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Tuesday, October 09, 2007



Every good Catholic bishop in California should be coming forward to condemn this. Cardinal Roger Mahony and Bishop Tod Brown, are you listening? Where's the outrage? Rome...? We, the faithful in California, are waiting.


Where are we going and what are we doing in this hand basket?

Gustavo Arellano

Do those "sisters" even consider themselves Catholic?


I believe that part of the purpose of these antics, by the homosexual activists, is to desensitize all of us to the homosexual lifestyle.

Many of our bishops simply lack a spine. The Archbishop of San Francisco knows he will be condemned by the mayor, city council, and newspapers if he were to deny Communion. There may even be rowdy protests.

There should be ushers at the door to stop people in such attire. You will be turned away from some restaurants if you are not dressed in formal attire. But, there is no collective will to take a stand.

Atlanta Catholic


Those are Bishop Tod Brown's type of Catholics! Not a diversity that ensures a desire for holiness.... that leads to truth and happiness. It's diversity that loves "perversity". I bet it was also pretty easy, to get the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, to stand after the Agnus Dei. Bishops of the same feather are flocking along the coast together.

Where are the Catholic voices? Where is the Catholic League? Bill Donohue cannot rail against Miller Beer for sponsoring a perverse street fair, when an Archbishop of the Catholic Church degrades and attacks core belief in the "Real Presence" by his own sacrilegious actions... Bill needs to rail against the wolves in sheep's clothing who are destroying the Catholic Church from within. Mr. Donohue needs to address the source of the problem, not just occasional anti-Catholic artists and beer drinkers. It's "HIGH TIME" for exposing the real culprit. Unless Catholics stand up against this, I guess the next thing that we can expect is for Sister Barbie or Sister Mary Floragoodtime, to be appointed as Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers. Where is the Vatican? Won't Almighty God hold the Vatican accountable for remaining silent?

John Seiler

This happens because the regular nuns discarded their habits.


"Catholic" archbishop? Puh-leeze. If any of us consider this apostate a Catholic, we need to head to the local optometrist and have our rose-colored glasses examined.

And yes, where is the Vatican? In fact, where have they been for the past 40 years, while good Catholics have had to endure this kind of filth, as well as the decay of their once reverent and beautiful liturgies? I suspect that the Vatican, like Niederauer, is afraid of what the local authorities might think of them, as if any of that mattered. None of the so-called authorities will be accompanying an of us to our Particular Judgment...


That mustache looks like my sisters!!

Ok, we posted extensively last week about this, so I won't belabor the point. But someone, I think Atlanta Catholic, was spot on, apparently: it was known who these people are, what the groups are, and the leaders simply didn't care.

I wonder if there is anyone that Bishops would consider refusing communion to. When someone dresses thus to make a mockery of themselves and mass, the decision has to be made. How about if I show up in a mini-skirt and fish net stockings? (It would not be a pretty sight!!)

I'm flabbergasted.



That was a nice touch putting in HIGH Time...although "High Life" would have been even better!


"My God, I believe, I adore, I hope, and I love Thee! I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope, and do not love Thee.

"Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee profoundly! I offer Thee the most Precious Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the Tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges, and indifference by which He is offended. And through the infinite merits of His Most Sacred Heart, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of Thee the conversion of poor sinners."

Has not all this misery been foretold? These men are evil, these men are death. You comport with them, indeed even greet them, you die too.

Atlanta Catholic


Sad to say, but if you showed up in a mini skirt and fish net stockings, you'd be embraced (more than you might like) as a vibrant and inclusive member of this faith sharing,(not to mention potential disease sharing) community. You would probably also be assailed for several dates, hairy legs and all! YUK!!!

What we need are good Catholics who are willing to not make excuses for, and to crack down, on these very bad apples. These false shepherds continue to spread their rot throughout the entire barrel of the Catholic Church. Remember that Our Lady of Fatima warned the world of an impending spiritual battle. Our Blessed Mother's greatest words of comfort are..."In the End My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph!"


I love Mass. I wasn't converted when Mass was more formal, although I have gone to a Tridentine Mass at St. Mary's by the Sea. I have never been especially, shall we say, sympathetic to you traditionalist on this site--probably because it's all I've known...and I love it how it is.

However, I can now see how terrible this must be for you.

Here we have two men in over-the-top drag outfits going to communion, with the approval of the bishop, and you can't get a Tridentine Mass at your local parish or kneel during the Agnus Dei!! That really is horrible. That must cause unbelievable anger and frustration. It's impressive that you're able to stay faithful to the Church. I pray you remain so.

I can only say that if these bishops are the ones so publically opposed to the Tridentine Mass, while apparently being publically supportive of this kind of thing, there must be a very good reason for it: they know the Tridentine Mass will severly hurt their cause.

Though I really don't understand the apparent connection between liturgy and morality/church discipline, there has to be something to it. It's frankly a blind-spot for me.

Has anyone any recommended reading about this issue? As an ex-Protestant, it is really new to me. I'd never have thought changing a protestant worship service would make much difference.


A common link among liberal, dissident and flat-out horrible prelates on the
West Coast is that a number of them graduated from and/or taught at St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, California. These prelates include Roger Cardinal Mahony, Tod Brown, George Niederauer, Patrick Zieman and William Levada. Many of the so-called “Camarillo Mafia” (aka Lavender Mafia) have shown themselves to be extremely friendly to homosexual causes or aggressive promoters of the homosexual lifestyle in society and the Church.

