still counting. The two-party system is broke folks. Wake up!


Paul K., you said:

"What is most difficult to deal with for me is the fact that the three highest (pun intended) elected officials in my State are all pro-infanticide, pro homosexual normalization...Catholics!"

"Patty Murray... Maria Cantwell... Christine Gregoire..."

Ah, I see you're from Washington State, also.

The thing is, geographically, our State is for the most part conservative. But it's liberal Puget Sound that has the population, and therefore the votes.

The same goes for Oregon. Portland rules the entire State.

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