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Friday, May 11, 2007



"Despite his notoriety as a public dissenter from Church teaching, McBrien’s columns run in the Tidings nearly every week. Last April, a Tidings-run McBrien column explored various interpretations of the resurrection of Christ, one of which says it signifies only "the extraordinary transformation of the disciples from weak, cowardly followers of the crucified Lord into courageous proclaimers of his Gospel." Another, wrote McBrien, makes the resurrection "a myth” signifying that Jesus “still lives in those who accept him as their risen Lord."


Some three decades ago or so, 'Bishop' Spong of the Episcopal 'Church' denied the Resurrection. Nobody disciplined him. Nobody did anything. Many people celebrated his apostasy; millions bought his books. (His former Episcopal diocese, in New Jersey, is just about dead...)

Today, the Episcopal Church has lost over half of the membership it had at that time, that church has become a cult devoted to the promotion and glorification of sexual perversion of all sorts, the word of God is mocked or ignored on a regular basis, and Christ is only divine if you happen to think he is (and many, many don't!).

My son goes to Notre Dame. We were barely able to send him there, given many evils which have sprouted there. We have learned to not trust our sons to be alone with a priest; we have learned to not trust our son to be taught by just any theological professor at Notre Dame. We must not so trust, if we love our son, and we do. This is a scandal of infinite proportions, of course, for once you deny the Resurrection, you deny everything about our faith. But no matter - this guy (and many others like he) go on and on, spouting their heresy and claiming to be 'priests' - at Notre Dame - a university supposedly devoted to Our Lady.

Just more of the same, in the modern AmChurch.

Most shocking of all - those who run Notre Dame, priests supposedly, do not have the male parts necessary to take this on and do something about it.


Dan Hunter

Father McBrien must be removed from any teaching position he holds in Catholic institutions.
He must publically renounce his heretical teachings and make amends to the myriad students he has hurt,in leading them astray from Holy Mother Church.He obviously must make his peace with God in the Sacrament of Confession,and then he can come back to the loving embrace of our Lord and Savior.
Just recently he denied the defined truth of Original Sin.He claimed that Limbo does not exist therefore the only purpose of Baptism is an initiation into the Christian world.He stated that all mankind is born into a state of grace and hence no Original Sin!
Amazing that a supposed teacher of the Catholic faith would have the affrontery to outright lie on a truth that is so obviously well defined by the Church,and that the average 7 year old Catholic knows.
We must pray that Father McBrien is removed,soon,and that The Holy Ghost transforms his heart to the Sacred Heart of Christ,before he leads any more souls to Hell.
God bless you.


What makes me really, really angry Dan, is that there are lots and lots of good, faithful down-home Catholics from all over this nation who TRUST those who run Notre Dame. Those parents aren't up on what is going on there; they have no idea that their kids are about to be pumped full of spiritual poison. They are betrayed mercilessly when their kids end up in McBrien's class (and those of the many other Catholic dissidents at Notre Dame).

There are goin' to be hot places in hell reserved for many at Notre Dame, absent true repentance. McBrien is one of them.



"We have weakling males rather than men "leading" (or I should say, in positions of authority over) our Church."


I agree with you on this, Joseph.

Most of the 'men' leading the Church are horrifically feminized or homosexualized. And you're right. Real men seek and hold onto and die for truth. Feminized men do not.


Walt Osgood

Father McBrien was hand-picked by Father Hesburgh to head the Theology Department.

Both priests are very liberal.


Fr. McBrien is a has-been from the 80s. His career is largely behind him, and most young Catholics have never heard of him. He will eventually just fade into obscurity.


yes Fr McBrien must be censured for deceiving Cardinal Mahoney and THE TIDINGS. ;-)

Matthew McKinley

I am no fan of McBrien, but he does seem to be correct in that he is critical of the notion that saints actually perform miracles. They may intercede on our behalf, but the miracle comes from God. As for Notre Dame, it has become increasingly orthodox in the last few years, although it still has a long way to go. Fr. McBrien is a remnant, who, when he fades, will hopefully not be replaced by someone cut from the same cloth.

Dan Hunter

I have encountered dozens of priests who teach dissent and heresy,just like Father McBrien.Some are young and some are old,BUT they are still in positions where they are teaching.
I have,recently encountered in a three week period two priests who gave me invalid absolutions in confession,and two others who told me that a mortal sin,I had committed was not a mortal sin.
It was of grave matter and I had full consent and knowledge of it being so.
I had to beg one of the priests to absolve me,and the other munbled some kind of fake absolution for another sin I had committed.I am still not sure if he absolved me or not.
Point is this is all over the place and God has to stop it,and soon.
I had to go to Traditional Priest to recieve the correct absolution,and therefore advice on how to battle this sin.
God bless Priests that stand up for the Magisterium!
God bless all.

Alan Simmons

I firmly believe, when God created Man & Woman, HE must have also created along the way a few crack pots like "Father McBrien".


