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Sunday, May 27, 2007



Check out the new book by Dr. David Ray Griffin “Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory” 9-11 Debunking



Also, check out the Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Government Officials, Professors, 9-11 Survivors and Family Members who have expressed significant criticism of the 9-11 Commission Report and/or allege government complicity in 9-11 found here:



" Rosie O'Donnell and the other poor, confused souls who believe these delusional theories (generally fueled by an unreasoning hatred of George W. Bush, the Republican party, and/or Christian morality, and anything that stands in the way of elective, legal abortion and a godless lifestyle free from any reminders that said lifestyle is, in fact, evil).

Any thoughts?"

Yeah, my thought is that its orettyt far fetched to assume all of this about someone because they beleive loony conspiracy theories. Just likes it looont to belive all of your readers will vote for a republican.

I roll my eyes at these folks (can't comment on Rosie as I neither like her nor watch the show) but i don't assume somehow that they are pro-abortion, pro-choice, "unreasonably" hates Georgw W Bush (although its hard not to hate a President who has detroyed American foreign policy), "lefty" or evil.

Sad that I came here excited to communicate with folks of my beloved faith and Church but basically find nothing but republican talking points.


I believe that this woman (Rosie) suffers from demonic possession. O'Reilly stated that she changed dramatically several years ago. Probably when she embraced and paraded her evil lifestyle to the world, she consummated her relationship with the Devil. What the world is witnessing now, is the "balance due" and her systematic destruction.



I don't believe all readers of Roman Catholic Blog will vote Republican.

However, I know that they can't vote for Democrats (who support legal, elective abortion and legal recognition for homosexual relationships) if they take the Catholic faith seriously, and I communicate that with all those who share your "beloved faith" in all sincerity and with true charity.

Nobody has to vote Republican, but I believe there are excellent reasons why everybody should, and I am sorry that you and so many other people don't understand them, and/or remain partisan due to family history, and/or simply disagree with them for reasons I can't understand, but am always willing to hear.

So feel free to communicate, but don't fantasize for a moment that it's not right for a Catholic blog to discuss politics, since many, many political issues directly affect issues of Catholic morality (and some, like abortion and legal recognition for homosexual unions, take precedence over other issues because they directly threaten innocent human life and attack the family, which is the basic building block for human civilization), whereas the issues of authentic Catholic concern which Catholics use as an excuse to remain affiliated with the pro-abortion Democrat party and to continue voting for pro-abortion Democrats are not as fundamental and have potential solutions with which reasonable people can disagree.

In so far as the motives of Rosie O'Donnell, who has said that Christians in America are just as dangerous as Islamic, jihadist, terrorists, that Catholics should be barred from holding judicial positions in the United States, who supports, elective, legal abortion, and who openly advocates homosexual activity as an alternative lifestyle (and those who applaud her), I will allow Ms. O'Donnell's public comments speak for themselves and allow readers to judge for themselves about the mindset of those who continue to applaud her, including 9/11 conspiracy theorists.




I'll just say this as I have to run... I am a devout anti-abortion catholic convert and I vote democratic and have worked as a staffer for democrats. None of the parties are "right w/ God". Their are many aspects of the republican party and republicans that are anti-christ as there are in the democratic party. But then i don't expect the secular world to be in full communion with Christ...they are afterall, well, secular.

I would LOVE to continue this dialogue in the near future..God Bless and have a blessed Pentacost.



I'm sorry, but one can't claim to be devout or "anti-abortion" (most Catholics call it pro-life, but maybe you've been hanging around people who hate the pro-life movement so much that they're rubbing off on you in more ways than you've realized) if they support, advocate for, and vote for pro-abortion and/or pro-homosexual (meaning they support legal recognition of homosexual relationships) politicians.

You may not like Republicans, and I may agree with you about some of them, but you can never justify supporting and voting for people who support the anti-Catholic and anti-Christ positions I've just mentioned. The fact that the Democratic party supports legal, elective abortion in its party platform should mean that no Catholic remains in the Democratic party, much less votes for them and works for their campaigns.

If all Catholic Democrats stopped supporting the Democratic party, maybe they'd wake up and stop advocating for legal, elective abortion (which is, in fact, murder).

