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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Atlanta Catholic


Thank you for reminding me of the power of prayer. The conversion of Alphonse Ratisbonne is one of my favorite stories. I know a man who gave his sick, fallen away brother, a Miraculous Medal to wear. The brother had not practiced his faith for 30 years. The brother agreed to "just wear the medal".
A local priest was called to visit the brother who was now very ill.

The priest visited the man several times but felt something more was needed. The priest requested the Legion of Mary to visit this man. This man had been mistreated by his father. He wept when he spoke of sad memories. He showed the Legion of Mary members the Miraculous Medal that his brother had asked him to wear. The sick man allowed the Legion of Mary members to come and visit him for some time. After many visits the sick man asked the Legion of Mary members to send the priest to visit him again. The man said that he had now "pondered" his whole life. The priest had been praying, the brother had been praying, the Legion of Mary had been praying. The man had continued to wear the medal. The priest returned and gave the sacraments to the dying man. The man was crying and full of joy. He said to the priest..."Thank you so much for sending the Legion of Mary"! The man had been so wounded by his earthly father, it took the simple gesture of wearing the Miraculous Medal. This gesture, obtained for this man, the grace and sweetness of Our Lady to soften the footsteps toward this man's understanding of his heavenly Father's complete love for him. Yes, the Miraculous Medal is beautiful!



Nice post! I wear the Brown Scapular and Medal of St. Benedict. Maybe you can post the stories behind those sometime. In fact, why not include most of the popular medals and scapulars?


Thanks, Patrick.

Excellent suggestion! I will try to remember to do that.




Christian jewelry has become secularly fashionable and meaningless(within the culture), via Madonna, crystal glass crosses, etc...

I chose the Miraculous Medal as a symbol of my
Catholicity quite a few years ago after scouring the internet for something special and the Holy Mother has not let me down.

....Most recently, I have become fond of a combined medal Scapular and Miraculous that is poured into one dual medal......very rare to find but they do crop up on Ebay about once a month.

Jeff Miller

Well the story of Father Marie-Alphonse Ratisbonne is rather simplified and his conversion was not so drastic as indicated, but it is still a wonderful conversion story.

Catholic convert Roy Schoeman's book Salvation is from the Jews contains a more in depth version of the story.

Ratisbonne older brother Theodore converted to the Catholic faith and became a priest when Alphonse was still a child and as a result developed a violent hatred towards the Church.

It was during his engagement that he started to have religious feelings and because of his fiancée started to believe in the immortality of the soul and started to pray again. Subsequently he even walked into a church during the Mass, though he hadn't planned on it, and started to pray and had a interior locution "your prayer has been answered."

It was after this that the Baron (a friend of his brother) dared him to wear the Miraculous Medal.

The real story of his conversion shows how grace was preparing him for the Baron's request and his vision of Mary when he walked into an empty Church.


Interesting. I am always afraid of giving medals, crosses, etc. to those who reject Jesus and the Church because I fear their negative reaction will condemn them.
This is precisely what holds me back from giving a crucifix to a newly married couple in my family who intentionally designed a wedding ceremony that included everyone BUT God. Since I was the bride's Confirmation sponsor, and her mother has already looked mockingly on my idea of reminding the bride of the One she neglected --because that would be imposing MY religion, I am especially haunted by "dreads".
Now, reading this, I think my first impulse may have been the right one, if I accompany it with prayer.

A Simple Sinner

Thank you for this post.

I used to wear a miraculous medal but had stopped doing so some years ago.

After reading this, I left early for work so that I could buy a new scapular & miraculous medal. While I was at the shop I bougt a medal of St. Benedict as well and attached them both to my new scapular.

I had been thinking about doing so since listening to the sermons at

After I read this post, I knew it was time.

Thank you.


Inspiring story, thanks! We have individually coined Miraculous Medals, very nice.

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