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Wednesday, May 16, 2007



I was glad to come across this site.I have been seeing a moromon who also happens to be an elder of the church.2 weeks ago I found out that I was pregnant,and yes he had me get an abortion as he thought of it as a mistake,and didn't think this what we needed in this point of our lives.He is older than me,and seperated from his long time wife,but I went by what he said at one point in time when he told me that everyone knows the risks they take when they lay in bed together.Now he tells me god will lift the burden from me,but he will always have to live with the guilt of what he did. Nothing has been lifted for me,and I ask myself everyday,WHY did I do this,and how can he be trying to help me


Unfortunately, Larry, nothing in the teachings of the Early Church fathers, or the beliefs of any Christian (or heretic) sect, at any time in history, even faintly resembles LDS doctrine.

Anytime I bring this up, the "well, we have ongoing revelation" red herring is thrown into the ring.

Early Christian history doesn't support LDS Doctrine, which is why the "Great Apostacy" conspiracy is needed. When did it happen, who started or participated in it? Who knows?

Mendel Potok

The belief that polygamy is required for Godhood in Mormonism is completely false. All that is required is that a man and a woman are married into the temple in order for each to attain Godhood. There may be some extreme offshoots of Mormonism that may claim the opposite, but the LDS (the main branch) does not. Polygamy is a complex history in the church, and one would have to read several LDS books in order to get a satisfying answer.

CJ Douglass

For instance, one should not deny the doctrine of the Trinity and profess to be Christian. If you do so you are simply trying to redefine the word "Christian."

Too bad for Peter, Paul and every other 1st-2nd century believer (hint: they very clearly didn't believe in the Trinity)

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