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Wednesday, May 02, 2007



Makes it pretty clear that faith is a gift. I've always had trouble understanding exactly how that worked.

Billy D

"...and a Red Sox pennant."

Obviously a very smart kid.
Seriously, he should be an example to kids and parents.

Some Day

In the Heralds of the Gospel, a Canadien 8 year old girl joined the congregation as a special case.

Yet you can commonly find as young as 10.

-Daily Mass or 2(usualy recieve Communion twice)
-The Complete Rosary (all 4 mysteries)
-Consecration to Our Lady as taught by St. Louis
-A prayer to the angels
-plus the personal prayers
-plus all the community life duties and prayers
-studies since they are under 18

That amazed me when I saw that.


hahaha oh wow i wonder how much brain washing went into that kid. religion is a choice,it shouldnt be forced.


Jacob, I know many, many parents who raised their kids in the faith. Every single family has at least one kid who left the Church when he grew up. Would anyone ever leave the Church if brainwashing someone in the faith were possible? I doubt it very seriously.

Paul K.

By golly, there is hope for the future. God bless him and his parents.

And religion is a choice - God's choice; his Will. I wish all parents were as responsible as this young mans'. A little holy brainwashing is certainly preferable to the brainwashing our children are usually subjected to in our sick culture.

Let me paraphrase Dr. Kreeft. In the end, there are really only two kinds of people: those who say to God "Let your will be done," and those to whom God says "Let your will be done." No forcing there.


Sounds to me like he has a photographic memory.


Brainwashing? Photographic memory??
How about a saint? Kids devour information about the things they love.


What really matters is whether the kid comes to love God with all heart, mind and soul and strength.

No one knows what is in his heart. But being deeply interested in what the Church is and teaches can only be a good thing.



I'm jealous of the prodigious memory--although I think if I had it I would use it uncharitably...or it would swell my pride to a size bigger than it already is. It is also clear that he has been blessed with a special grace. So many saints seem to have a profound love of Mary. St. Louis de Montford is being proven right every generation.

I'm not sure what his story can tell the rest of us, since this is an extraordinary case. And, no, I don't think it was brainwashing, but a grace. What a cynical, pathetic person you are, Some Day. I guess he was brainwashed to like the Red Sox, too; or, is he merely a bandwagonner now that Boston won the Series a couple of years back?


Sorry, I mean Jacob, not Some Day.


Hello, before reading this, I thought that all those amazing stories of the saints when they were kids, were some kind of "fantasies" to remark the holyness of the person.
I think this boy could be a proclaimed saint in the future, the description is just like those stories in saint's biographies.

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