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Friday, June 01, 2007



The Governor is a parishoner at St. Monica's in Santa Monica. This parish is among the most liberal anywhere in the country. A friend who attended their RCIA heard a priest tell catechumens that he did not believe in transubstantiation. The parking lot is a cornucopia of pro-choice bumper stickers. He will not be reprimanded for these statements.


How dare Arnold criticize Herod for killing the innocents for his own political purposes! "Keep religion out of politics!"

Uh, genius, there are plenty of moral, philosophical, and scientific reasons for fighting this. We don't need to "resort" to religion to make our case.

This is what we get for electing a poser catholic candidate...and no one deny they knew this five years ago. Imagine what we'll get with Giulliani? Same exact things.

I seem to remember a good bishop in Sac Town. Does he refuse him Communion while he's at the State's capital on Sundays? Might anyone know this?


This is California and Arnie is the best we can muster up. He is a mess but a good alternative to him could never get elected in a state as lost as this one.


If the only acceptable behavior is hypocrisy, then I have little hope for the long continuance of our republic.

Paul K.

Well, I know we have a hierarchy, but do we have real Leaders, real Witnesses? I think not. When I compare our hierarchy of today with the first Church leaders (the Apostles) and the early Church fathers, I am frankly disgusted.

It is high time the American hierarchy starts shooting their mouths off as often as our "Catholic" politicians. As it is now, they are demonstrating that all they really care about is our money.

The Apostles weren't afraid of losing their lives, often in the most horrific ways. Their successors of today are afraid of losing their and our tax-exempt status. Heck, for all I know, we (the laity) are too. Well, I for one am ready to put my money where my mouth is.

Money talks and the bishops balk. Nice.


Would Arnold also agree that the future Pope Pius, while in Germany, should not have opposed the Nazis?

Arnold's Nazi father, according to USA Today has quite a record:

"Gustav Schwarzenegger, the late father of the film star now running for governor of California, was a volunteer member of the Sturmabteilung, or SA — the notorious Nazi storm troopers also known as brownshirts.

The father's Nazi Party membership and combat record in the German army are not new, and his son's dismay about it is well known. The revelations of SA membership that emerged a week ago add another strand to the murky story.

The "SA 1.5.1939" listing shows that the elder Schwarzenegger joined May 1, 1939, the year after Germany annexed Austria and six months after the brownshirts played a crucial role in the bloody Kristallnacht riots."

Devout Catholics are called to pray, make sacrifices, and do penance for the conversion of our fallen away brothers and sisters. I suggest that all of us say at least one decade of the rosary each day for Arnold's conversion.

However, no one should hesitate to peacefully and prayerfully challenge him on what a "dedicated" Catholic is. Arnold should not be allowed to lead others into his sins by remaining silent.

Based on his public sins against humanity and the Church, he is not a devout Catholic and should refrain from receiving the Blessed Sacrament until he repents in the confessional and does not repeat these sins.

Some may call this judging our brother. I have not. Paul tells us whomever receives the Body and Blood of Christ unworthily judges themselves. When a Catholic stands up and public, supports positions clearly opposed to Christ and His Church, it is not judgement, it is a public admission of sin.

Chuck Griffin

Boo-Hiss!, all i can say here is Gov. Arnie isn't worth a bean for stating what he stands for. However nothing surprises me anymore. Politcs, no matter what party are all in office for themself. Boo-Hiss!


Does anyone still believe in the separation of Church and State? It's a principle of our foundation here in the United States of America. I ascribe to the following princles: Separation of State Authority VII: political leaders should not express religious preferences in the course of their duties. Separation of Religious Authority I: no church should prescribe, proscribe, or amend civil or common law.



Can you show me where the phrase "separation of Church and State" is in the Constitution?

(I'll give you a hint: It's not there.)



Paul K.

Right on, Thomistic. "Separation of Church and State" is not in the Constitution. And I would add that the Founding Fathers never conceived of the part of religion in our culture in that way, that is, that it not influence, or take any part in, secular government.

Let me also add that, well, what if these disgusting supposedly Catholic politicians don't 'have a right to impose their beliefs' on others, an argument they all use to rationalize their crass pandering? I don't give a poop whether or not they think they 'have a right,' and I'll bet my soul that God doesn't either. And God doesn't care about 'rights' in this context.

They have an obligation to be proper Witnesses to what is Right. If that means 'imposing beliefs' on others, then so be it, or by golly, become a Methodist, Herr Schwarzenegger (or is that Shriver), Signor Giuliani, etc.

That's what all that business about the tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden ultimately means to me. It was THE choice between obligations and rights. Adam and Eve chose (assumed) their 'rights' over their obligations and, well, the rest is history.


The phrase separation of church and state is generally traced to a letter written by Thomas Jefferson in 1802 to the Danbury Baptists, in which he referred to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution as creating a "wall of separation" between church and state. The phrase was then quoted and endorsed by the United States Supreme Court first in 1878, and then in a series of cases starting in 1947.


political leaders should not express religious preferences in the course of their duties

Even if the relgious preference is atheism?

Sorry, atheism is not the official state religion and it should not be. The state is to be NEUTRAL toward religion. Not pro-one religion (atheism) versus against other religions (theism)

I love it how SOCAS is being used to stifle freedom of speech AND freedom of religion at the same time.

Now back to Ahnold: He should stop worshipping the mirror and actually practice what he preaches. If he is truly a "dedicated Catholic" he will drop his hatred of the unborn quickly.


Awnold "Catholic?" I'm not so sure. (If only the California Bishops had the courage to step up like Archbishop Burke in St. Louis).

Totally agreed St. Monica's is a VERY LIBERAL parish (as i've been there). I get the strangest looks for kneeling after the Agnus Dei. (Forgive me for doing things the right way, lol)

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