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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Mary Marcos

Me and mu husband loved each others before marriage by 4 years but our marriage was impossible becasue of family problems, we used to always visit her church and ask her help, and finally she answered our prayers and we got married by a miracle, also last year she came to my dream and reminded me about her day.


O saint rita please help my uncle with his huge obstacle these days,its the most important days in his life and ours..You helped me alot in my life and I know You can make us pass this..This Is something really big for us but for you its really small...Pray for him and ask Jesus and The virgin to help him and put good people in his path..Please pray for us..

Clare Hoffmann

I have loved and hornored St. Rita for at least 48 years. I have a statude of her with a lite in my home. I promised Her if she sent a good man to me to marry that I would name our first daugther after her which I did ,who is now 44 years old. St. Rita has granted me so many wonderful things that I will honor Her until My life on earth is finish. I love Dear sweet St. Rita. Clare

Please pray that my wife has a change of heart, love me and reconcile our marriage. Please pray that all negative influences and the enemy be removed from her and allow her to grow closer to God and that the Blessed Virgin and her Son pour down graces on her to convert her heart and her mind. Please let me see some positive change in my wife’s attitude. Please bless he and pray for her. Thank you St. Riatfor hearing and answering my prayers. Amen


Thank you saint Rita I will venerate your miracles to everyone I know I prayed for the conversion of my husband and for our marriage Its not completed but I did see a glimmer of hope on my birthday my novena completed wed. my husband did which me happy birthday but was very cold and alufe and did not spend the night in my home but yesterday he called me out of the blue and asked me where I wanted to go and do and appoligized for not doing anything for my birthday he stated he didnt have any money he gave me money to do my hair and I put on a pretty dress and we went out to dinner together without the children and even had pleaseant conversation bless you Saint Rita Thank you I will evermore continue to pray for my marriage and his conversion but this did give me hope THANK YOU


This is the most amazing novena which truely works. I would recommend it especially for those who face impossible situations. She really does work miracles




dear st. rita!
i'm a wife and a mother of 2 boys . life at the company i work for now is uncertain. our country's economy is not doing good as well. i pray for discernment dear st. rita. help me and my husband settle our financial obligations and we pray for job stability so that we can can ensure a bright future for our 2 sons. due to financial stress, we are often arguing. we are much more blessed than others, we know and we thank the Lord for these, however the future in our companies are uncertain and we fear for our children's future. please continue to pray for us dear st. rita! thank you for the recent miracle you have given me in my job. this was so unexpected, i haven't even completed the novena and a miracle has been given to me. thank you very much. help me please at work, guide me in all my projects so that i maybe able to hit more than what is expected of me both in mtd and ytd sales. I love yoy St. Rita. guide us in raising our children and help us become better persons, parents and a loving couple in our marriage.teach us to respect trust and love each other .


Dearest St. Rita, I am a desperate mother asking for your intercession. My daughter has changed. She has two small children 4 and 2 and is on the verge of leaving her husband who is a wonderful man. He takes care of the kids, and loves them very much. She has built a wall around herself and will not listen to anyone about changing her mind. She is hanging around with the wrong people who influence her in the wrong way. Please help her to see what harm she is doing to both our families and hers. I will say the novena as long as it takes because at this point since I cannot do any more I will put my trust in you St.Rita and in God. I promise to spread your devotion dear St.Rita when my prayers are answered. I have faith in you.


Five years ago, I was in a very painful and heartbreaking situation. I prayed to Saint Rita but my prayers were not answered as I hoped for. Now five years later, I find myself in the exact same situation and yet my prayers from five years ago have been answered in some form (maybe a better way). Now I am afraid to pray for the current situation for I see a cycle. Yet, something tells me to ask and this is my time and St. Rita's time to show me the why of everything. So, with all faith and courage, my beloved St. Rita I prayed to you once again to come into my situation and let this be for the honor and glory of GOD. Amen!


please pray for me those of you who post here - i am starting a novena to St Rita tonight - I have some very grave problems in my life that I hope can be sorted out to some extent between 4-7 February - I would appreciate anyone who would consider joining me in the novena Thank you

dennis jetroy garcia

St. Rita,

You are symbolize of good mother, as of this day and many day to come. i Am proud to say thank you very much. you are already sacrifice your self to help god penitential. maybe a ordinary person cannot do that.
first of all my grandmother are sister,,she assign at St. Rita college in the Philippines .last week January 25, 2010 i ask her does saint Rita contribute her life in a madness life of Jesus, to help Jesus sacrifice in cross.she tell to me that saint Rita


Dear St. Rita,
Please help my son Paul John with all these problems he's having. He's a very very good man with two small sons and a great heart. He makes questionable choices like drinking and driving. He's not stupid drunk, but a beer is a beer. I am asking you to help him and learn from his mistakes. Please intervene for him on 2-11-10. He surely needs your help. My husband and I can't think of nothing else but him and his family. So many sleepless nights just worrying. My husband became sick with cancer two years ago and is doing well right now. I need that to continue because I couldn't picture my life with out him. I can't have something like drinking send my husband's disease back. Please help Paul John. Thank you, a worried mom.


