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Monday, July 16, 2007


Leo Wong

From a parishioner of St. Mary's by the Sea:

"The Tridentine Mass will officially start at St. Mary's by the Sea on Sept.16th. Father Tran notified us in the bulletin."

Brian Day

I have a copy at home. I've already posted it at Rorate. Let me know and I can email you the Word document.


I read the Trautman statement. Priests who intend to offer the Tridentine Mass must pass a test. I bet that is SOME test.


Leo - what time will that mass be?


I used to go to Mass in the Orange Diocese at the parish called Our Lady Help of Christians. Father Schell was the parish priest...he gave me my First Holy Communion. He has since passed away, and now Father Perez is one of the priests for the parish (there are several). There is a huge school, Padre Pio Academy (it was started after I moved away from the CA area). Father Schell's story and the story of the parish is quite amazing - you can read about it on my blog here:


I forgot to add that the parish I mentioned - Our Lady Help of Christians - is a parish whose priests exclusively celebrate the Tridentine Latin Mass. You won't find a Novus Ordo Mass ever said there. The parish and the parishioners are wonderful people, several of my relatives still attend Mass there. If anyone would like information about the priests or the Mass or the parish, I can certainly provide that, just let me know.



12:00 PM (noon) it was under Father Johnson...


I think with the Pope's letter there will be more celibration of the old Mass.


Has anyone read the letter from Benedict to the Bishops regarding Summorum Pontificum? I was pleased with Summorum Pontificum, but I found a few things in it that I disagree with (and some things that I believe, with all due respect to our Holy Father, are incorrect).

I was much more pleased with the letter he wrote to the Bishops. It's over on my blog if anyone wants to read it.


Who would offer the Mass at St. Mary's of the Sea? A Norbertine priest? If so, who?


Actually, here in Denver, there will be a decent number of TLM done, but I have heard that Archbishop Chaput (who set up a parish specifically for FSSP to do TLM, and has allowed it freely!) will require some testing as well for Priests.

Its not to restrict it, but to ensure proper practice.

Folks, the Mass, in either form, is not something you just go and do. the words must be right, the rubrics must be followed. And given that there is a whole generation of Priests out there who have never or barely ever said a Novus Ordo Mass in Latin (much less a Tridentine one!), I believe training is the order of the day.

Thank God (and our Archbishop) that we have FSSP here to draw on for the teaching, and that our seminary has been a solid ORTHODOX one as well.

So do not be too alarmed - some of the older priests are simply scared of TLM, and a lot of the younger ones are willing but not completely and competently trained. And certainly most of them are out of practice!

Give it time. The Pope and God are on our side. It will happen!

Leo Wong

Please see:

St. Mary's by the Sea


Hey Leo, I thought you promised you were never going to participate in this blog again?

Leo Wong

I wanted to draw attention to something good by Father Tran and Bishop Brown.

Atlanta Catholic

Leo Wong,

What a compliment!!!! CoffeeMugPhilosopy was patroling for your posts. We need to request our government to hire CoffeeMug Philosphy for future terrorist threats against our country. He or she is definitely poised for accurate radar. My mother used to say, "If they are not talking about you or always agreeing with you, two things are obvious.
#1 You are boring
#2 You never take a stand for truth"!

Thank you for posting. I have missed your charitable wisdom. Thank you for proving my mother had wisdom too! Great news about St. Mary's.

carol blankfield

I just saw this on "A Faithful Rebel" and I had not considered it (Re: the statement in the motu proprio about the Tridentine during the Triduum).
But - sounds good to me!

Actually I don't think that's true. The only thing the Pope says is that PRIVATE traditional Masses are not to be performed during the Triduum. This does NOT apply to public Masses offered during that time (the ones where there is a "stable group of faithful.")

In that event, if there are scheduled Masses due to a stable group of people asking for it, the Traditional Mass WOULD be permitted, and I dare say would be most encouraged during that most solemn time of the liturgical year.

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