I am curious as to which Republican party platform issues and/or commonly held Republican positions are as anti-Christ as supporting the legal murder of innocent unborn babies and the destruction of the family unit (through support of legally recognized homosexual relationships).

Perhaps you can enlighten me.




Rosie O'Donnell along with all feminists and homosexuals, especially Elton John and George Michael, have unequivocally voiced their hatred of and anything of God. They have left the world in no doubt about whose side they are. This is indeed the spirit of hell, the demon.

They attack the order of creation everywhere, ramming down our throats abortion rights, children's rights(ironically trampled in abortion), Gay rights, womens rights, and every conceivable right. These rights are now enshrined in the minds of children barely out of the cradle and increasingly in national constitutions with the EU leading the pack in enforcing these abominable laws through out Europe. Everywhere, women are being given a helping hand in seeking liberation and ultimate domination through politics. Should she become the next president of the United States, Hilary Clinton has a feminist agenda that will see unprecedented feminine power. And the gay lobby loves her to death for obvious reasons.

Rosie and her ilk vigorously sabotage the institution of marriage, by perverting the natural God-ordained relationship of love between members of opposite sexes, and in the denial of the rights and duties of parenthood. They attack the family which is the fundamental building block of society.

When we hear them clamoring for rights they're basically doing two things (Paula Haigh - Feminism: The Anti Mary):

1 - they are confusing rights with the freedom to act as one chooses; and
2 - they’re refusing to recognize that some behaviors are good and to be practiced and others are in themselves evil and to be avoided. Reason itself acknowledges this fact.

Rosie O'Donnell and her ilk have truly lost any natural sense of what is good and evil, right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate. they seek to replace objective standards of morality based on the order of creation and the natural law enshrined in the Decalogue with an exaltation of the desires and passions of fallen human nature.

This defiant declaration of the creature's independence from its Creator, enshrined in the so-called rights of man, is a chilling reminder of Lucifer's primeval cry of "non serviam". But we also know what happened Lucifer and his renegade followers after this incident. What follows then is that out of hatred for humanity and envy of the fact that we stand to gain what he lost, Lucifer now wishes to drag as many ignorant human beings as possible to that miserable abyss he now occupies, and must do so for all eternity, by presenting falsehoods clothed as good, to unsuspecting men, men blinded by pride, or simply ignorant men.

But moral evils such as abortion, birth control, homosexuality, woman’s equality or exaltation over men, cannot be good because they are against the Will and the Laws of God interpreted by the Church. Little wonder then that gay activists, feminists and pro-abortionists necessarily hate the Catholic Church and ultimately God.

I will never forget the pure and raw hatred of God and the Catholic Church, in the voice of a lady from New Zealand with whom I had a discussion on abortion, and women's rights. Oh... and that expression on her face. What an ugly expression it was!


what kind of bizarro world is this, where every republican is a God-fearing pro-lifer and every democrat is a satan-worshipping baby killer? pleeze...would that the world WERE so b&w.

if the republicans *truly* wanted an end to abortion, they could've had it over and over again. until last november, they had more 'control' of the supreme court, congress and the white house than either party gets all at once, and all they did was toss the electorate a bone by banning partial-birth abortion (and while it was the only decent legislation we got out of 'em, laus deo nonetheless). but again, i say "they," as in the repubs, when it wasn't unanimous on either side. i am convinced the GOP only uses abortion to string along pro-lifers (remember bush being *opposed* to south dakota's ban on abortion, anyone?**); that they are trojan horses in power out solely for themselves, not their constituents (a la tom delay, who redistricted minorities right out of their representative power in sugarland and advocated others doing the same); whose god is their money (abramoff scandal, anyone? no-bid contracts for cronies to rebuild new orleans or iraq, anyone? or who can remember when ken lay was being considered to run the department of energy?); and who obviously don't care enough about 'family values' to NOT support a candidate for VP who can't take a stand on the homosexual issue because of his tacit approval of his own daughter's lifestyle.

