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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Peter in Montana

Oh, that we had a few more bishops with the moral courage to stand up for the teachings of the Catholic Church. No wonder the churches are becoming empty; the faith has been watered down to where no one knows what the Church teaches.


Yes, I have some thoughts. I am not a lax, dissenting Catholic. I am a pro-life, orthodox Catholic who disagrees with Burke on the Crow matter. Accepting Ms. Crow's assistance in raising money for Glennon Hospital is not an endorsement of her views on abortion policy and no Catholic is required by his faith to believe as such.

The Archbishop looks rather hypocritical in my mind when he declares "What if, for instance, there were someone appearing who we discovered was openly racist and who made statements and took actions to promote racism? Do you think that I would let that go on?"

Given the hospital is named for a man who practiced racism and segregationism (Glennon), it seems that Burke would let it happen, unless he is also moving to change the name of the hospital.


How dare he enforce and promote the teaching of the Catholic Church? Who does he think he is? A Bishop??


The "Crow" matter?

Give me a break. Sheryl Crow, although talented (in my opinion) has actively campaigned for public money to go towards destroying innocent, unborn human life for purposes of medical research.

She is also pro-abortion.

Would you invite Josef Mengele as a headliner at a Catholic charity function?



Atlanta Catholic

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3 Soak up the sun
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Katherine I am sorry that Bishop Burke is... "Not strong enough to be your man". Ms. Crow is not a good role model. Her life's example cannot be ignored just because she can bring in the bucks. Faithful Catholic orginizations cannot and should not promote celebrities who support and encourage the culture of death. Katherine please get spiritual direction on your belief that you are orthodox. You cannot possibly understand the horror of abortion yet want a pro abortion money-maker to bring in the bucks. The baby boy that Ms. Crow just adopted was able to have life because his mother didn't abort her baby. This is a choice that Ms. Crow wanted the mother to have. Now, who is hypocritical?


One minor quibble, I have a hard time taking anyone seriously when they start stating Harry Potter books are "irreligious". Give me a break!

Other than that I'd say the Archbishop is an example of what we need in the Church these days.


What in the world is going on at DePaul?

Visit the link. And maybe this needs some headlines here? There's still time to call and stop this - or at least protest it and help the orthodox Catholic students defend their faith at what is supposed to be a Catholic institution.

DePaul University Plans Pro-Homosexual Conference, Tramples Catholic Identity

DePaul University plans to host a pro-homosexual conference on October 19-20, titled: "Out There: The Second National Conference of Scholars and Student Affairs Personnel Involved in LGBTQ Issues on Catholic Campuses."

pro-homosexual activists from Georgetown, Fordham, Loyola Marymount, Gonzaga, DePaul, Boston College, College of the Holy Cross, La Salle, and others. Attendees included feminist professor Linda Garber, author of Tilting the Tower: Lesbians Teaching Queer Subjects, the Rev. Thomas Brennan, a self-proclaimed homosexual priest and professor at Saint Joseph’s University, and Mark D. Jordan, author of The Silence of Sodom: Homosexuality in Modern Catholicism.

Talks at the first annual “Out There” conference included: “Coming Out Issues in a Catholic College Setting,”1 “Curriculum and Same-Sex Marriage in a Jesuit University,” and “Can I Be Gay and Catholic? Encouraging Theological Engagement and Reflection on LGBTQ Issues.”

Spring, 2007

According to the student newspaper The DePaulia, university president Fr. Dennis H. Holtschneider speaks at the event in support of “queer” programs. Following the priest’s talk, a radical homosexual activist and notorious prostitute also speaks. Students are encouraged to dress in androgynous fashions.

College of Law professor, Donald Hermann, organizes a seminar that promotes the legalization of same-sex "marriage."

Kaiser Wilhelm III

I say archbishop burke was 100% correct in dealing crow the way he did. three cheers for all orthodox catholic bishops!!


Does this bishop have any ties with the anti-JPII and VII group known as the "TFP"? Or rather the American needs Fatima? Because while this bishop has good moral stances, it could be that he is not showing all his cards...

Anon like no other

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition Family and Property is a vary dark group. Not only have they splintered with the founding group in Brazil, but they hold that John Paul II and just about every counciliar pope is not a pope because they are heretics and masons. Therefore they also hold VII and the NO mass invalid.
But they'll never tell you that outright.

Kaiser Wilhelm III

I resent your implications!Some of the best,most loyal and fervent catholics I know are with TFP.


Katherine - I know an angry disgruntled Catholic when I hear one. What proof do you have that Cardinal glennon was racist? What side of the life fence are you on?

Father John Trigilio

American TFP (Tradition, Family and Property) have never repudiated the legitimacy of the papacies of John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II or Benedict XVI, to my knowledge. Like Opus Dei, they have many enemies who resort to slander and calumny as well as non sequitur and ad hominem arguments. Go to the annual March for Life and you see TFP conspicuously present year after year. You will also find them protesting the so-called art museums when they exhibit blasphemy like the Elephant Dung Virgin Mary or the Crucifix immersed in urine. You will find them protesting the likes of Bill Maher, Rosie O'Donnell and other anti-Catholic bigots. "YE SHALL KNOWN THEM BY THEIR FRUITS." I have only seen orthodoxy, piety, reverence, and respect for tradition from TFP members. Devout Catholics and very loyal to the Roman Pontiff and Magisterium. Doesn't the eighth commandment forbid bearing false witness? Rather than fighting among ourselves, ALL faithful, orthodox and loyal Catholics should UNITE and fight the common foe: heresy, apostasy, schism, abortion, euthanasia, etc.

Kaiser Wilhelm III

Father john trigilio,It is wonderful to hear someone boldy speak the truth in the face of dissenters and rebels.


Maybe he'll be moved to LA? (there's a dream for you, lol). Amen to a bishop whose actually orthodox, Archbishop Burke is making people mad, which in general means he's doing is job right :)

Katherine, at least you don't have Cardinal Mahoney, be happy!


There seems to be a dark desire to distort the truth regarding the American TFP/America Needs Fatima. I've know them for years, read their web site, their books and literature, and saw their members march at the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. They do great work and are faithful to the Magisterium. Liberal Catholics may not be too fond of their firm, principled positions against abortion and same-sex "marriage." That is to be expected. However, I really don't see a shred of truth in the accusations and slander above. God bless!


hey i respect u and all but why dont you spare fr. Marek Bozek. i will do any thing 2 make him stay... please let him stay......


As a firm friend of the TFP, I also resent negativeu comments about them. Can you give us any proof...within the last twenty years please...that they have ever said one word against Pope JPII, VII or Pope Benedict. All I hear are unprovable, worn out and oft repeated accusations from 30-40 years ago by anonymous former members about TFP being anti-VII. Heck anyone who said a word about corrupt bishops or liberal priests back then was labeled as a backwards VII hater. I recently saw pictures of TFP / ANF welcoming the new Pope to America in their magazine. Enough stupid conspiracy theories, give us some real facts, names and dates.

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