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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Rev. Mike

We have all seen it before, the evolutionists and global warming wacko's. Do not debate, do not dissent.


So nice to see someone being levelheaded about the issue.


You know, this is another one of those posts where it is so obvious that the writers of this blog care more about toeing the republican party line than being real Catholics. Catholicism entails stwewardship over God's creation, and from what i can gather, the writers here are horrible stewards. And horrible stewards cannot be good Catholics.


Gobal Warming has always been a brainwashing fraud! Billions have been invested on faulty science and new those who live off this rip off with a wacko enviromental job want everyone to keep putting money down a rat hole. Almighty God is in charge and if people would stop offending Him and ask Him for help, we would not have so many disasters!! It is man's sin that has brought down God's wrath on Babylon The Great!!!


I agree with Chris: what will God say to us if we destroy the planet?

Al Gore is no crackpot, but a great man who deserves our attention.


i think you meant to agree with me, but thats okay, the author lines on here are confusing. im glad we agree.

Steve, i think in actuality our sin is destroying God's wonderful gift, which is the very world we live in. He is weeping for us, and our sins turn us against him. You're right, this is punishment for our sins; but those sins are against God's beautiful creation, yet somehow you seem to think the opposite is true.


How can anyone not think that this entire Global Warming agenda is being controlled by a cabal of globalist/statist who want more and more control of our lives. They are inherently anti-Catholic, and Mr. Gore is more worried amount swamplands ans spotted owls than the over 30 million children murdered by abortion, that is what God is weeping over


Canisius, your proensity for conspiracy theories amazes me. I'm sure we never went to the moon either, and there was probably a second shooter hired by the FBI, right?

Abortion and global warming are seperate issues. You cant use one as an excuse to ignore the other. If indeed Mr. Gore is guilty of supporting abortion at the expense of advocating environmental reform, then YOU are guilty of ignoring environmental reform by focusing on abortion.

Both issues are important, and every good Catholic should be focused on both.

And here's a nice healthy challenge for you: How about you prove your 'statist cabal' theory. I look forward to hearing that.


Heck, we have the Holy father talking about global warming, the mafia and I understand his new encyclical is about taxes

One would think he could tackle something a bit more important like the abuse of the body of christ given to homosexuals (by homosexual priests?), pro abortion candidates (Yes or NO????-Body of Christ??), liturgical abuse, and the teaching of the Traditional Latin Mass in the seminaries instead of throwing some Moto out there and have priests who may be interested have to go and fend for themselves and go to some FSSP class (real easy to to) or rent some SSPX tape!

I guess that it is easy to jump on the Al Gore bandwagon instead of being a church that actually tackles the moral problems that face the church today


Yes, we must be good stewards of this planet. Yes, this means taking care of the environment, BUT NOT AT MAN'S EXPENSE! An incident I refer to specifically illustrates this point: Back in the 1980s, in the midst of the usual West Coast wildfires, people were forbidden to cut firebreaks behind their homes, because it would ruin the habitat of some kind of rat. One man bucked the tide and cut his firebreak anyway. It saved his family's lives by giving them the time they needed to escape when a sudden wind-change brought the flames roaring in their direction.
He was fined for it. FINED, for SAVING HIS FAMILY'S LIVES! Something is seriously wrong with a society which places a higher value on animals than on humans.
Aside from the issue? Not really. The whole global warming brouhaha is rather like that. I don't say the global warming isn't happening, because it is. It's real. But MAN ISN'T CAUSING IT. Anyone older than 50 can think back to the early 1960s and remember people talking about the coming Ice Age. There's a video on YouTube called the Global Warming Swindle that talks about how scientists reviewed historical records of weather vs. industrial activity. During World War II, when industrial activity was at a high point, the "popular" global warming theory would lead you to expect that world temperatures would be higher. They weren't They were actually falling. And they kept falling, until, by the 1960s, scientists were worried about a new Ice Age. In the 1970s, a warming trend began to be noticed. Guess what? Industrial activity was at its lowest point in decades then, as we were in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Paleoclimatologists have examined soil and ice strata and determined that there were similar "global warming" cycles long before man even walked this earth.
Bottom line: Somebody's making billions of bucks on this farce, and they don't wan't to give up the cash cow. We're all going to end up footing the bill in the form of increased taxes---there's already been talk of more taxes on gasoline, to discourage driving. Conspiracy to get more control over people's lives? I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I'm also not ruling out that possibility. Just look at what's happening around us in other arenas. Freedoms we've taken for granted for over 200 years are slowly being eroded away. Freedom of speech: In some places, you can lose your job for refusing to use PC-speak. Freedom of religion: There's agitation to pass a "hate speech" law, which would essentially be a gag order on all Christian preachers - don't laugh. A Catholic priest has been fined in England for speaking out against gay "marriage" a few days after passage of their new hate-speech law.
Don't make fun of someone who seems to be seeing conspirators under the rocks. You never know when they might actually be right.

Pat Buchanan has said it right about the Global Warming Hucksters..

We're in trouble, so give me lots of money and power to solve it! Global Warming & Environmental Activism is the substitute for true religion, even in many Catholic schools..

Katherine Therese

30 years ago it was "Global Cooling" and it was all our fault too. The Earth is a beautiful, complex planet, a "living" planet, always changing. Greenland wasn't called Greenland for nothing. It's the height of hubris to think we can "save" God's creation by changing a light bulb.


35 Inconvenient Truths (The Errors in Al Gore's Movie):

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