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Wednesday, May 30, 2007



"I believe "hate" crime legislation is essentially indoctrination that has been elevated to the status of law,...."

You hit the nail right on the head there.

Billy D

"It is also frustrating to see that CNN's story (unfairly) lumps conservatives in with racists and white supremacists."

Frustrating, but not surprising. The only thing CNN and co. loathe more than conservatives are Christian conservatives. Any opportunity to throw the right under a bus is seized upon like a steak in a wolf pack. I admit, I was surprised FOX never grabbed hold of this story. Not Greta, not Geraldo... odd, that.


Another double standard. My wife and me are sick and tired of the double standard that applies to others (Homosexuals, Blacks, etc.). My wife who is Black states that she is American and not African American. When will people be proud to be just American. Roman Catholic as well as other Christian faiths have to stand up and call a crime a crime no matter what color your skin is. My wife has been called white because she speaks proper english, educated, and being Roman Catholic. She often says that if that what white means them I'm white with brown skin.


Actually "hate crimes" are very easy to prove in our society. If a member of the majority does the crime against a member of a minority (however you choose to define those terms--religion, race, sexual orientation) then it is a "hate crime." If a member of a minority does it against a member of the majority then it is "a response against oppression."

Mrs. PDS

I agree with Billy D and his wife. A crime is a crime no matter who commits it. I am mystified as to WHY the media is so selective about the crimes they report...
I'd like to think they want to protect the public by not reporting such a crime in order to prevent copy cats,
but I seriously doubt that. Only if such a horrible murder happened to a top liberal reporter or politician would the media bring it to the attention of all.
We live in a SICK world. I am deeply saddened that this young couple died in such a brutal way, I am sure the criminals will want mercy shown them, though they gave none.

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