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Saturday, September 22, 2007


A Simple Sinner

Sincere regret is much preferred to celebration of the event.

I worked with a woman who rather candidly made reference to going to taking her niece to Planned Barrenhood for an abortion: "they are clean and cheal - that's where I got mine!"

In spite of myself, I winced.

Boy I then got an earful...

"WHAT! You think people who get them are going to hell? What about Father "X" who everyone thought was so great and was #$%^ing altar boys for years? You think he is going to get wings in heaven like some angel on a cloud?!? That's ok?!? That is fine?!?" she raged.

In spirte of myself, knowing it would do no good, I calmly stated - "No, without contrition before death, they would share a spot in hell together." I can only take so much abuse, why I ask for it, I don't know.

In my limited experience (I am aware of at least 12 of these murders among people I deal with) hearts seem to be very recalcitrant.


I've heard of women having emotional and psychological problems after their abortion. I know that this may sound callous, but I don't really give a crap. We lost a child due to a miscarriage, and my wife and I were devastated. It's hard to feel bad for a woman who deliberately killed her own child when you've lost your own child.

Pius V

She just said the most unfashionable thing imaginable and her candor is commendable.


The best thing that could happen is for post aborts to speak of their pain and sorrow and loss, Pope JPII writes in E. vitae (sp?) that it will be post abortive women who will do the most to end abortion.

I have done sidewalk counseling- some women and young girls are crying and running in to the clinic. They feel they have no choice. The men sometimes walk them in and drive off. I am glad there are men who want to father their children, many men wont.

Their is also a stigma to single mothers and one parent children- as though they were scourges on the earth. I have even heard from the pulpit this:" If I was the devil what would I do? I would have alot of single others, etc. ..." and not one word against abortion.

Talk about the guilt a single mother would have at that moment- a devil plaything now.


What about the joy in Heaven over one repentant sinner? Even if we don't care, Jesus is waiting for each of those still hurting abortive women to return to Him. Abortion continues because we don't care enough, I'm convinced. We don't care about the babies, their fathers or their mothers.
Our lack of caring, (or the small number of faithful who do care) must be a huge factor because we are a democracy. Therefore, we can't say that this situation is forced upon us.
As for the abortive women (and men) being the best witnesses and catalysts for change, I think that's true. It's also true of converted abortionists AND of people who have lost and mourned their children. Somehow, the work that is born out of pain has more value and effects more change.
I am sorry for your pain and that of your wife, Carlos. I will remember you in prayer. Thank you for bearing witness, in your pain, to the worth of an unborn child.


We also need to remember that the aborted baby still exists (as does the miscarried baby). One of the keys to healing and restitution for the mother is to establish a relationship with her baby. She can do this by discerning the gender, giving the baby a nam and apologizing to the baby. Then she can start being the mother that she actually is.

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