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Sunday, July 15, 2007



As an attorney, I can tell you that creating settlements on a case-by-case basis becomes VERY expensive. Essentially, handling claims as a class is a way for all parties to settle all claims as expeditiously as possible.

I'm not so sure this gets Roger Cardinal Mahoney out of hot water, though. Some DA may still want to indict him on a conspiracy charge.

Peter Beckschi

Cardinal Mahoney should resign or be removed for dereliction of duty. A post at the Vatican would be too nice as well as a cop out. Think of the financial loss to the schools, the poor, and retired clergy not to mention those who have been harmed because of his incompetence.


All I can think is that someone just hit the lottery, at the expense of a charitable organization who just happens to have some perverts working for them. no disclaimer about the victims well being included on purpose.


The presence of scumbags like Mahoney in positions of authority in the Church is inexcusable. Could someone tell me why this beast is still in office? If the folks in the Vatican (and I include B XVI )really believed that the Catholic Church is what it says it is, they would have fired this bag of filth long ago. How many souls may have been lost because that horrible man wears the red hat?

TM Lutas

Statutory rape laws are predicated on the concept that minors cannot meaningfully give consent. It is a misuse of the secular legal term to say otherwise.

Adults can and regularly do manipulate minors. A lot of what parenting *is* is the proper manipulation of a minor into a productive state of mind. You distract, you cajole, you condition so that the little tykes eat their veggies, brush their teeth, and don't stick metal objects into live wall outlets. When this natural fact is manipulated by sick adults to groom minors to give the false appearance of consent, it is, in itself, an additional crime because it plants the idea strongly that it's the kid's fault. It is not the child's fault according to the secular law.

Now you can make an argument that once a child has reached the age of reason, consent can be meaningfully given, that's fine. But the only impact that should have is on any internal Church tribunal. The secular law does not recognize this rule and we should not be mixing secular and religious definitions this way.


If the folks in the Vatican (and I include B XVI )really believed that the Catholic Church is what it says it is, they would have fired this bag of filth long ago.

Sometimes, time is the best ally one has. As more than one Catholic has observed: Many times, the solution to the Church's problem is in the funeral rite. This advice has served the Church since the times of the Roman Emperors. Roger Cardinal Mahony has only 4 more years until he tenders his resignation. In all likelihood, the Holy Father is taking the same road the early pontiffs took and just letting time pass until he receives a certain letter with an LA postmark.

Kathy Carroll

I recall a quote from Our Lord in the Gospels to the effect that it would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around one's neck than to harm innocent children. The Church may not be willing to extend justice to those responsible for these disgusting crimes, but human arms are too short to box with God. Even--perhaps especially--the arms of those who shielded the perpetrators.


I wonder if Pope Benedict has seen "Deliver us From Evil"? I don't understand why it would be considered better for the Church universal to keep people like Cardinal M in positions of trust and leadership. It doesn't just hurt the victims (which is bad enough!) but the whole Church suffers from doubt and a haunting sense of betrayal and abandonment when horribly untrustworthy "shepherds" are not dealt with.
No doubt there are reasons that I can't see, but I can't help but see the pain that results from inaction or right action in these cases.


make that "lack of right action"


The current Church exhibits the classic symptoms and behaviors of a bureaucratic organization (see Weber, Simon et. al) Kung called it "triumphalism". That means The Bureaucrat in Rome exacts loyalty by appointments while tolerating behaviors for the sake of the Organization.
There were no clerics during the three centuries following the death of Christ who eschewed the priests of His time (see "A Church In Search of Itself" by Robert Blair Kaiser). Unfortunately, the Church became Romanized while we became Christianized.

Servant-leadership is needed now more than ever in our Church. As one parishoner put it: "it's time to retire the swishy taffeta robes and get real'!!!


One thing that occurs to me is that perhaps there was a rule that was being blindly followed by some of our bishops but that was never meant to be applied in the particular situations we faced in the U.S. (i,e someone expected the bishops to have more common sense?)Somewhat like a parent telling a child not to accept candy from a stranger then being unable to punish the child when he accepts a cookie, which, after all, is not candy???
There must be SOME real obstacle here to doing the right thing regarding the correction of those who appeared to be guilty of criminal negligence...

Atlanta Catholic




There must be SOME real obstacle here to doing the right thing regarding the correction of those who appeared to be guilty of criminal negligence...

Obstacle=Wolves in sheep's clothing

Atlanta Catholic

Obstacle=Wolves in lavander wool


I'm looking for a 'what', you're looking for a 'who'---but if there are that many 'whos' there must be a 'what'!!!!!!!!! There must be a situation, a circumstance, a threat that is preventing good, wise leaders from doing what is just in matters of
of abuse, both sexual and spiritual.
And the 'what' involves 'how'. IF, in fact, there are powerful people obstructing truth and justice, how are they controlling the MOST influential leaders in the Church? I refuse to believe it is a monetary issue. (although withdrawal of funds could hurt the Church in ways we haven't yet imagined.)And Pope Benedict's courage is obviously not in question.
While I doubt that any of us will find the answers in our lifetime, I wonder if it's a matter of the WHOLE truth being finally too damaging to be revealed. As in, we DON'T want to know!


If only it was as simple as firing Mahoney (I live in the archdiocese). Often times we look for simple solutions to complex problems. I have the calender in my office 3 years and x amount of days before he (Mahoney) has to retire :).

With that said, I'm not sure how many of these cases are actually true. There is a possiblity of people laying fasle claims just to get money out of the Church.

However, also saying that, it by no means excuses "Cardinal" Mahoney from criminal negligence. If he had any humility, he'd resign himself right now, and live in a monestary for the rest of his life. Maybe Fr. Francis from EWTN will be promoted to Bishop, and Pope Benedict will assign him to LA.

As a teacher I've found this to be true: Stendets are a reflection of you. And unfortunately with the herodoxy of Cardinal Mahoney, some people have followed his example. (I however have not)

I don't believe you can be un-ordained, or "fired" from the Episcopacy. I have been working on a letter I am sending to the Pope addressing my concerns for the archdiocese here.

I do ask for your prayers for my archdiocese.

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