Thank you , thank you dear St. Rita for
prayers answered. Love you always, Nancy


Happy feast day St. Rita. Please help my son and daughter in the trials which you know so well in their lives and that I have been asking you to help with. I believe it was through the Lord alone that I was led back to you, the saint of my childhood school days. Thank you for all your intercession with our Lord of Divine Mercy.


Dear st Rita,

My 5 year old has been offered a place at a Catholic school nearby. The trouble is, there are no places in the year 3 group for my 8 year old. I'm so confused. I don't know what to do. St Rita of the impossible, I pray that my 8 year old will be offered a place in the catholic school as well. I also pray that we pay off our debt so that I can reduce my working hours and do the school run myself.


is that really u saint Rita ?

C N Stephen

Hello Saint Rita,
I want you to intercede for me to the Saviour, Jesus, our Lord and the proponent of Ask and It is Given to allow for a completion of a commercial agreement with a Bank in this week. I need the finances to take care of immediate high debts and food on the table. This is my confession. I am a sinner and you know it. Help me walk the straight line in my morals.

Elenore Casey Crane

I tried for over 15 years to have a child. At age 40, after 4 IVF treatments that failed the doctors told me they would not treat me anymore unless I wanted to go the donor egg route...they said I had been on the highest number of bottles of gonal f and had only produced 4 eggs all of which were too small to remove or be viable. 2 years later at age 42 and a state legislator I filed legislation for insurance coverage for fertility treatment to help other women. The day my bill came up for a failed I was upset that night I prayed a very heartfelt prayer to st rita I had been upset all day and begged her to give me a child. 5 months later I found out one day that I was pregnant. I was 42 and had not been to the doctors for 2 yrs. I had no fertility treatments I was shocked to learn that I was 5 months pregnant I thought I had the flu...they then gave me my due date right before Christmas and my conception date. I knew the date immediately the conception date was the day of the vote..the same night as the prayer to st.Rita. My son Matthew was born on Dec 23, 2007 I was 42 years old and he is perfect and super smart and a joyous miracle of St.Rita...with whom the impossible is possible

Kristen Perone

does anyone know how to obtain the crushed grape leaves from umbria, italy said to have miraculous healing powers? They are listed on a catholic sacramentals site as being for sale but have not been available for the last few years.




Dear, dear St. Rita,
Thank you SO MUCH. You are truly the saint of impossible cases.
My family was in danger of losing a property we had owned for generations. There was truthfully nothing that could have been done to save our land, except through divine intercession. I prayed to St. Rita, including her novenas, and right out of the blue, in the 11th hour, my prayers and the prayers of my entire family came true. I KNOW St. Rita will hear your prayers, so do NOT hesitate to ask her help. She is in great favor with God and can truthfully work wonders. I am the most grateful individual you will meet, and it's all thanks to St. Rita! May you all be as blessed. Please continue to pray to, revere, and honor this beautiful saint- I know I will always!!!


St Rita
I'm asking your help to save my marriage of 14 years. I believed we were happy and my husband says he is in a rut and is contemplating leaving me and our 2 children. I am devastated by this possibility. please help him see how good our marriage is and we can get through a rut. we have a deep love and we still communicate well.
Praise to you ST RITA

patsy mccann

i am reading st rita sbook she is a wonderful saint and i hope lots more people learn more about her i would like to ask her to pray for me do you have aprayer line

J Arnin D Santos

St. Rita,
I have only known about your miraculous intercessions a couple of months ago and my family & I have praying to you since.
I am caught up in a dire situation in a foreign country where fending for my family's day-to-day needs are becoming increasingly difficult because of creditors & non-employment.
One miracle that I can attribute to you, my dear St. Rita, is meeting my neighbour Mr. Laurent Delorme on the eve of my eviction from the place my family & I are staying in. He knew of the spot that I was in & immediately called the landlord to see if there's anything that can be done. When the landlord (apologetically) declined, he then, without batting an eyelash, offered his home to me & my family – which included our pet dog!
I still have to look for a place that I can house my family in but for these last few weeks, you, St. Rita, have made it easier for us to deal with it.
This is not my last letter as I have more issues to resolve & with your assistance & intercession, I know it will all come into place.
Thank you St. Rita!

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