A November 2005 article by Paul Pringle of the Los Angeles Times revealed that St. John’s Seminary, operated by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, trained a disproportionate number of alleged molesters. According to The Times: “About 10% of St. John’s graduates reported to have been ordained in the Los Angeles Archdiocese since 1950 — 65 of roughly 625 — have been accused of molesting minors, according to a review of ordination announcements, lawsuits, published reports and the archdiocese’s 2004 list of alleged abusers. In two classes — 1966 and 1972 — a third of the graduates were later accused of molestation.”

Check out this link which, at the bottom, links to the L.A. Times story, among others:



There is a connection between the liturgy and faith. There is an ancient Catholic saying, "lex orandi, lex credendi." The law of prayer is the law of belief. A breakdown in the liturgy can have negative consequences for the Faith. A breakdown in the Faith leads to negative consequences for morality/church discipline. St. Thomas Aquinas said that a small mistake in the beginning leads to a big mistake in the end. We need to be circumspect about fiddling with our ancient liturgical traditions.

I have met Catholics who, when speaking on issues such as belief in the Real Presence or homosexuality, say things like: "all that matters is that we love one another." They have been conditioned to think that way by their "progressive" liturgies. Many Catholics do not read the Bible or catechisms. For many, the Sunday Mass is their only exposure to the Faith.

Jimbo, since you are a smart guy and a philosophy major, you would probably enjoy reading some of Dietrich von Hildebrand's works. His book Trojan Horse In the City of God comes to mind.

On the issue of the liturgy, Klaus Gamber's book Reform of the Roman Liturgy is an important work. Cardinal Ratzinger wrote the preface for that book. It may be hard to find, but it is worth having if you can find it.

Recovery of the Sacred by James Hitchcock is also good.

Lastly, I recommend Why Catholics Can't Sing by Thomas Day. Why Catholics Can't Sing is probably the best book for the purpose of understanding those of us who were raised with the Traditional Mass and still have a preference for it. The author is very witty. It is not dry reading.



I would like to add a bit more. Above, you stated: "I'd never have thought changing a protestant worship service would make much difference."

Protestants use the Bible as their "anchor." They believe in sola scriptura.

For Catholics, the Mass is our "anchor." During the early centuries, the Canon of Scripture was not a settled matter. Throughout most of history the majority of the Christian population could not afford a Bible or could not read.

At Mass, we hear Scripture read aloud, we learn of Church teachings (the homily), and we partake of the Eucharist. It is the supreme act of Catholic worship.


Let me see if I have this straight. Bishop Tod Brown yanked a woman to her feet for kneeling to receive Communion. But, it is alright with Archbishop Niederauer for militant, homosexual males to receive Communion mockingly dressed as nuns. Hmmm.


Does this mean that I can take a bottle of my favorite whiskey to Mass with me and drink from it till drunk and still receive communion with bottle in hand?

Oh wait, why would I do that? I almost forgot - I care about the state and fate of my eternal soul.

Silly me.

Atlanta Catholic


Father Joseph Fessio made an audio tape on the importance of the Liturgy to the life of the Church. Father Fessio describes the Bride of Christ (the Church) being debased by the bridegroom. Father Fessio goes into detail about what happened when the altar was turned to face the people. People steered themselves away from the transcendent, the vertical, to the community, the horizontal. (the people) We are incapable of saving ourselves yet in many places the people have become the focus and not God.

Father Fessio does an outstanding job explaining the ramifications of a bridegroom who dishonors and loses respect for the bride. The end result is chaos. We are experiencing utter chaos due to the confusion and circus like debasement of the liturgy. Now we have sunk to the lowest depths with this debasement of the Liturgy by shepherds who have betrayed their vows to love the Bride of Christ.

Father Fessio gets very emotional in one part of this tape. He is recounting the damage that has been done to the Church through the debasement of the Liturgy. The pain in Father Fessio's voice when he describes this is very moving. I remember when Father Daniel Johnson heard about this tape. He was very excited to hear it. He was so pleased to hear that this connection between the Liturgy and the chaos in the Church was being discussed by Father Fessio. Father Johnson even placed a phone call to remind me to deliver this tape to him. Father Johnson could not wait to hear this tape. Once you listen to this moving analogy, bells will go off in your head. Yes Jimbo, like breath is to life.....the Liturgy is the lifeblood of the Church with the Source and Summit, the Blessed Sacrament. I cannot remember the name of this tape. Ignatius Press should be able to locate it if you describe the content. I really recommend this tape. It will truly open your eyes heart and soul. Maybe someone remembers the name of this tape. I apologize for not remembering it.


Send an email to the Vatican asking for action. I did!

[email protected]


If someone thinks of the name of the Father Fessio tape described above, I would be interested in purchasing it.


Here's a thought - Rome, by its' silence, give assent. What makes Rome wrong and all of you right? Remember when Ratzinger was going to be the salvation of the liturgy, restoring discipline, defending the faith? Instead, he moves one weak "bishop" to head of the CDF and appoints another weak "bishop" in his place. He must know what he's doing - he's the Pope! Quit your whining! Practice the obedience you want out of Niederauer and shut up! Practice your private devotions, maintain the faith as best you can. And pray for any sign of leadership from the Vatican


Come on guys, take it easy on Pope Benedict. It's not easy to appoint bishops that'll get throught that Democratic senate.


I am not a parishioner of this diocese (live on the East Coast), but wrote an email to both Archbishop Niederauer and Fr. Meriwether. I actually told them both to get a backbone. What repercussions do you think I might get?

DK wrote:

Quit your whining! Practice the obedience you want out of Niederauer and shut up!

I have a better idea. Why don't you shut up.

1. Christ’s faithful are free to make known their needs, especially their spiritual needs, to the pastors of the Church (Code of Canon Law 212 §2).

2. The Christian faithful have the right to make known their opinions to pastors and other members of the Christian faithful, indeed at times the duty, in keeping with their knowledge, competence, and position (c. 212 §3).

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