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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Pete Santos

In March I took a new job. I turned out to be a place of great turmoil because of the man who started the business. I couldn't take it. A few weeks ago I prayed a novena to St. Rita for change and relief. On Aug 20, the investors removed the man who started the business. I was hoping for a new job, but in essence now I work for a new company. Thank you St. Rita. Praise the Lord.


i stand here in dire need of help. God Almighty is the only one who can answer my prayer. St Rita please, interceede for me.


This is in response to Elenore Casey Crane's post. I'm so happy that St. Rita answered your prayer for a baby. My mother prayed to St. Rita all of Lent for a child. She told me that she knew in her heart that I was on my way that Easter. I was born on Christmas Day. My mother was always so very proud of my birthday. She said that I was a special gift. I know that she had a devotion to St. Rita all of her life. Oddly enough, I graduated from college on May 22 and the brother to whom my mon=ther was closest was born on May 22. God took my best friend, my mother, to heaven last year on May 22, the feast of St. Rita.


Pete Santos

I need to credit St. Rita with another miracle on my behalf. This past Monday, 8/30/2010, the company I work for was scheduled to have an important audit that we were not ready for, but our GM insisted on it. I was heading up the preparation for the audit so my head was on the line. Monday morning I prayed to St. Rita for her help and went to work. By 10 AM when the auditor was not there, I called his office. The representative explained there was a miscommunication and we were not scheduled for an audit that day. The re-schedule gives us an additional 60 days to prepare and tie up all the necessary loose ends. Thank you St. Rita. You are truly the Patroness of the Impossible.


I,Candyrose love the story of St,Rita of Cascia.I named my daughter Ritacascia as I had come across the of Santa Rita de cascia.It is only now that I came to know of her very great miracules.
Please pray for all of us at home dear santa Rita de Cascia.

brenda flateau

Please help me find St. Rita's crushed grape leaves. I had them and gave them to a cancer patient. I tried getting them where I had gotten them before, but they haven't had them in 2yrs. St. Rita has been good to all that have reached out to her. She is my patron. God bless you, Brenda

candyrose ukachukwu

pls give me the email id of st rita of cascia
so that i can be a member.I want to inroll in st rita of cascia magazine.(Monthly subscription.

candyrose ukachukwu

pls help me with st rita of cascia monostry
email id.
My email id is


Dear St. Rita - I am so thankful for you and Jesus answering my prayer. I will make it known that you are truly the saint of impossible causes and hope my daughter is born on your feast day. I am now a true believer in the power of prayer.

Valerie O leary

Dear St. Rita,

Please look upon my request with favour. I have two wonderful sons for which I am so very blessed and grateful.
As a mother like yourself I want the best for my sons, my eldest son has failed one his exams and is appeling this decision, please let this appeal be successful as he has worked so very hard for his qualification.
Also stay by the side of youngest son as he travels around the world for the next 18 months.

Always devoted to you


thank you St.Rita for the many miracles you have performed for me, i can not wait to see what you have in store for me the closer we become. I love you St.Rita, i truly truly do.



how much i need u pls help me in this momentes cause i can't visit u in italy it;s my dreammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Deacon John Kranz

<3+F, S+HS


Please can u issue me an poem or article on saint Rita de cascia.

Elizabeth McCurdy

Thank you St. Rita for your intercession and answering the prayers for my family.


Thank you Saint Rita for answering my prayers!


I would like to put the most honored St. Rita to work for my troubles. I have nine kids, seven living. The six oldest have decided that they won't have any contact with me. Sordid details too unholy to mention. I have a fear that their eternal life may be in jeopardy. I am OK with the detachment from the perspective of gaining sanctity. But I am not sure about God's plan. Does He want me to act? In what way? Can anyone help me find some of St. Rita's crushed grape leaves?



Dear St Rita, thank you so much for your intercession to God for letting my messages be sent with success, for the replies and also for things to go well. Thank You God for answering my petitions through the intercessions of St Rita for me.


St Rita I Love U and wish to visit U one day...Pray 4 me ...


Thank you once more St Rita for your intercessions for God's mercy and for the answers too. Thank you so much :)

sevag demirjian

dear st rita today in libanon we calebrate and pray for u at st rita cherch rawda i wona thx u for every thing that u gave me when i will pray for u hear us when ever and where ever we are the u my st rita i really love u and hope when i die i will se ur butifull face love u sevag demirjian


My Lovely St. Rita,
I got married and i know that i might not have children. I had a feeling that you will be next to me, i loved you too much & will always do. I hope one day you will give me your grace: little "Rita-Maria" that will change all my life. From all my heart i bag you to pray for me & my husband & i promis that you will be proud of us.Please admire us & send us what we diserve. We love you


Thank you Saint Rita. I am certain it was you who heard my prayers and responded with a miracle. I will forever be devoted to you.


If St.Rita of cascia is a saint let her prove
that she is a saint.On many instinces I call
her for help,but never did I receive any.



Thank you St.Rita, my spouse's background check for immigration was successfully completed. He is currently waiting for a response from the immigration authorities whether he will be granted a permanent resident visa. Praying to the Saints has given me the strength and faith to deal with this difficult issue & other difficult issues in my life. I am currently praying to be reunited with my husband and for my marriage to be strengthened. I appreciate everything that the St. Rita & praying has done for me.

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