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Friday, May 25, 2007



Not trying to be disrespectful, but humor is sometimes called for:

Benedict's hat looks like a plastic party favor.

PJ II pulls his off much better--at least it isn't made of plastic and I don't see a pinata in the background.

I wasn't around for John's rule (I don't think), but he looks the best, probably because it is white, although how exactly a desk chair got out into the woods like that is a mystery...or is he in his office with that cheap, tacky wallpaper that looks like you're sitting in the woods? That was big in the 60s, right? Can't the papacy afford one lawn chair, for goodness sake?

Miguel Ramirez


It is a SATURNO.

A gallero, the "hat" found on top of the Coat-of-Arms of Bishops/Cardinals, contain "tassels".


Have you seen this yet?

It deserves its own posting.

Archbishop Chaput, speaking to students.

The below is less than 1/4 of the speech. Its an incredible piece.

First, every human person has an inviolable dignity and inalienable rights as a child of God made in his image. No other person or outside power has the authority to violate those rights.

Second, we should sincerely respect every element of truth and beauty embodied in other religious communities. We have an obvious family bond with other Christians and a special reverence for the Jewish people as our elder brothers in the faith. We should also seek to build mutual respect with Muslims, who claim their own descent from Abraham. But our goodwill should extend to every sincere expression of humanity’s search for God, including especially the great religious traditions of the East, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Third—and we should never, ever try to diminish this fact—while all religions have some elements of truth, all religions are not equal. Only Jesus Christ is Lord. Only Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one is saved except through him—even if other people don’t know or accept him by name. *No other way to the Father exists, except through Jesus Christ*.

Fourth, only the Catholic Church is the Church of Jesus Christ in its fullness, and therefore the Catholic Church teaches with his authority.

Fifth, the Church has the duty to preach Jesus Christ and propose the truth of God’s revelation. But she can’t coerce anyone to believe the truth without violating the rights of the individual person and betraying the message of the gospel. In other words, every person is free to accept or reject the message of salvation.

Sixth and finally, every person has a right to freedom of conscience and the serious duty to follow his or her conscience. But conscience never develops in a vacuum. Conscience is never just an exercise of personal opinion or preference. Every person has the obligation to form his or her conscience in the light of God’s truth. And for all men and women, in every age and every culture, the truth about God and the human person is taught in a complete way only by the Catholic faith.


Viva Benedict! He is doing great work for the future of the Church.

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