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Wednesday, May 09, 2007



Guiliani cant be trusted on Abortion issues. Its obvious that he is a true-believer in Abortion and his public debates, statements
and charitable contributions to Planned Parenthood,all allude to that and deeper. Fred Thompson however is acceptable and a winner for a Pro-Life advocacy.

Dan Hunter

Senator Brownback is the only candidate that a Catholic is allowed to vote for.
He backs up his love for the unborn by a solid Catholic piety.
Say what you want about anyone else,we cannot vote for anyone...and I mean anyone other than Senator Brownback.
Oh ye of little faith.
Pray the Divine Office everyday and He will answer to the good of this world.
God bless you and thank you for making the evils of this world evident to the Church Militant



God Bless You.

I disagree with your statement that Catholics must vote for Brownback, though.

You can't go around saying things like that without backing up your statements. You have no evidence that voting for, say, Fred Thompson or John McCain is not morally licit for Catholics.

I would agree that any pro-abortion candidate or any candidate who supports legal recognition for homosexual "unions" is unacceptable and that voting for one of them is probably sinful, but beyond that, is saying too much.

Moreover, the way you say it makes you sound a little nutty, and I know you don't mean to sound that way.

As far as believing that prayer will make Brownback the President, if that were the case, wouldn't our prayers then also make everyone Catholic and wouldn't our prayers make everyone holy?

Don't you realize that many, many people pray for the conversion of sinners, yet many, many sinners don't convert.

When God created man, he gave us the faculty of free will. God respects that freedom. He cannot and will not "make" people vote for Brownback if a certain number of people simply pray for that.

Half the country voted for Al Gore and John Kerry in the last two elections. Those folks won't vote for Brownback.

Most Republicans won't vote for him, either.

His campaign is a non-starter. He isn't registering in the polls and I have yet to hear any news source report that he is a serious contender or has anything like the following that would be required to help him win a national election (when half the country actively votes for the other side).

Sorry, Dan, but God bless you!



Dan Hunter

I do not want to change the subject and defend myself,but you repeatedly are showing me an abundant lack of respect and have now said that I sound nutty.
Where praytell,do I deviate from Church Dogma and therefore the teachings of Christ Himself,in any of my postings?
Why do you consistently make attempts to belittle the blatant truth.
You see as the world see's throgh the taint of this worlds lens.
God wants us to elevate our prayer life to Him,and through His power we can move mountains.
A.Please do not engage in ad hominem attacks on my person again.
B.Please acknowledge that God can and will work through us and give His children a Fathers,BEST,not just a nice handout that leads to better things but the BEST president that there is.And right now that man is Senator Brownback.
With the medium of the internet at your figertips it is Imperative that you uphold your obligation to the good and that means the best.
It does not matter what happened in the past.
If enough men get down on their knees and pray for the election of Senator Brownback to the Oval Office it will happen.And yes it is most possible that if we all unite this will happen.
Let us unite under the banner of Our Lady Of Guadalupe and God will win,now!
God bless you and yours and God bless our Beautiful country.


Okay, Dan.

Whatever you say.



Dan Hunter

Thank you, and God bless.
Sincerely, Dan

Pius V

Dan et al.,

To ban abortion nationwide would require either (1) a constitutional amendment or (2) a judicial overturning of Roe v. Wade and progeny plus federal legislation. Neither a constitutional amendment nor federal legislation is realistic. More important, a president has precious little to do with the passage of a consitutional amendment anyway.

But what is realistic, and what brings presidential involvement front and center, is a judicial overturning of Roe v. Wade. All it takes is the right president to appoint judges who respect the constitution, which in fact does not, as currently written, prohibit congress or the states from proscribing or regulating abortion. Thompson strikes me as a safe bet as a president who would appoint sensible judges -- who would themselves be federalists, more or less.

With Roe gone, the issue would devolve to the states, and then it would be up to you and me to work to make abortion history one state at a time. Some liberal states would still have abortion, but many states would limit it and perhaps outlaw it altogether, and abortions would decline. Lives would be saved and attitudes would change.

As they say, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.


Just a general comment here.

Although some might attempt to say that political topics don't belong on a Catholic blog, I wholeheartedly disagree for a few reasons:

1) I can blog about anything I want to blog about.

2) Abortion is a Catholic issue, as are other moral issues of our time that have entered the political process. It is important to examine the positions and agendas of various politicians in order to determine whether or not Catholics can support them.

3) It is important for Catholics not to buy into the secularist and "progressive" myth that religion has no place in the political arena.