The contents of diocesan newspapers are ultimately the responsibility of the diocesan ordinary. It is not surprising that Cardinal Mahony employs the services of Richard McBrien to fill space in his diocesan newspaper "The Tidings." It would be surprising if he didn't. As soon as the Pope removes Mahony and replaces him with a Catholic we can expect Richard McBrien's influence in the archdiocese will disappear with his column. Please God, I pray this Babylonian captivity will come to an end. Send us Catholic priests and bishops again!

Jeff Miller

On my way into the Church I read his book Catholicism. Even though I was just starting to explore the Catholic Church I knew his book was crap. Theological spidey senses were all tingling. He tries to avoid outright heresy most of the time, but really pushes the edges and tries to downplay authentic magisterium teaching.

Bravo to those Bishops who have canceled his column in the past - and a big strawberry to those who retain it.


Okay, first thing. You can tell the old buzzard is a has-been who has missed the train because he still wears civilian clothes.
Secondly, the fact that he has a column in Jolly Roger's paper is about as newsworthy as a dog-bites-man story. What I'm wondering is who in tarnation was looking at that stupid rag to find out?
Third, Notre Dame has not been run by priests for decades. It was run by the Congregation of the Holy Cross (the order that founded the place), but the order is moribund and a board of directors run the show.
Fourth, when I was at Notre Dame in the 70's I had a nun for a theology professor who denied the truth of the Nativity, speculated that Mary was not, or at least did not remain, a virgin, and was so ignorant that she didn't think it was a big deal if she was or not (forget the fact that it is dogma!) Oh, and perhaps the resurrection wasn't really true, and Heaven is really within ourselves.
So it goes.


"As for Notre Dame, it has become increasingly orthodox in the last few years, although it still has a long way to go."


The most amazing thing about Notre Dame is that the push for real Catholicism comes from a great many of the kids there - who are truly devout and strong Catholics - and who have wised up at much younger ages than most to the lies of the world.

If it we had not seen that, over and over again, my wife and I would not have allowed our son to attend.

Some of the priests there still believe that they have to agree with the world to be 'with it' and 'popular.' But the ones who really have the respect of the kids are the ones who tell them God's loving truth - and explain it, in love - and with no political correctness sullying it.

There is hope for Notre Dame, but it comes from the youth more than the adults. Sad, and good, all at the same time.



Theologian Richard McBrien — I hesitate to use the appellation “Father” for such a heretic — is just another of many taking it upon themselves to define Truth these days. These selfish frauds are denying objective Truth when they impersonate Catholics.

As another example, there’s the widespread braying and shrieking over the Holy Father’s warning to politicians the other day about promoting abortion and then receiving Holy Communion.

Reporting on the pope’s trip to Brazil, many in the media seemed to cast the Faith as a ratings war between true Catholicism and liberation theology, or Catholicism and major Protestant brand names — as if the pope needs to travel to Brazil to shore up the Church's popularity. The Catholic Church isn't "American Idol," where the public's taste rules, trumping the judges and all measures of genuine merit. The only difference is that the public's taste is what makes a pop star, regardless of that performer's ability. But the public's opinion of right and wrong on the abortion issue and liberation theology is utterly meaningless. Objective right and wrong exist, irrespective of the applause meter reading.

I imagine that the pope, Christ's vicar on Earth, feels like Christ when many disciples walked away, and He said to the Apostles, "Are you too going to walk away?" The Truth isn't always easy to follow.

I love the quote from a female Mexican legislator, Leticia Quezada, in one news story. She said, "The church has no right to interfere in my conscience."

Oh, yeah? Is that so? If you have a properly formed conscience, you know right from wrong, and the church's teachings form that conscience. Jesus gave Peter and the Apostles authority to teach what’s right and wrong and to forgive sins.
I don't recall anywhere in Scripture where Jesus gives that authority to some pinhead legislator, whether it be Leticia Quezada in Mexico or Loretta Sanchez in California.

A talking head on one of the cable news networks yesterday also was accusing the pope of interfering in the 2008 American election with his comments on abortion and politicians. The pope is merely calling them as he sees them. If the pope hasn’t the right to say who is genuinely following Catholic teaching and who is impersonating a Catholic, then I don’t know who has that right.

Nobody is saying politicians can’t run or shouldn’t win. I think that the pope is simply saying that if you’re claiming Catholicism to get the Catholic vote, you ought to follow Catholic teaching. If not, you’re a Catholic impersonator — a poseur — and deserve to be called on it. And if you’re committing mortal sins and urging others to follow you, you’re offending God and endangering your eternal soul and those of others. You may not receive Holy Communion unless and until you make a good confession and resolve to sin no more.

Mike C.

Regarding Dan Hunter's post, in which he wrote, "I have, recently encountered in a three week period two priests who gave me invalid absolutions in confession,and two others who told me that a mortal sin,I had committed was not a mortal sin," I feel compelled to tell about my own recent nightmares in the confessional.

I have been going to confession at the Shrine of the Basicila of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., since my return to the Faith 12 years ago. I had always found the priests there to be solid and orthodox; many demonstrated great empathy and understanding in their ministrations of the Sacrament of Penance – until recently.