but sadly, on a forum such as this, i would now have to list the many evils democrats are guilty of or risk being called a 'bad catholic,' a 'cafeteria catholic,' or the very reason why the pro-life movement doesn't succeed ("If all Catholic Democrats stopped supporting the Democratic party, maybe they'd wake up..."), because it's easier to blame some anonymous poster on your blog than the men in power for our causes' failures. but i'm not into the right-v-left game, as i suspect the holy father isn't.

and while i agree wholeheartedly with your post, spaxx, how does ANY of that make her wrong on 9-11? is there something so sacrosanct about our war-mongering, power-hungry, soft fascism that we can't second-guess ITS conspiracy theory on the attacks? IT IS INTRINSICALLY AMERICAN to distrust the government--ANY government, ALL governments, but especially OUR government--according to our freemason founders, and to do so is the stuff patriots are made of. i would suggest that in order to *begin* looking into 9-11 appropriately, one would have to read

1. The 9-11 Commission Report;
2. the declassified exerpts from the House-Senate Joint Inquiry Report on 9-11;
3. "Without Precedent" by Kean and Hamilton;
4. and, finally and MOST importantly, "The 9-11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions" by David Ray Griffin.

[griffin is sober-minded and his analysis in this book rejects conspiracies; he only points out the myriad ways in which the commission FAILED us (as it was apparently intended to do, imo). to date, i've never heard of his critique of the commission's report being debunked.]

but who would read all of that? aren't we more content to spout off at clowns like rosie and elizabeth, republicans and democrats? isn't is easier to 'blame lefties' or 'blame fundies' or 'blame jesus-freaks'? go deeper, thomistic et al., and you'll see that questions like your carefully crafted and worded query ("I am curious as to which Republican party platform issues and/or commonly held Republican positions ARE AS anti-Christ as supporting the legal murder of innocent unborn babies..." emph. added) merely underlie the american problem of having to choose between evils if one would be politically successful. the concept is a lutheran one, and ultimately has nothing to do with Catholic Truth.




Anyone who thinks that the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon on 9/11 was a conspiracy devised by the Bush Administration is living in a fantasy world.

Having practiced criminal law (prosecution and defense), I can tell you that conspiracies never stay secret because someone always talk, always, every time. It's just human nature. People can't keep a secret.

Do you have any idea how many people would have to be involved in an undertaking such as this? Not tens of people, not scores of people, not hundreds of people...thousands of people.

It's not just the evil cabal at the top.

Everyone from explosive technicians, to aircraft mechanics, to the guys who fuels the aircraft, to the air traffic controllers, to the book-keepers keeping tract of aircraft inventory, to the guy at City Planning who had to pull the plans for the WTC, to the security staff at the respective buildings, to the crash investigators, to all the media at the scene, would know something was up.

And I very much doubt all the people were Republicans or where bribed, or somehow silenced or disappeared.

This is not a 007 movie, George Bush is not some sort of criminal mastermind on the level of Ernst Stavro Blofeld. He doesn't have a army of henchmen dressed in white jumpsuits and he doesn't live in some space age ski chalet in the Alps. He's the President of the United States, which makes him one of the most scrutinized human being on the face of the Earth.

This is reality people. What the "conspiracy theorists" are advocating is impossible.

Heck, the Soviet Union under Stalin could keeps secret for long. And remember Stalin was a real evil mass murdering tyrant.



your response is typical of those who haven't read griffin's analysis of the 9-11 commission; otherwise, i would expect you to quote where he claims bush is/was the mastermind behind the plot. in another book, he claims the attacks made it convinient for this admin to go on their warpath, but truth be told, the wars against afghanistan and iraq were plotted well before 9-11 (a matter of public record,that) so no news there.

furthermore, even though this has nothing to do with "Omissions and Distortions," just remember that a.) hundreds of people were involved in the manhattan project and *that* top-secret operation wasn't leaked; and b.) this HASN'T been properly covered up--specs about such details as operation able danger keep coming to light all the time. they just don't get much attention.

kean and hamilton's personal accounts of trying to run a genuine investigation of the attacks and finding it impossible to do should *in and of itself* give you pause, if nothing else...



Please pray to St. Dymphna and ask her to intercede for you.






may all angels and saints intercede for us all, nunc et in hora mortis nostrae, amen!

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