Dan, what news sources are you consulting? I know Brownback isn't registering on the MSM, and that's probably because they just plain don't like him. They're doing to him what they did to Bauer eight years ago: Spiking his candicacy by blackout. I will definitely vote for him in the primaries, but, if he doesn't make it past that, as is becoming increasingly certain he won't, then I shall simply have to choose the least of several evils. It is not a sin to vote for a pro-abortion candidate IF, and ONLY IF, that is not the MAIN reason you are voting for him. So, if someone likes Thompson's views on everything else but has doubts about his stance on abortion; or if someone likes everything else about Giuliani EXCEPT his stance on abortion, there is no sin in voting for either of them.
By the way, I wasn't really thrilled with all those "uhs" in Thompson's responses, either, which seemed to proliferate more and more, the more closely he was pinned down. Hopefully, they were only because his answers were against the advice of his political advisors, and not because he was covering up anything.
While God may not necessarily answer our prayers in the way we want, he DOES always answer prayer. Sometimes, the answer is NO. And sometimes, it's WAIT. Whatever the answer, we must never stop praying.


I agree with Thomistic. Political topics belong on a Catholic blog, when such topics have to do with good and evil (which they very often do).



FYI - that "pro choice" was not Thompson's position. They researched it, and it was filled out by a volunteer staffer who sent it off before checking.

So a whole lot of hullabaloo over nothing.

Fred Thompson = SOLIDLY PRO LIFE, always will be.

I smell Romney's dirt spreaders at work. They've been at this since Fred Thompson showed up on the radar - they are spreading lies and innuendo.

Don't buy it or a minute.

Peter Holiday

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sarah sawyer

Fred Dalton Thompson, the next president
of the USA, is pro life. He is a man of his word who says what he means and means what he says. End of debate.


I've never really understood the support of complete abortion bans by Catholics. As people who always ring about free will given to us by Him, why take away such choice from people who have become unhappily pregnant?

I don't care what you say-- Church Dogma is not the word of Christ; His word is above the pettiness of human intervention-- taking a stance for the church and against His word is sinful.


So in having free will, that suddenly endorses murder. If a person is unhappily pregnant, they shouldn't have had sex, realizing that pregnancy can happen from sexual intercourse. The baby that is growing inside the mother should not be denied a life because the mother is unhappy about being pregnant and couldn't practice self control. So life is just disposable? Is that acceptable to you? A person has sex, they get pregnant, they are mad about the consequence, so a doctor ends the life growing inside the mother and throws it in the garbage. Is this supposed to be a solution? Women need to stop having sex if they can't handle the consequences. Aids and std's are life long consequences, and much worse compared to having a child who will adore you the rest of your life. And regarding church dogma: Where do you think the church got it's 2,000 year old dogma's? Where do you think the bible came from? There was no printing press for the first 1700 years of Christianity. How was the bible kept together throughout time until it was physically available to everyone in book form? Through word of mouth, know-it-all. Jesus's words are available to you now in book form because of the tradition of the Catholic Church keeping it preserved.


As an adopted person through a Catholic agency, I am pro-choice and always will be. There is no such thing as pro-abortion.


Fred Thompson can claim to be pro-life all he wants, but his past history as a lobbyist for a pro-abortion group completely discredits his claim in my book. You cannot separate your personal beliefs from your work, that's called hypocrisy. (
Just because Brownback is Catholic and pro-life does not make him the best candidate either. Congressman Ron Paul (R,TX) has a 100% pro-life voting record, has never voted for a tax increase, and actually reads every bill that comes across his desk to determine if the Constitution authorizes it's passage. He also doesn't miss a ridiculous amount of votes due to campaigning the way Brownback does.


Good for you, support Ron Paul in the primaries. It's good to support the candidate you want n the primaries, even if they have no chance of getting the nomination (and Ron Paul has no chance), because if enough people do that, the candidate who will get the nomination (which will, unfortunately, likely be either Rudy Giuliani if enough nut-jobs support fringe candidates like the Bircheresque crank reactionary who wants to cut and run in Iraq even now that we appear to be winning, Ron Paul, or better, but of course not perfect, Fred Thompson) will hopefully understand that he needs to adopt some of the positions that have cost him votes in the primaries if he wants to win in a general election.




Pope Benedict XVI:

Benedict noted that it was not merely a matter of the Church but one of all humanity. "We are acting as advocates for a profoundly human need, speaking out on behalf of those unborn children who have no voice." He added: "I do not close my eyes to the difficulties and the conflicts which many women are experiencing, and I realize that the credibility of what we say also depends on what the Church herself is doing to help women in trouble."

"I appeal, then, to political leaders not to allow children to be considered as a form of illness, nor to abolish in practice your legal system's acknowledgment that abortion is wrong. I say this out of a concern for humanity."

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