Several months ago, in confession, I encountered a priest who told me that “thoughts cannot be sins,” after I had confessed what I knew to be an occasion where I had sinned in this manner. When I reminded him that in the Penitential Rite of the Mass we confess that we have sinned “in our thoughts and in our words, in what we have done and what we have failed to do,” he told me he knew his faith, and went on to say that there are “red light and green light” thoughts, but emphasized that we cannot sin in that way. Too stunned to respond appropriately, I continued with my confession to this priest, but vowed if I ever met him again in the confessional, I would leave immediately.

A few months later, I unknowingly approached this priest again, whose name I had carelessly failed to get the last time I saw him. But before I had even finished describing the first and most egregious sin on my list, a sin of pride, he interrupted to tell me, “That’s not a sin, you were only looking for your just due.” Upon entering, I thought his voice was familiar, and his almost contemptuous tone upon hearing my first sentence confirmed that this was the same priest I had met a few months earlier. I asked him to let me finish, and when I did, he repeated that I had not sinned. At that point, heart pounding, I told him I could not continue and left the confessional, went to the other side of the chapel, and made my confession to another priest, thankfully of the orthodox persuasion.

The next day I decided the only thing to do would be to tell Monsignor Rossi, the rector at the Shrine, about this liberal priest and the untold error and confusion he is sowing daily among penitents at the Shrine. Monsignor Rossi immediately responded to my email and told me he would refer the matter to Father Fisher, the liturgy director there, and thanked me for alerting him to this problem.

Things are clearly getting worse in the Church. Now, instead of reading about the rampant problems dissident liberal priests cause elsewhere, I have experienced it firsthand -- in the greatest Marian Shrine in the United States.
God help us all.
Mike C.


I once used this book as a reference - back when I was still under the influence of an extremely dissident diocese. I had no inkling, at the time, that there WAS any dissidence or heterodoxy, since "spirit of Vatican II" had not been exposed to me as the red flag it is. However, one simple paragraph in that book was the germ of my eye-opening. In that paragraph, Original Sin was stated to be merely a symbol, and it said that Baptism was primarily an initiation, without mentioning anything about its cleansing of Original Sin. I asked my parish priest about it. I don't remember the answer he gave me, but it was such obvious double-talk that I gave up. Sadly, it would be another 15 years before I found out the truth. But, at least I DID find out, thanks be to God.
How many countless others have been misled by this book and others like it, I wonder.


I like Father's necktie. I wonder if he actually owns a Roman collar.


"I like Father's necktie. I wonder if he actually owns a Roman collar."

Probably not, those of his ilk probably consider it a superstitious anachronism, just like they do Faith, canonized Saints, Mary's Virginity, the Resurrection, Pentecost, and true Eucharist.


He wears one when he is on Fox news! Cardinal Mahony and Bishop Brown promote Mc Brien along with over half their priests in southern California.


I, along with many others, have long noticed a real split within Our Lord's Holy Catholic Church. The dissenters in this northeastern area of the country really came into my view when they absolutely denied what group, what lifestyle, was responsible for the sexual abuse of young men. We had to attend a class if we even thought we might work with young people in the parish in which we were taught who not to blame.

This call to action offshoot group now with a name that indicates they are faithful is quite the crowd. They are the McBriens and Mahonys. I've heard parishoners in the pews who are affiliated with this VOTF group question whether Our Lord actually suffered and whether He may have had a girlfriend.

Interesting stuff to sit here and listen to and know enough to steer away from. Their priests in the confessional is another horror show which has been alluded to here in these postings. They essentially don't believe sin exists and are bored by the whole process of confession. That makes them folks to steer clear of whenever possible even if that means you wait and wait for someone who can actually hear a confession.


"The dissenters in this northeastern area of the country really came into my view when they absolutely denied what group, what lifestyle, was responsible for the sexual abuse of young men. We had to attend a class if we even thought we might work with young people in the parish in which we were taught who not to blame. "


You bet, Linda. Same here. Denial after denial after denial (including from our bishop [whose closest 'friend' was a homomolestor right in the bisho's own beach house (with the bishop present)].

Homosexuality had "nothing" to do with the fact that hundreds of teen boys (just in our little corner of the country) were sodomized by male priests. Yeah, right.

The heavy shadow of political correctness with regard to sodomy completely suffocates the spiritual oxygen from huge numbers of parishes around where we live.

And you could see it on the national level, where the bishops refused to even discuss whether homoseuxality had something to do with the fact that ten thousand teen boys had been sodomized.

This is exactly why about 80% of the bishops whould be retired. Today.

But sadly, we're never gonna get a Pope who will do that. They're too weak and too cowardly.



I wonder if anyone has asked Fr. McBrien, when he lost his faith in God. He obviously doesn't think or communicate, as a Catholic should.
The biggest danger to the Church is not those who leave and work against her, but those who remain and work their destruction from within--a man like McBrien is one of the worst influences to have, around young people (especially) who must learn truth, not lies.

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